How Podcasts Help Authors with Book Promotion

October 30,2017 / Blog / admin

In an age of constant advertising and promotional noise – from digital billboards distracting us to a constant stream of social media to ads everywhere we consume media – how is an author supposed to “get noticed”? It’s a frustration many newly-published and self-published authors face. But book promotion doesn’t have to drive you insane. In fact, a relatively new medium just might be perfect for promoting your book: podcasts.

Podcasts can expose an author to a greater audience than they naturally have, boosting book sales, increasing personal brand awareness and leading to more interviews. Of course, creating one’s own podcast is where many people start when thinking about using podcasts for marketing. However, if you consider how much work that entails, podcast interview marketing (being a guest on other peoples’ podcasts) may be more enticing. (more…)

5 Examples of Interview Connections Turning into More Podcast Interviews

October 27,2017 / Blog / admin

Getting that first podcast interview is crucial – and not always easy. The good thing is that once you’ve put that first interview behind you, you’re on your way to more. The reason is simple: one way to land more podcast interviews is to make great interview connections with podcast hosts!

The podcast world is a small, tight-knit community. If you’re making a good impression, you’re building a reputation. Making those first connections is important. Here are a few examples of making great interview connections in your network can lead to more interviews, helping you to meet those business goals.

The host who knows other hosts

“That was great. I have a friend with a show I think you’d be perfect for – I’ll introduce you!”

Many podcast hosts know other hosts, and “run in the same circles.” They may not have a secret meeting every week (or do they?), but they do connect with each other. Whether it’s through live events where they meet for dinner and drinks, or it’s through professional groups, podcast hosts seem to know each other; most of them also love to see their friends succeed.

From the show prep to the interview to the follow through, making great connections in your interviews means being professional and kind. Showing up prepared, engaging with the host and bringing great value to their audience, plus following up with a thank you and promotion of the show can all lead to a host saying “You’d be perfect for my friend’s podcast.”

The podcasters who listen to other shows

“I heard you on another show I listen to – would you be willing to go on my show?”

When you love the craft, you often steep yourself in the world. A lot of podcast hosts listen to other shows. When your interview connection is gold in one show and they hear it, they may want to invite you onto their podcast. After all, if you’re bringing value to one audience, you’ll bring it to their listeners.

The more podcast interview marketing you do, the more interview connections you make and more other hosts will hear you. Even their listeners may hear you and send them a message about you. Building your brand and driving awareness takes time, and it takes effort. Making a great connections with hosts and audiences helps move that journey forward.

The podcast show producer who produces other shows

“It was a pleasure working with you – you were great. I produce several shows and I think you’d be great on this other show.”

Some podcast producers work on multiple shows. As they look to book guests on their other projects, and you’ve made a positive connection, you will be much more apt to receive invitations on their other shows.

A producer of a marketing-focused podcast may also produce a sales-focused podcast, or maybe they have a side project that talks about faith in business; when a producer likes you and sees a crossover for you to another show, your network becomes more powerful. When you build your network through podcasts and a valuable reputation, your business will flourish.


The podcast producer who searches for great guests

“I was searching for guests for the show I produce, and your name kept coming up. I have to have you on this show!”

A big part of podcast interview marketing is the inbound marketing strategy involved. Links to your website from the shows you interview on help drive your SEO strategy, bringing more people to your website through organic search. For those podcast producers looking for great guests, the more interviews you’re on that connect with the host and audience, the more opportunity for your website to receive links and rise in the ranks of search.

Show producers often work to find guests, so as they search for the kinds of guests they want, and you fit their needs, the better of your marketing strategy will be. Make those great connections for SEO, and as they listen to the shows you’re on, they’ll hear the value you bring.

Social media and the power of networking

“I saw someone share a podcast you were on and I loved it. I think it was in a LinkedIn group or Facebook group… wherever it was, I thought you’d be a great fit for my show.”

Social media promotion is important for many reasons. Besides promoting the show as a thank you to the host and a chance to build their audience and yours, it also means connecting with other like-minded individuals. Facebook and LinkedIn groups are often made up of similar people – or avatars. This means the great interview you had on one show that you or the host shares in social media could land you another interview and more. Interview connections made through great appearances an help build your brand.

When you’re ready to start the journey and get on your first podcast, download our “9 secrets to getting booked on your first podcast interview” below. Happy podcasting!

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Why You Can’t Get Featured on Podcasts

October 25,2017 / Blog / admin

What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I get featured on podcasts?

It’s a frustration for many speakers, authors and other thought leaders with a message. You have a story to tell, but you can’t find the right podcasts to share that story on.

Maybe you already understand that podcast interviews, much like other media appearances, can bring major value to your marketing and promotion efforts. It’s possible that you’ve heard stories like Craig Cody’s experience that led to a 600% return on investment (ROI) with new clients from around the country. (Read the Craig Cody case study here)

If you’re all ready to take on the world of podcast interview marketing, but you’re not funding any success in actually getting on podcasts, let’s explore some possible reasons, and solutions to help facilitate change.

why-you-cant-get-featured-on-podcasts (more…)

5 Ways a Virtual Book Tour Can Increase Your Book Sales

October 23,2017 / Blog / admin

A virtual book tour can be a powerful tool for any author wanting to reach an audience. Once upon a time, the best way to get in front of readers was to literally get in front of them. Authors would travel town to town visiting book sellers big and small. Now in today’s ever-connected digital world, you can get in front of thousands without ever leaving your house.

From social media marketing to email marketing to search engine marketing, sharing your story with others has never been easier. It’s also never been noisier. According to Cisco, we’re uploading information to the internet at breakneck speeds. How is an author supposed to get noticed in this noisy world?

Podcast interview marketing is one tool in the world of virtual book tour planning. Rather than yell above the noise or try to “break through” the noise, become part of the conversation with your ideal customers. The potential readers of your book are listening to podcasts. If you can take a tour of those podcasts, you can launch a virtual book tour. (more…)

Digital Book Tour aka Virtual Book Tour with Podcast Interviews

October 20,2017 / Blog / admin

What exactly is a digital book tour? How does this differ from a standard book tour, and how does an author get started?


It seems everything is digital now. Consumers cut their cable in lieu of streaming entertainment, we no longer fax but email, so many of use Facebook events instead of paper invitations and online bill pay is a standard feature almost everywhere. Even billboards have gone digital.

It makes sense in this light that a book tour the old way is out, and a digital book tour is in for authors. However… defining what that looks like is key. Does an author simply host webinars or Twitter chats about the book? Do you do Facebook lives every day to promote the book? Do you buy an email list? (more…)

I Changed My Marketing Strategy: I Now Get Interviewed on Podcasts

October 18,2017 / Blog / admin

A stale marketing strategy with tactics everyone else uses can be a death sentence to growth. Doing “the same old thing” not only makes your marketing stale, it bores you, your team and anyone involved. Rather than trudge through the day to day monotony, think about injecting something new: get interviewed on podcasts as a guest expert to build awareness, trust and business.

Podcast interview marketing can help you if you’re an emerging brand, an author or speaker, a coach, an executive at a business … the list goes on and on. But don’t just take our word for it.┬áIf you want to get interviewed on podcasts and inject new life into your marketing strategy, take a lesson from a couple of experts on it. (more…)

5 Tips to Get on Podcasts as a Guest

October 16,2017 / Blog / admin

If you’ve realized the potential ROI as a podcast guest for your brand or business, you may be struggling to actually get on podcasts a a guest. How do you “get out there” in front of hosts? Which shows do you try for? What do you do to ensure you build momentum and get featured on more interviews? It can feel insurmountable. It’s not.

The podcast interview journey begins with research. Check out a few of our popular tips to getting interviewed here. Once you’ve completed your research, the following 5 tips to get on podcasts as a guest will take you to the next chapter in the journey.

1) Be real.

Authenticity is a hot topic right now in marketing and advertising. While the buzz word may annoy you, the real-world application still applies to you and your marketing. This applies to your interview, but more importantly it applies to your prospecting and your pitching.

As you’re prospecting and researching which podcasts to ask for an interview, consider your buyer persona. Understanding where your potential clients/customers receive their information is key here. From there, be real about your level of “fame.” Some podcasts may be out of reach initially; that doesn’t mean you can’t build up to them though.

Even the most famous bands in history took to smaller stages as they built their careers. Plus, it’s better to be on a podcast with an engaged audience of your buyers, than a giant podcast with 5 Million listeners who don’t engage at all. Laser-focused… that’s the name of the game.

Finally in this tip, be real in your pitch. Use your own language, while weaving the lingo of the show into it. If you’re someone who doesn’t use “big words,” using them in your pitch and your media kit will only backfire. Be authentic.

2) Be engaging.

A podcast interview is not an infomercial. Your story is engaging; you don’t need to sell. Interact with the host and engage with their listeners.

3) Be respectful.

Showing up on time and prepared means you respect the podcast host, their show and their audience. Developing a positive reputation in the small world of podcasts is important to keep you busy as a guest. Treating a host poorly could get you labeled as a pain, which makes it very difficult to keep getting booked.

If you want to continue to get on podcasts, you’ll also want to make sure you sound professional. A professional microphone and solid internet connection is vital. Don’t call into a show in the middle of a cafe on your cell phone.

4) Be generous.

Social media and email promotion – it’s a vital step in the process. Share the episode you’re on, follow the host’s social media if you hit it off and consider leaving a review for them on iTunes/Stitcher. The generosity of your promotion and gratitude will go far to building a reputation, and could lead to the host suggesting other shows to you or making an introduction on your behalf. The podcast ecosystem can be a very powerful network if you take good care of it.

5) Be patient.

This marketing tactic is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick marketing hack, you may want to try somewhere else. Yes, results could be as great as what Aaron Walker or Craig Cody saw, but it will take time. The simple fact is that you may record a show on the first of the month, and it may not go live until 3 months later. Building the momentum is vital.

Get more tips at the resources below:

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10 Podcast Interviews That Just May Rock Your World

October 13,2017 / Blog / admin

podcast-interviews-rock-your-worldFinding the best podcast interviews can be a serendipitous adventure, or a deliberate feat. Sometimes it’s a social media post, or word of mouth, or a rabbit hole of awesomeness on the internet. We’re here to bring you a variety of 10 podcasts interviews we think are pretty top-notch, from some podcasts maybe you haven’t heard of before. Enjoy! (more…)

5 Reasons Podcast Interview Marketing Beats Guest Blogging

October 11,2017 / Blog / admin

podcast-interview-marketing-beats-guest-bloggingBlogging is not dead. Let’s be clear on that – the written word is still important and so many companies still do not create regular content, that blogging can still help in your marketing strategy. With that said, a good marketer is always asking, “What’s next?” From new social media channels to new tactics for reaching an audience, the world of marketing is evolving … and quickly. Where guest blogging once seemed to be a silver bullet, it’s now become a low-return tactic. However, the idea is still quite genius – have another publisher feature you as the expert to their audience and include a link back to your website. This is why podcast interview marketing is the next logical step in this evolution. (more…)

77 Pieces of Advice for Podcast Guests from Hosts

October 09,2017 / Blog / admin

When setting out to tell the story of the state of podcast interviews, we asked each respondent to give advice to the “other side” of the podcast equation. Hearing from guests on how to be a better host, and understanding from a host how to be a great guest, helps make the podcast world a better place. After looking over tons of advice for podcast guests, we put together some of the great nuggets for you.


Check out 77 pieces of advice for podcast guests from hosts: (more…)