Podcast Interview Marketing package start at 700 USD per month

This pricing is more than a simple booking service would ask and a fraction of what a Public Relations firm would demand. 

Package can be crafted to fit your needs from the 36 interview Virtual Book Tour Blitz to the 2 interviews per month campaign for a steady stream of traffic, leads, backlinks, and customers.

All pricing is based on the guaranteed delivery of complete interviews.  We get paid for results, not efforts. 

A minimum engagement of 12 complete interviews is required.

Carrie Wilkerson

The Barefoot Executive


Tom and his team at Interview Valet are the 'Fairy Godmother' of podcasting guesting! As a colleague and client, I can wholeheartedly vouch for his experience and expertise! My list has grown 10x faster since being a Tom-trained guest on podcasts than it ever did with paid advertising or my own efforts! Those are results y'all!  It's magical!

Matt Miller School Spirit Vending

 Matt Miller 

 School Spirit Vending


“I feel like you're getting me on top tier shows and I'm grateful for that!  I worked with another company and I felt like they matched me with whoever they could because they were working with both the host and guest side looking to simply fill spots."

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