Getting Interviewed on Podcasts isn’t Magic

September 29,2017 / Blog / admin

We went to the Magic Capital of the World to bring you this idea… Getting Interviewed on Podcasts isn’t Magic! In fact, if you want to interview on podcast shows, it’s more about networking and bringing value than any “abracadabra” spells you might muster. Read over a few tips to help you get a podcast interview (or scroll down and watch the video):

  • Network – Get to now some of the podcasts & hosts you want to connect with, and learn what they want in a guest. Promote them, listen to them and develop a relationship as best you can. Once you begin a conversation, don’t be afraid to offer your expertise. They’re looking for guests – show them that you bring value to their audience.
  • Prepare – Prepare yourself to tell your story – it’s the reason you want to be on their podcast in the first place. Understand the host’s audience and their lingo.
  • Professionalism – From professional sound equipment and a quiet recording environment to showing up on time and prepared, a professional appearance helps build your reputation.
  • Tell, don’t sell – No one wants to subscribe to an infomercial. Let the host draw out the conversation and when their listeners fall in love with your story, you’ll be able to let them know where to learn more, where to connect with you and where to buy.
  • Give back – Once that first interview is done, others may begin to become a little easier to find. It helps when you’re a great guest after the show. Help them promote the show, leave them a review and thank them for their time. It’s amazing how far being nice will take you.

Watch the video Getting Interviewed on Podcasts isn’t Magic:

BONUS: What it takes to be a great podcast guest – right from the experts! The Turnkey Podcast featured several great hosts ( Lou Diamond, Phil Gerbyshak, Jeff Gibbard, Strickland Bonner and Doug Sandler) discuss what makes a great guest in a terrific forum setting. Take a listen and see what you can learn from seasoned podcast pros about podcast interview marketing.

Footnotes: Learn about Colon, MI here. Get to know Harry Blackstone, Sr.


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The Creative Hustler Podcast

September 28,2017 / Blog / admin

Steven, Melissa, & Alan recap their discussion with Tom Schwab, Founder of Interview Valet.

Listen to the Recap (31 minutes)

Listen to the original interview (54 minutes)

How to Use Podcast Interviews for Outreach Marketing

September 27,2017 / Blog / admin

The marketing world has developed a language all its own over the years. Lately, buzzwords have seemingly taken over. Whether it’s content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing or outreach marketing, many businesses, brands and others are left scratching their heads. It’s even more fun when you combine different tactics to up your game and deepen your strategy.


I found a powerful thought on outreach marketing to share:

“This type of marketing has a strong focus on authenticity and relevance as opposed to number of followers and numerical qualifiers. Things like SEO, rank, social presence and followers all fall in to place as a result of authentic marketing and brand recommendations. 

Actionable Tip: When finding new people to reach out to don’t focus only on reach look at their content, how much they engage with their audience and how authentic their posts are.” –

What’s awesome about this is that at its core, this is what marketing ought to look like. Authentic and relevant win over polished and plotting any day.

Why combine outreach marketing and podcast interviews?

What is more authentic than a conversation between friends? When you think of podcast interviews as a conversation, it seems so much more than just marketing. Sure, you’ll want to plan your interviews and consider strategic points like page rank, audience size and demographics … but it’s just as important to plan for an authentic conversation that engages the right audience at the right time. That’s the bedrock of outreach marketing.

If your emerging brand needs to connect authentically with a specific demographic, using podcast interviews to become part of their everyday experience can help endear you to them. Relevant stories, real conversation and actionable steps they can take can help take your marketing plan into the stratosphere.

No marketing plan happens in a vaccuum

Whether you’re planning a social media blitz, a video outreach series or a search engine optimization campaign, your marketing plan does not take place in a sterile lab. It lives in the real world. This means many factors impact your one tactic.

A social media plan affects your SEO. Your videos feel the effects of social media. SEO impacts your social reach. Each metric builds upon another, creating an ecosystem of wonder which drives new viewers, leads and (hopefully) customers into your world.

Purposefully combining tactics will develop a stronger foundation on which to build your business. If outreach marketing builds on authenticity and relevancy, the rest of your business plan will follow along. Isn’t that what most of us want for our brand – an authentic experience for our customers? Combining outreach marketing with a podcast interview marketing plan makes sense. If you’re ready, download the 9 secrets to getting booked on your first podcast interview, below.

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Book Promotion Marketing in a Digital Age

September 25,2017 / Blog / admin

Authors: What does book promotion look like in the digital age?

bookshelvesYou’ve written your Great American Novel, and you’re ready to top the Best Sellers List. How do you begin? Where do you promote your book in the digital age? Book promotion in the digital age isn’t a new concept. You’ll find a lot of information on what to do; some book promotion advice is good, but not all information is great for you.

How does an author set up book promotion today? One thing you should consider is that today’s world is vastly online. From Facebook to Google, from Siri to Alexa… much of what we do as consumers happens through the internet. Digital book promotion can be great – think of the reach you have now compared to 20 years ago. Where the power to become a bestseller once resided in Oprah and her book club, you now have the world at your disposal through Twitter, Stitcher, and websites.

Of course, many hopeful authors may assume the book publisher will love the book and want to put its power behind it, promoting and advertising their next star … but can you bank on that? And can you afford to hire a publicist, a PR firm, an agent and a manager? Let’s face it (together): book promotion today is left up to the author and to building a broad audience base. The question remains: Where does an author start? (more…)

5 Ways Interview Connections Help You Make More Money

September 22,2017 / Blog / admin

Making interview connections through podcast interview marketing can help you make more money whether you’re an emerging brand, an established business, an entrepreneur, an author or a speaker. Essentially if you have a product or service and you have a story that engages an audience, podcast appearances on the connections you make will likely lead to more revenue. They can also lead to more effective marketing, increasing your return on investment (ROI).

interview-connections-help-you-make-more-money (more…)

10 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Get Featured on Podcasts

September 20,2017 / Blog / admin

Becoming a subject matter expert sought after by podcast hosts can help build a business, broaden the awareness of a brand and drive sales. Interviews with top podcasts can bring you to an entirely new, larger audience. Podcast interview marketing can help entrepreneurs, emerging brands and thought leaders reach new heights. If you want to get featured on podcasts, you have to start somewhere. Like any venture, you don’t want to start unprepared with a “messy desk.”


One thing to remember about the world of podcasting: News travels fast. If you’re a terrible guest, hosts will find out. Working on your reputation is important. Let’s look at 10 common mistakes you can avoid to help get booked on shows and develop a podcast-friendly reputation, leading to even more interviews. (more…)

Forget Travel: A Virtual Book Tour is the New Norm for Authors

September 18,2017 / Blog / admin

Erik Weihenmayer No BarriersTraveling for a book tour can be inconvenient, expensive and out of the question for some authors. Getting featured on local newscasts can prove difficult if not impossible. As a former TV news producer for a morning show, I know that authors are at the whim of the executive producer or news director. Many newscasts have ditched morning interviews of authors. The quote I remember hearing was, “They’re just trying to sell books. They can buy an ad like everyone else.” With this kind of resistance, authors may want to consider a virtual book tour instead of traveling.

Erik Weihenmayer, the author of No Barriers, decided a virtual book tour was right up his alley for the release of his book. Rather than leave his wife and kids in Colorado to try and drum up interest in his story, visiting booksellers and reading events across the country or trying to schedule morning TV and radio interviews, Erik took on the role of a storyteller with podcasts through his virtual book tour. (more…)

Do Podcast Hosts Judge You by the Company You Keep?

September 15,2017 / Blog / admin

In a recent study of over 500 top podcast hosts, we found the best way to get interviewed on a podcast was with a personal introduction. More than just name-dropping, it’s a way for a host to have a sliver of instant trust to start a conversation. Personal introductions also help hosts to get an idea of you through the people introducing you.

Podcasters judge you by your associations

This is true in other areas of life too: (more…)

There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Conduct a Digital Book Tour

September 13,2017 / Blog / admin
digital book tour

Old school or digital books, it’s all about the promotion!

Book promotion in the digital age: what do you do? As an author trying to “get the word out” about your work, Do you start with social media like Facebook and Twitter or do you roll out a blog? Or maybe you’re thinking of launching a digital book tour. Of course, you’ll want to plan the launch with precision and some creativity. (more…)

7 Tips to Getting Interviewed on Podcasts

September 11,2017 / Blog / admin

7-tips-to-getting-interviewed-on-podcastsThe world of podcasts has grown over the years to a pretty significant number. About 400,000 podcasts exist, with subjects ranging from faith to business to music to movies to very niche interests. Many of these shows feature guests who have stories to tell and services to sell. So if you’re a writer, a speaker, a coach or some other type of thought leader… what exactly is the key to getting interviewed on podcasts? (more…)