Do you want your podcast to be part of a World's record?

Tom Schwab, the Founder and President of Interview Valet is attempting to set the Guinness World's Record for the Most Podcast Interviews.

Tom has been an in demand podcast guest for over three years with hundreds of podcast interviews on leading shows. Host and audiences enjoy him as a guest.  He brings stories, resources and new exposure to your show.

Tom is an entrepreneur,  veteran, inbound marketer, recovered engineer, husband, father, marathon runner, and soon to be World record holder with your help.

If you want to be a part of history or if you've never had a world record holder as a guest, please read on.

Full disclosure: If you are a US Taxpayer, you paid for Tom's education to the United State Naval Academy in Annapolis.  You paid for his education, at the very least he owes you an interview. 

Tom Schwab, pronounced just like Charles Schwab.

Charles Schwab is my dad....but not the one you are thinking of.

With Five Decades of Stories, We Have Lots to Talk About. 

"What's ordinary to you is amazing to others" is Tom's favorite quote. While he useses it often he still gives credit to Derek Sivers.

While Tom does video interviews also, most of his compliments come from audio. interviews.  "You have a voice for radio" is what they say. If only they knew that Tom at age 50 also has a face for radio.

Tom realizes his goal on any podcast is to "Make you, the host look like a genius for having him as a guest."  My agenda is to support you and your listeners....and get a world's record.

Most often I talk on:

  • ​Why podcast interviews beat blogs by 25 times.
  • How to use permission-based Inbound marketing
  • Being a better husband, father, and man
  • Transitioning from the military, to corporate, to self employed
  • Whatever you want to talk about
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