11 Ways Non-Fiction Authors Can Leverage Podcast Guesting

June 16,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

Podcast guesting is more beneficial to non-fiction authors than any other genre. That’s because it’s a great way to reach an engaged, relevant audience, quickly increase brand trust, and extend your reach. Whether you’re a first time author or a seasoned pro, leveraging podcast guesting is a great way to establish your authority as the subject matter expert in your industry.

11 Ways Non-Fiction Authors Can Leverage Podcast Guesting

1 | Drive Preorders

Getting on the best seller charts is every author’s dream. Recording interviews a few months ahead of time and asking podcast hosts to release them within a couple weeks of your book release is a great way to drive preorders. The more preorders (and reviews) you have, the more visible your book will be on sites like Amazon.

2 | Launch A Consultancy Business

Your book might be part of a larger plan. If you’re launching a consulting business alongside your book, podcasting is a great way to get gauge audience interest and in the ears of future potential clients.

3 | Book Tour With The Travel

You’re a busy person. Sometimes scheduling a lunch is difficult, let alone scheduling a whole book tour. Maybe traveling isn’t your thing (unless your destination is a tropical island, of course). Podcasts can be recorded from home or your office with little prep. It’s as easy as blocking out a couple hours on your calendar.

4 | Promote Your Academic Work

If your book content is based on your academic research, promoting it on podcasts will allow for in-depth conversations where you can establish your authority and expertise in that particular area.

5 | Break Into New Geography

Podcasts are listened to globally. You might be in the USA and the host might be in Canada, but listeners can be any where in the world. Speaking on podcasts has the potential to get you in front of a global audience across the continents.

6 | Launch A Powerful Brand

Like consultants using their books to build up a business, other authors are using their non-fiction books to build a new or bigger brand. The added exposure and backlinks is a great way to overcome obscurity and increase your SEO value.

7| Land Paid Speaking Gigs

Not everyone gets rich off their books, which is why so many authors offer other services or products. Speaking to an engaged audience of the right listeners is a great way to will help you expand into paid speaking engagements.

8| Get Translated Into Multiple Languages

While reaching a global audience is great, not everyone speaks English or reads English. But as your books gain traction and popularity from the podcast marketing you have invested in, it opens a door for publishers to have your book translated, which will result in reaching more people.

9| Be The Category King/Queen

Podcasts can help you gain authority as a thought leader in your industry. When listeners see your name pop up on countless podcasts, you become a trusted voice in your market and the owner of your ideas.

10| Get More Followers

Podcasts hosts already have an established audience. Being a guest on their show will allow you to leverage their audience to grow your own. With your social links easily accessible in their show notes, their listeners will be able to follow you directly.

11| Launch A Movie

You got that number one best-seller. You have created a reputation from podcasts hosts that you are a great guest who is easy to work with. Interest in your message can even gain the attention of movie producers.

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