11 Ways You Can Grow Your Brand with Podcast Interview Marketing

Growing your brand is essential to your success. If you want to get into podcast interview marketing, but you don’t know how it will help your brand, these are 11 ways you can grow your brand with podcast interview marketing.

1 | Driving Sales

There are thousands of ideal clients out there who are ready to buy what you’re selling. They just need to hear you. Podcasting is a great way to get your message out to the masses.

2 | Thought Leadership

Establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry is such an important part of growing your brand. You want consumers to trust you, your message, and your product. Podcasts give you the chance to talk directly to consumers, leaders, and the audiences you will best serve.

3 | SEO Strategy

Search engines favor websites with backlinks. Show notes that podcast hosts publish alongside a recording is a great way to create those backlinks. Because, let’s face it, Google may have endless pages of searches, but you’re lucky if someone is clicking past page one. That’s where you want to be and where you’ll be seen.

4 | Guesting vs Hosting

Being a podcast guest and being a podcast host is a great way to establish your brand. Where podcast hosting is a great way to nurture your current audience, podcast guesting is a great way to reach new leads and gain more exposure.

5 | Launching Your Own Podcast

Nurturing your current leads and customers is an important part of any brand. It also makes you a trusted voice in your industry. Studies also show that podcasts tend to drive more subscribers than email and social media.

6 | IPO Road Show

Since podcasts are typically recorded weeks to months in advance, they give speakers and executives the opportunity to practice their initial pitch before it reaches the public. Due to the pandemic, the IPO was canceled and the podcast guesting strategy was never tested, but we do look forward to testing this theory in the future.

7| Value Consistent Marketing

Meaningful connections are the best connections for growing your brand. There are many platforms for brand building, but none of them can compare to the meaningful conversation a consumer will hear in a podcast.

8| Executive Exposure

Time is money. And even though in-person events are starting back up, working them into an executive’s schedule can be difficult. Podcasts can get executives in front of an audience as easily as blocking off an hour on their calendars.

9| Content Creation

Podcasts are so easy to repurpose into blog posts, sizzle reels, and even books. They’re essentially evergreen content.

10| Recruiting

Building a brand is hard to do without the right people. Podcasts are another way for potential employees to get to know you. If your message resonates with them, you can almost guarantee they’ll be looking at your career page for openings.

11| Acquisition

If you’re looking to expand your brand, look no further than podcast marketing. Just like potential employees, potential acquirers are also listening. Whether you’re looking for a partner or to sell your business completely, podcasts are a great way to be heard.

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