What the Apple Charts Really Mean

March 31,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

Mystery Solved

Over the years people have made huge claims about what being on the Apple Podcast Charts means.  All of these were total guesses as Apple never said how they calculated the list. This recently changed when Apple explained its criteria to creators. Read the full article here.  

The Chart Does NOT Reflect Podcast Size 

Since the downloads for individual podcasts are not publicly available, many incorrectly assumed the Apple Chart reflected the size (i.e. reach and/or listeners) of the podcast.

Apple is very clear that this is not the case:

“They do not reflect all-time listening records and are not a measure of the largest podcasts by listenership

Interview Valet licenses over a dozen databases, each give us a specific data point. In our internal studies, for years we’ve found no correlation between rankings on the chart and estimated downloads. Apple confirmed we were correct.

Ratings and Reviews have No Impact

According to Apple:

Although ratings, reviews, and shares also help indicate a podcast’s newness, popularity, and quality, they are not factored into the algorithm that determines the rankings”

This was predicted by a Canadian study in 2020 that showed no correlation between Ratings & Reviews and ranking on Apple Charts, estimated downloads, or engagement.

Ratings and Reviews have been impacted by bots that attempt to game the system.

At the Sound Education Podcasting Conference at Harvard in 2019, one keynote described asking for Ratings and Reviews as a desperate plea for help. Plead all you want, it won’t get you on the Apple Chart.

What the Chart Actually Measures

According to Apple, the charts measure a combination of 

  • Listening: When listeners are engaging with episodes, its an indicator of content popularity.
  • Follows: When listeners follow a show to receive new episodes, it’s an indicator of their intent to listen.
  • Completion Rate: When listeners complete episodes, it’s an indicator of content quality.

 Where and When You Look Matters

“Apple Podcasts Charts reflect the most popular shows and episodes available in a given market“… are regularly refreshed throughout the day.”

Much like other search results, where you look impacts what you see. If you are looking at a list overseas, the results displayed may look vastly different than it does in the States.

What this means to Podcast Guests

Data is not knowledge

Now that it’s clear what the Apple Charts reflects, discerning guests should use it as A consideration, not THE ONLY consideration. Many podcast bookers market that “We will get you on a top 200 podcast!” They claim Top means size, but even Apple says that’s not true.

While the free Apple Chart is one data point there are many factors we’ve found in predicting the success of a show for guests.

Some things we consider based on actual data we license includes:

  • Estimated Download per episode
  • Engagement
  • Gender of audience
  • Social Media Following
  • Website Authority (vital for backlinks)
  • Feedback from previous guests
  • Subscribers: Job Roles, skills, location

Knowledge is Not Power

The biggest lie I’ve ever heard is that knowledge is power. “Ex Scientia Tridens”, meaning “From Knowledge, Seapower” is written on my Naval Academy Ring.

Power comes from the APPLICATION of knowledge.

Now you know what the Apple Podcast Charts really mean.

How will you apply this in your podcast strategy?
Podcast guesting agency

Why Guesting On Podcasts Is A Marketing Must

March 28,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

The Power Of Podcasting

Podcasting is storytelling. It’s ageless, making it an easy component to incorporate into your marketing strategy, particularly as a guest.

Our Founder, Tom Schwab, recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the Lochhead on Marketing podcast with Christopher Lochhead where they discussed the advantages of breaking into the golden age of podcasting.

In this world of abundance, breaking through the noise can be a challenge. Podcast guesting is a great way to do that right now.

Podcast listeners are choosing to tune in to what you have to say. They are interested. They want to listen to the conversation between the podcast host and guest. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and meet them where they are.

Who Can Benefits from Podcast Guesting?

Whether you are an author, an executive, or an entrepreneur, you can benefit from podcasting. Guesting on a podcast that targets a group you want to connect with gives you exposure, and with exposure comes opportunity. “I don’t understand why more executives don’t have podcast guesting as a key part of their overall marketing strategy,” says Tom.

Podcast interviews are an easy and scalable way to go deeper. It’s especially easy when you have the right tools and a guide to help you along the way, which is the heart of what we do here at Interview Valet.

Traditional Media Appearances vs Podcast Guesting

Some businesses overshoot by aiming for exposure on traditional media. Lochhead speaks about this from firsthand experience, having made multiple appearances on TV. “Traditional media can give you massive reach,” Tom says, “but there’s very few of us that are going to be on traditional media for more than a few minutes. But on a podcast, you can get into deep meaningful conversation.”

The TV exposure is wonderful, but you’re on for a couple minutes at most, in addition to time spent traveling and attending the recording. Guesting on a podcast, however, has little to no cost and gives you about an hour of exposure each time to share your unique expertise.

“People know and care who Christopher Lochhead is; they don’t care so much who I am,” says Tom. “Being on your podcast, I am now associated with you. You, a credible source, have vetted me and determined I was worth your credibility to be on your show, so that in turn gives me credibility.”

“You’re tapping into an audience, getting that “like” and trust by getting introduced by someone they already know,” says Tom. “The other thing too is, if you do a live speech, it’s really hard to repurpose that content. If you do a podcast interview, you can use the transcript to make blogs.”

Audiences Want More

Customers today want to know the heart behind the brand, which perfectly aligns with what podcasting is: an intimate conversation. Having people that can get out there and be a part of the conversation is where you can really build that lifetime value with a customer.

You can guest on a podcast from anywhere in the world. The only limit you have is the availability of a stable network connection. Morgan Wright, a renowned speaker and frequent podcast guest, loves that he can just tune in from his phone or computer without having that long commute to and from interview sites.

Every interview is an asset. An asset that business owners are creating and leaving like breadcrumbs for their target audience to find. Podcast guesting is a great resource for busy business owners to use. Taking the time to do a single podcast interview can generate a ton of content for blogs, Facebook posts, and radio. In many cases, this content gets promoted by other people to their respective OPAs, making awareness for your brand to grow.

Don’t Sell!

Lochhead says don’t sell, “Just be yourself and talk about your area of expertise. The worst thing you can do on a podcast is to come off as overly salesy,” and we have to agree.

In fact, the best way to sell on a podcast is to not sell at all. Instead, focus on earning the trust, “like,” and respect of listeners so that when they have a need for your product or service, you are the first place they look. The legendary guest stays on topic and focuses on areas of expertise, ideas, and stories about their business. Radical generosity dictates that you, as a guest, should be giving more than you take. If you are an engaging guest, listeners will be drawn to seek you out after the episode.

Choosing A Podcast

Choosing a podcast is easy. Simply seek out podcasts that serve your target market, then reach out to the host with a pitch detailing what you could bring to the podcast as a guest. This can be difficult to break into. That is what we help our Certified GuestsTM do here at Interview Valet. We do all the heavy lifting for them. We help them prepare to have an engaging conversation that will be consumed by thousands of dedicated listeners.

When you work with Interview Valet, we’ll help you schedule interviews around times that are convenient for you with hosts that are well known in your industry markets. All the legwork for preparation will be easy and simple with our streamlined processes. Interview Valet’s all-inclusive system empowers clients with interview preparation, Certified Guest™ training, and personalized attention that ensures you, the podcast guest and host, the best experience in the podcast industry. All you need to do is show up.

If you’re ready to start guesting on podcasts, book a call with us today.

Listen to Locchead and Tom’s full conversation here.

Podcast Guesting

The Evolution of Interview Valet

March 24,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

It was in 2014 when our founder and CEO, Tom Schwab, thought about the benefits of leveraging podcast interview marketing. The way people consume information was evolving.

Guest blogging was on the decline, but the benefits of it were still there:

  1. Tap into an established audience.
  2. Gain authority from a creator.
  3. Capture valuable backlinks.

After a lot of trials and tribulations, it became obvious to Tom that people loved the idea of podcast guesting, but they didn’t want to do the footwork to get on podcasts. And that’s when it became clear that a service was crucial to the success of podcast guest marketing.

Filling A Void

Interview Valet was the first concierge-level podcast booking agency. Our clients come on through an onboarding process that establishes goals, expectations, and target audience. Our Podcast Relationship Managers then take that information to introduce them to podcasts that fit within that criteria. Once we get an invitation, our Client Account Manager sends the scheduling details to the client to book a time to record the interview. Our Certified Guests are given everything they need to show up prepared for an amazing interview.

You Are The Guest, We Take Care Of The Rest

We’ve had hundreds of clients on thousands of podcasts and the evidence is clear – podcast guest marketing works. With the help of the leading guesting agency, Interview Valet, you can streamline your success by being heard on podcasts across the world.

Interview Valet used the Podcast Interview Lifecycle to get where we are today. You can get a copy of that full report below.

Podcast Interview Lifecycle

Podcast Guesting Isn’t The Goal

March 16,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

Like guest blogging of the past, podcast interview marketing is a great way to use an established platform to leverage your content and reach your target audience. Podcast guesting isn’t the main goal of the clients that come to us for help. But it is a necessary step to achieve their ultimate goal.

Leave Your Ego At The Door

If your goal is just an ego trip to hear your voice or see your face plastered over social media, you’re probably not the client for us. We work with leading brands, high-level coaches and consultants, and amazing non-fiction authors. Solopreneurs. Enterprise-level companies. Our clients want to help people. They know their product or service is capable of changing someone’s life. They just need their voice to be heard. They’re not looking to get famous (whatever that means). Their goal is to grow their business and brand.

Replace Ego With Results

When you take out the ego, you’re left with results. And it’s the results that are at the heart of podcast guesting. You have the products, offerings, and systems to close the sales. Now, you just need the clients. At Interview Valet, we help you establish your target audience so your content is pushed into the right market. A market that needs you, but doesn’t know you exist yet. A market where once you’re discovered the leads start piling in.

Podcast Interview Lifecycle

Maximizing Your Podcast Interview Lifecycle

March 07,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

The Podcast Interview Lifecycle is a six stage process. Every new innovative idea eventually fizzles out as we move on to the next new innovative idea. Its an ever evolving process.

A podcast can go from Seed Phase (new and exciting) to Laughable Phase (old and worn out) faster than you might imagine. It’s important to know and understand this lifecycle to ensure you are maximizing your interviews’ potential profits.

Seed, Launch, Own

The first three stages of the Podcast Interview Lifecycle is where you want to spend most of your time: Seed, Launch and Own.

These are the phases where you find most of your potential customers and establish yourself as the leader. This is when you want to be leveraging podcast platforms. You want your target audience to hear your story and find your product or service. Promotion is key. Own your content by promoting it on your social media or on your email lists. Spread the word!

But, again, hosts are flexible! If you’re promoting a book or a new course that has a specific timeline, most hosts will typically be open to working with you to find a date to post your interview that works with your launch.

Podcast interview service

Copy, Commodity, Laughable

In the second half of the Podcast Interview Lifecycle there is still work to do.

Once your idea hits the Copy Phase, competition begins to increase and your profits begin to decrease. You are no longer the only fish in the sea. You’ve done the hard work, sent your idea out into the world, and now own it.

But you don’t jump ship just yet. There is still work to be done. It’s time for the next stage, Commodity. You want to take your ownership to the next level. Become synonymous with your idea; become the category king.

But you don’t jump ship just yet. There is still work to be done. It’s time for the next stage, Commodity. You want to take your ownership to the next level. Become synonymous with your idea; become the category king.

Podcast Interview Lifecycle

The content from this blog was pulled from the Podcast Interview Lifecycle Report. You can get a copy of the full report below.

Podcast Interview Lifecycle

The Podcast Interview Lifecycle

March 01,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

Everything has a shelf life. The once new innovative idea and concept eventually peaks and becomes old news. What most may not realize is there is a formula that each new idea follows, the idea lifecycle.

We are well aware of this lifecycle here at Interview Valet, we call it the Podcast Interview Lifecycle.

When you know the formula it’s easy to pinpoint where things are succeeding and where they begin to fall off. When I see it being followed, success seems inevitable. When I see it ignored, it’s like watching an impending train wreck…. this isn’t going to end well.

The Six Stages of the Podcast Interview Lifecycle

1| Seed

Every idea has to start somewhere. Whether it’s a passing thought or an aha moment, an idea has planted itself somewhere in your brain. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do with it. Because, let’s face it, it’s not easy to bring something to fruition. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. After all, a garden doesn’t grow overnight. Like a flower, your idea needs sunlight, water, and patience in order to bloom.

2| Launch

After a lot of trial and effort, you have finally gotten enough market feedback and your idea is now ready for mass consumption. This is where you get to establish yourself as a thought leader or a category king in your industry. Don’t skimp on the marketing budget. You want everyone to know about your product or service.

3| Own

Own that idea! Once your idea is out there for the world to consume, it has the potential to create a domino effect of others who think they can do it better than you. Don’t give up. Don’t pivot. Don’t let someone else take your hard work to the next level. Invest the time and patience to keep yourself as category king of your industry.

4| Copy

There isn’t a lot of originality left in the world, most ideas evolve from something else. But everything can be built upon, improved, made better than it was yesterday. It’s easy in this phase to become stagnant, you must persevere and avoid copying ideas that are already being done over and over.

5| Commodity

Your idea has blossomed! You are the category king! Everyone is talking about you. Your target audience now sees you as the thought leader in your industry. You have become the benchmark for everyone that comes after you.

6| Laughable

Well… you were the category king. And as hard as it might be to admit, your ship has sailed. Industries are constantly changing. What may have been revolutionary two years ago, is old news today. It’s time to put that idea to rest and plant your next seed.

Once you know the formula and understand the process that every idea follows you can avoid falling behind and becoming old news.

This information was pulled from the Podcast Interview Lifecycle Report. You can get a copy of the full report below.

Podcast Interview Lifecycle