Myths About Growing Your Brand Through Podcasting

May 31,2022 / Blog / Tiffany
Podcast business growth

In 2015, people were asking, “What is a podcast?”

Fast forward five years to 2020, businesses and individuals are relying heavily on podcasts to stay in the conversation about topics that mattered while the world quarantined during the pandemic.

Brand Mastery Podcast Adam Force

Listen to the full conversation here.

Our Founder, Tom Schwab, had the opportunity to be a guest on the Authentic Brand Mastery Podcast with host Adam Force.

With over two million podcasts in existence, 400,000 of which are active, podcasting is not only well known now but also becoming a critical marketing strategy for businesses.

Fifteen years ago, blogging and guest blogging were mainstays for inbound marketing strategy. If you could get a blog on another person’s website linked to yours, you could convert 1%–2% of their audience into customers of your own business. Today, podcasting has a similar yet exponentially more significant effect. Podcasts have a unique way of allowing people to understand who you are and what you are about in a way blogs cannot. With one podcast, you can convert up to 25% of listeners into followers and customers. 

Adam Force, host of the Brand Mastery podcast, mentions he was able to get $15,000 of business from being on only one podcast. Getting in front of audiences—yours or someone else’s—is now an invaluable resource to lean on when growing your brand and business. It’s no longer arguable.

Some myths about growing your business and brand with podcasts are constantly perpetuated. However, when weighing the return on investment in podcasting, people get a lot of things wrong from the start. They look at other people’s successes and assume podcasting will bring the same expansive success for them, right? Wrong

Before you get busy creating your podcast, here are Seven Myths you need to know.

7 Myths about Growing Your Brand and Business through Podcasting

Myth 1| Starting your own podcast is the only way to be involved.

There are multiple ways to grow your business through podcasting. Starting your podcast comes with a significant upfront investment and learning curve to which not all companies are privy. It is vital to know that you aren’t going to have a million listeners and sponsors right out of the gate. It takes time to build a platform like Joe Rogan or Seth Godin.

Sometimes it makes more sense for your business to guest on other people’s podcasts. Guesting involves little to no up-front investment, and the return is exponential, like Force’s $15k ROI. Guesting on other people’s podcasts then becomes a no-brainer. Not only do you avoid footing the bill for the podcast’s production, but you can also appear on several podcasts that have different audiences; allowing you to tap into many geographical locations and niches. It will enable you to test the water with various niche audiences to tests where your product or service will hold the most value.

While hosting your podcast allows you to nurture a relationship with your returning listeners, guesting will enable you to tap into different audiences. It’s easy for podcast hosts to say, “This way works; you should do it this way.” But that approach is like going into a grocery store and only using lane two every day because it is always the fastest and best experience. What is missing from this advice are several other factors like time of day and who’s shopping at that time. That lane two rule isn’t going to work every time. Likewise, podcasting “rules” aren’t going to work for everyone. You have to determine what approach will work the best for your business, audience, and industry.

Myth 2| You need your podcast to make an impact and be successful. 

False, false, false. There are a lot of up-front costs and trial-and-error that come with starting a podcast. A podcast can be more of an embarrassment than a marketing tool if done incorrectly. Take it from the stats: only 400,000 podcasts out of two million are active, meaning 1.6 million podcasts aren’t successfully creating content. In simpler terms, 75% of podcasts are more of a liability for their business than a marketing tool. If you don’t have the time and capital to do a podcast right, why not leverage podcasts that already exist? You don’t have to worry about the time, money, and resources need to make a podcast successful; you may be more successful leaving the production to others and being a guest. 

Myth 3: You will have millions of followers and sponsors overnight.

There are a lot of misconceptions about how much work, time, and effort that goes into creating and producing a podcast. Some people enter the game assuming they will have X number of followers and sponsors right out of the gate. We know 75% of podcasts aren’t successful, so we have a good idea now that listeners and sponsors aren’t easy to come by. Growing a podcast takes commitment and perseverance

Myth 4| You need a bunch of experience to guest on someone else’s podcast.

You do not need a lot of experience to appear on someone else’s podcast. All you need is an angle that will be interesting to their current audience. Although you don’t need experience, it is crucial to spend time researching the podcasts you want to appear on. You don’t want to appear on just any show. Get to understand who they are and who their audience is. This will enable you to: ensure your message matches the market, better position your pitch, and therefore a greater impact on your brand and business with your appearance. That brings us to our next myth.

Myth 5| Quantity is better than quality. 

Appearing on a couple podcasts that are synergistic with your brand is far better than firing off a bunch of scripted emails to any and all hosts. Force agrees, stating he gets many random pitches from prospective guests that don’t fit his show, some even referencing his podcast title incorrectly. Tom says he gets pitches from people asking to be a guest on his show when he doesn’t even have a podcast. It shows you haven’t done your research and ruins any potential opportunities you might have had. It’s better to be more intentional about your guest appearances. As Tom often says, “bigger isn’t better, better is better.”

Myth 6| A podcast is one and done. 

Nope, not even close. Not only does a podcast exist on the internet indefinitely, leaving a permanent digital footprint of your association with that show. It generates social media traction, networking opportunities, and best of it, it’s a great way to repurpose content. One podcast can easily be turned into a multitude content through social media posts or a 1,000-word blog post. The conversations from each podcast interview can be used in many other forms, cutting down on the amount of time you need to spend creating content for multiple platforms. For this reason its beneficial to bring fresh content to each interview to keep your creation machine flowing with rich content to repurpose. A single podcast can benefit you for a long time, and when you guest on many different podcasts, you multiply that impact exponentially.

Myth 7| Podcasting isn’t suitable for every business model. 

Many people don’t think about this before entering the podcast arena, but it might not be a good investment for your business. One business model where podcasting doesn’t work is a service or product is geographically focused. It wouldn’t be worthwhile to promote your brick-and-mortar store in a small town when the podcast can be heard worldwide. Low-lifetime products and services, like an event or book launch are possible but can get tricky. Typically, 80% of listens happen within the first month of a podcast going live, but it can be difficult predicting when that will be because some shows record months, and up to a year, in advance. Working with a podcast booking agency for time specific launches or events can alleviate this issue since they have a working relationship with the podcast host to negotiate timelines for you.

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20 Great Podcasts for Crypto and Bitcoin

May 25,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

Talk of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is making its way into daily conversations. Whether you’re an avid crypto investor, are researching its viability, or just plain curious, this list has something for you. Below is a compilation of great podcasts on all things digital currency.

20 Podcasts For Crypto and Bitcoin

| Crypto Unstacked

Crypto Unstacked Podcast

The go-to resource for the crypto curious. Tune in with host Leslie Lamb for long-form deep dives with movers and shakers or spend your short coffee breaks with our mini dives, where we unstack interesting insights and market observations.

| Blockcrunch: The Crypto Investor

Block Crunch Podcast

The go-to podcast trusted by fund managers, founders and operators in crypto and DeFi.

Jason Choi (@mrjasonchoi), full-time crypto investor and General Partner at Spartan Capital, goes deep into the technology and economics behind crypto projects to dissect trends and themes in a global context.

Not financial advice.

| Unchained

Unchained Podcast

Crypto assets and blockchain technology are about to transform every trust-based interaction of our lives, from financial services to identity to the Internet of Things. In this podcast, host Laura Shin, an independent journalist covering all things crypto, talks with industry pioneers about how crypto assets and blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money. Tune in to find out how Web 3.0, the decentralized web, will revolutionize our world. Disclosure: I’m a nocoiner.

| NBTV: Your Money, Your Data, Your Life

NBTV Podcast

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Technologies of our Future is a podcast series hosted by Naomi Brockwell. Naomi is also the host of the YouTube show “Naomi Brockwell TV” which explores all things tech and crypto, and she is the emcee of the Consensus Blockchain conferences and the D10e Blockchain conferences all over the world.

| Bitcoin Fixes This

Bitcoin Fixes This

Join host Jimmy Song, we explore the impact that Bitcoin will have in all aspects of society.

| Robert Ventures

Robert Ventures podcast

The Robert Ventures podcast encourages thought-provoking conversations from the top names in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. We interview founders of today’s leading companies and give you insights into their projects, innovations, and successes.

Joe Robert (@Joemrobert) is your host and CEO of Robert Ventures an investment firm that provides accredited investors with simple and straightforward exposure to top-tier digital assets.

Podcasts for Speakers
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best podcasts for coaches

| Funky Crypto

Funky Crypto Podcast

Hosts Ben Askren and John Kim sit down to educate the masses about Bitcoin, Litecoin, and cryptocurrencies simply.

| The Money Movement

The global economy is experiencing unprecedented change. Business leaders everywhere are grappling with how to transform their companies to become more digital, resilient and efficient. As we face this change, a new global movement is building around the promise of digital currencies and blockchains, forming a new architecture for the global economy and creating new opportunities for companies and people everywhere. The Money Movement, with host Jeremy Allaire, explores and chronicles the ideas and opportunities that are driving this new world of digital money. The Money Movement is brought to you by Circle. Our mission is to raise global economic prosperity through the frictionless exchange of financial value.

| Crypto 101

Crypto 101 podcast

The Average Consumer’s Guide to Cryptocurrency. Bryce Paul & Pizza Mind: Bitcoin Blockchain Cryptocurrency Ethereum.

| What Bitcoin Did

What Bitcoin Did podcast

Against many challenges, Bitcoin, the worlds first true cryptocurrency has survived for over a decade. With What Bitcoin Did, podcast host Peter McCormack talks to experts in the world of Bitcoin. From developers to investors, journalists to Bitcoin company CEOs, you will learn about everything that is happening in the world of Bitcoin.

| Unhashed

The Unhashed Podcast

Unhashed breaks down the latest in Bitcoin news and developments and puts them into terms everyone can understand. Expect to be both entertained and educated about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. How do hardware wallets work and do they really keep you safe? Which crypto exchanges pose the greatest risk to the bitcoin ecosystem? Does Litecoin help or hinder bitcoin development? Expect the answers to these and many other questions from the Unhashed professionals offering different perspectives to all the blockchain issues you care about!

| News News Podcast

The News Podcasts interviews with the most interesting leaders, founders and investors in the fields of Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFTs and the Metaverse.

| Crypto Voices

Crypto Voices podcast

The Crypto Voices Podcast covers diverse trends in Bitcoin and blockchain tech, decentralization, entrepreneurship, cryptoeconomics and liberty.

Author note: All authors, whose content is featured on Crypto Voices, are contacted beforehand for permission, regardless of copyright or license such as Creative Commons. If you are an author whose work is reproduced here and you have not heard from Crypto Voices, it’s because we couldn’t find a way to contact you. However, in this situation your work was already licensed Creative Commons, and it was so great anyway that we just couldn’t wait to turn it into audio and put it up!

| CoinGeek Conversations

CoinGeek Conversations podcast

CoinGeek Conversations is a weekly podcast update on the thriving BitcoinSV ecosystem – for beginners as well as those already deeply immersed in it. CoinGeek’s Charles Miller meets entrepreneurs, technologists and businesspeople to ask about their work and their visions for the future. You don’t need to be an expert in computer science or business studies. But you do need an appetite to learn about the most exciting new technology of our time.

| The Pomp Podcast

The Pomp Podcast

Host Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano talks to the most interesting people in business, finance, and Bitcoin. From billionaires to cultural icons, Pomp helps you get smarter every day.

| Empire

Empire Podcast

Empire features interviews with top crypto founders to get the real stories that aren’t shared elsewhere. Empire is your look behind the curtain of the crypto industry with hosts Jason Yanowitz and Santiago Santos.

We release two episodes per week: guest interviews on Monday and a weekly roundup on Friday.

| Untold Stories

Untold Stories Podcast

Bitcoin Pioneer Charlie Shrem dives deep into the lives and personal histories of some of crypto’s most influential leaders. A focus on personal stories weaves together a nuanced, untold narrative of how the bitcoin, crypto and web3 movements truly came to be.

| Swan Signal

Swan Signal Podcast

Swan Signal – A Bitcoin Podcast pairs up great Bitcoiners for compelling discussions that are unique on the Bitcoin content scene. Every week we broadcast Swan Signal Live Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Then we publish the audio here. Enjoy!

| podcast is where we interview high-achievers from all walks of life and learn about what they do and how they do it. The show currently has a strong slant towards Fintech and investment asset class exploration. We have an international audience but focus especially on European investors. is hosted by Jean Galea as lead host and Joe Galea in a supporting role. The show is fueled by Jean’s natural curiosity in learning about how successful people tick and what methods they use in their pursuit of excellence in daily life.

| The Wolf Of All Streets

The Wolf of all Streets podcast

Host Scott Melker talks to your favorite characters from the world of Bitcoin, trading, finance, music, art, and anyone else with an interesting story to tell. Sit down, strap in, and get ready – we’re going deep.

| The Scoop

The Scoop podcast

Welcome to The Scoop, The Block’s flagship podcast covering finance and technology industries through unmatched interviews with top thought leaders, cultural icons and industry veterans. The Block’s Director of News Frank Chaparro hosts new guests every week, diving into breaking news and topics ranging from NFTs, to the impact of DeFi on Wall Street, to Bitcoin’s role in the economy and beyond.

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11 Ways You Can Grow Your Brand with Podcast Interview Marketing

May 17,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

Growing your brand is essential to your success. If you want to get into podcast interview marketing, but you don’t know how it will help your brand, these are 11 ways you can grow your brand with podcast interview marketing.

1 | Driving Sales

There are thousands of ideal clients out there who are ready to buy what you’re selling. They just need to hear you. Podcasting is a great way to get your message out to the masses.

2 | Thought Leadership

Establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry is such an important part of growing your brand. You want consumers to trust you, your message, and your product. Podcasts give you the chance to talk directly to consumers, leaders, and the audiences you will best serve.

3 | SEO Strategy

Search engines favor websites with backlinks. Show notes that podcast hosts publish alongside a recording is a great way to create those backlinks. Because, let’s face it, Google may have endless pages of searches, but you’re lucky if someone is clicking past page one. That’s where you want to be and where you’ll be seen.

4 | Guesting vs Hosting

Being a podcast guest and being a podcast host is a great way to establish your brand. Where podcast hosting is a great way to nurture your current audience, podcast guesting is a great way to reach new leads and gain more exposure.

5 | Launching Your Own Podcast

Nurturing your current leads and customers is an important part of any brand. It also makes you a trusted voice in your industry. Studies also show that podcasts tend to drive more subscribers than email and social media.

6 | IPO Road Show

Since podcasts are typically recorded weeks to months in advance, they give speakers and executives the opportunity to practice their initial pitch before it reaches the public. Due to the pandemic, the IPO was canceled and the podcast guesting strategy was never tested, but we do look forward to testing this theory in the future.

7| Value Consistent Marketing

Meaningful connections are the best connections for growing your brand. There are many platforms for brand building, but none of them can compare to the meaningful conversation a consumer will hear in a podcast.

8| Executive Exposure

Time is money. And even though in-person events are starting back up, working them into an executive’s schedule can be difficult. Podcasts can get executives in front of an audience as easily as blocking off an hour on their calendars.

9| Content Creation

Podcasts are so easy to repurpose into blog posts, sizzle reels, and even books. They’re essentially evergreen content.

10| Recruiting

Building a brand is hard to do without the right people. Podcasts are another way for potential employees to get to know you. If your message resonates with them, you can almost guarantee they’ll be looking at your career page for openings.

11| Acquisition

If you’re looking to expand your brand, look no further than podcast marketing. Just like potential employees, potential acquirers are also listening. Whether you’re looking for a partner or to sell your business completely, podcasts are a great way to be heard.

Content from this blog was pulled from Grow Your Brand With Podcast Interviews

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20 Great Podcasts To Grow Your Brand

May 09,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

Brand growth is vital to the success of your business. Whether you’re new to your industry or a trusted voice, this list of the 20 greatest podcasts to grow your brand will help your business succeed!

20 Podcasts To Grow Your Brand

| Breakthrough Brand

Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Welcome to the Breakthrough Brand Podcast, hosted by Elizabeth McCravy. Each week, I’ll bring you workshop-style trainings that teach you how to stand out online, design success from the inside out, and create a breakthrough business. It’s time to turn viewers into raving fans and design the business and life of your dreams.

| Brands That Book with Davey Jones

Brands that book with davey jones podcast

A show for creative service-based business owners who want to learn how to build their brands and find more clients with host Davey Jones.

| Business Owners Radio

Business Owners Radio podcast

The show that helps your business grow. Business Owners Radio is where established business owners get the latest strategies, insights, and practices to build a sustainably profitable business. Co-hosts Craig Moen and Shye Gilad offer entrepreneurs the best “ROL” (Return on Listening) on the internet, with episodes featuring dynamic interviews with business experts and strategists, in-depth reviews of important business trends, and innovative technology, frameworks, and tools you can use right now to run your business better.

| The Personal Playbook

The Personal Branding Playbook podcast

Everyone has a personal brand. The only difference is some people understand how to leverage their abilities and skills better than others. This podcast focuses on strategies and methods for entrepreneurs to use their personal brand to bring value to the world. The goal of this show is to teach you how to reach that next level of impact using your podcast. Enjoy interviews from top experts in business and Action Episodes from Coach Chris every single week!

| Bombshell Business

Bombshell Business podcast

Driven women business owners and leaders passionately improve the lives of their families, employees, communities and the customers they serve. These female professionals join Amber Hurdle each week as she uses her experience working with international celebrities, Fortune 100 companies and small businesses to show women how to increase their self-awareness, build their confidence, improve their communication, and ultimately ground themselves in their personal power. Through strong company cultures, branding, marketing, networking, business systems and smart employee practices, women in business can and will change the world.

| Jasmine Star Show

Jasmine Star Show podcast

The Jasmine Star Show is a conversational business podcast that explores what it really means to turn your passion into profits. Law school dropout turned world-renowned photographer and expert business strategist, host Jasmine Star delivers her best business advice every week with a mixture of inspiration, wittiness, and a kick in the pants. On The Jasmine Star Show, you can expect raw business coaching sessions, honest conversations with industry peers, and most importantly: tactical tips and a step-by-step plan to empower entrepreneurs to build a brand, market it on social media, and create a life they love.

Podcasts for Speakers

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| SIMPLE Brand

Simple Brand podcast

Do you ever wonder why the top brands are winning? It’s because they provide customers with the one thing that most brands aren’t – simplicity. How can you learn from them and create the same experiences on a smaller budget? The SIMPLE brand podcast will help. Join Matt Lyles, and his guests, as they share tactics, tips and strategies to help your business brand out from the crowd. You’ll learn how to create simple experiences for your customers and your team members through marketing, branding, content, social media, customer experience, leadership, organizational culture, productivity and so much more! Your customers live in a complicated world. Let’s make it SIMPLE. Guests include: Andrew Davis, David Burkus, Dee Ann Turner, Grant Baldwin, Heather Heuman, Melanie Deziel, Ray Edwards, Roger Dooley, Stacey Hanke and many others.

| Brandfetti

Brandfetti podcast

A real talk no fluff podcast dedicated to helping you craft a stand out brand through clever content marketing, the understanding of consumer psychology and words. 

Join Anita Siek – founder and Director of Wordfetti, a strategic copywriting and communications house – as she sharp-shoots to your ears practical copywriting, content, social media and online marketing advice and gives you a peek behind the curtains of how some of the best known brands in the industry have built their stand out brand through words.

| Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself podcast

If you’ve ever wondered what it really takes to become a successful entrepreneur in the wellness industry, grab your headphones and start listening. Brand Yourself is a show that gives you a behind the scenes look at what female business owners in the health, mindfulness, and personal growth space have done to build thriving businesses and stand out brands. Hosted by brand strategist, Blair Badenhop, you’ll hear guests reveal the up and down journeys to finding success and how they leveraged who they really are to carve out their spot in the industry. Tune in to discover how “being yourself” is the secret to captivating your audience, effective marketing and branding, and more.

| You Are The Brand

You Are The Brand podcast

You Are The Brand with Mike Kim is designed to help you showcase your unique expertise and build a highly profitable, personally fulfilling business. Mike Kim is a brand strategist for business thought leaders, coaches, and authors who want to create an impact with their ideas and get their message heard.

| The Influential Personal Brand

The Influential Personal Brand podcast

Build and monetize your personal brand. This show is full of some of the best marketing tips for (aspiring) influencers, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches, executives, and anyone who wants to get their message out to more people. You’ll learn the strategies and tactics that any service-minded messenger can use to find their uniqueness and separate from all the noise to create more impact, influence, and income. Each episode is hosted by New York Times bestselling author and Hall of Fame Speaker Rory Vaden, and his wife, business partner and CEO of Brand Builders Group, AJ Vaden. Brand Builders Group is trusted by people like Lewis Howes (School of Greatness Podcast), Julie Solomon (The Influencer Podcast), and Chalene Johnson (Build Your Tribe Podcast) to provide personal branding expertise for themselves and/or their audiences.

| Brand Strategy

The Brand Strategy podcast

The Brand Strategy Podcast is a show created to equip you with the inspiration, encouragement, and clarity you need to build the brand of your dreams with purpose and intention. From sustainable strategy to heartfelt encouragement, each episode is designed to equip you with the tools you need to chase after your dreams. Because you deserve a brand that empowers you to do what you love, serve the clients you dream of working with, and experience a deep sense of fulfillment along the way! So get comfy, grab a mug of coffee or your favorite beverage, and join host Bonnie Bakhtiari as we explore what it takes to build a truly strategic, heartfelt brand!

| The Brand Doctor

The Brand Doctor podcast

As a self-taught graphic designer and brand consultant, host Henry Kaminski Jr., has overcome all the odds to build a wildly successful multi-million-dollar business over the past decade. 

He has worked with a diverse range of business owners and professionals, including Jon Bon Jovi and Internet marketing expert Russell Brunson who has named Henry the “Million Dollar Designer.” 

Ultimately, Henry is dedicated to helping small businesses grow and reach their goals through creative design, brand building which will allow entrepreneurs to design the life of their dreams!

Brand Doctor Podcast examines how to  ensure that your target audience sees you in the most prestigious light possible.

| Brand Therapy

Brand Therapy podcast

Hi! We’re Phil and Lauren, hosts of Brand Therapy. As brand strategists, we’ve helped hundreds of people and companies position, build, and promote their brands online. We think that a strong brand opens doors, and on Brand Therapy, we chat with the world’s leading experts for the latest techniques to master social media, websites, business, and everything related to branding.

| Rock Your Brand

Rock Your Brand podcast

How do I start an online business? How do I build a brand online? How do I get traffic and attention to my online business? The biggest question is, can I start a business online and replace my current JOB? Welcome to The Rock Your Brand podcast show where we answer ALL of these questions and a ton MORE! Scott Voelker, the host will share with you everything you need to know and help you to build a Future Proof Business that will allow you the ultimate Freedom. Scott shares tips and strategies he used himself to build multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses over the past 18 years. Along with sharing Scott’s tips and strategies, he also interviews top business experts, such as Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Rick Mulready, James Clear, Chris Ducker and so many more. Scott also shares his private coaching calls with listeners and students to show exactly what it takes to build a successful online business and brand. With millions of downloads and counting, The Amazing Seller “The Take Action Effect” movement is growing everyday and now it’s YOUR TURN to create the life you want and deserve. Are you in? Let’s Do THIS!

| JUST Branding

JUST Branding Podcast

The JUST Branding Podcast, hosted by Jacob Cass & Matt Davies, is the only podcast dedicated to helping designers & entrepreneurs grow brands.

Each episode goes deep into the details of the brand building process, with professional insights, actionable tips and resources to help you build better brands.

The focus is on helping designers & entrepreneurs bridge the gap between strategy and design. Branding professionals from around the world join Jacob & Matt in discussing the benefits of brand strategy, top tools, how to sell strategy, brand purpose, brand positioning, neuroscience, brand personality, messaging, storytelling, brand naming, tag lines, logo design, brand identity design and brand experience.

| Brand and Hustle

Brand and Hustle podcast

Grow your biz, brand and bank account. Veteran Brand Strategist, Jai Stone hosts a NO bull, no fluff podcast sharing strategies on scaling and operating a sustainable online business.

| On Brand with Nick Westergaard

On Brand with Nick Westergaard podcast

The On Brand podcast helps you tell stronger stories and build better brands. Each week host Nick Westergaard, author of Brand Now and Get Scrappy, interviews marketing and communication thought leaders or those working for innovative brands like Adobe, Ben & Jerry’s, HBO, Mastercard, Maker’s Mark, the Minnesota Vikings, Salesforce, and Whole Foods.

| The Business of Branding

The Business of Branding podcast

Nikki Arensman, a Branding Expert & Offer Strategist brings to you The Business of Branding, a podcast that takes you inside the creative process of building an impactful, irresistible and profitable brand. Over the last 7 years Nikki built a 7-figure apparel brand that she scaled and sold, just before diving into helping other female entrepreneurs build their empire. She believes that connection, creativity and culture are the foundation to creating a sustainable business. Whether you are creating a new brand, refreshing an existing one or entering into a new phase of entrepreneurship, The Business of Branding will offer you a fresh perspective and insightful guidance through intimate interviews + discussions that will help you build a standout brand.

| Brand It, Build It

Brand It Build It Podcast

The Brand It, Build It Podcast equips you to grow your creative small business with purpose and strategy. Hosted by Kelly Zugay of With Grace and Gold®, an award-winning Minnesota-based brand and web design business, every episode equips you to boost brand awareness and build a successful small business.

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Growing Your Brand with Podcast Interview Marketing

May 05,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

Growing your brand doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, it’s the easiest it has ever been. With all the advanced technology we now have, marketing doesn’t just have to be billboards, magazine articles, and in-person interviews. Podcast interview marketing is as simple as sitting in front of a microphone at your computer in your home office!

Why Podcasting?

So why choose podcast interview marketing over more traditional modes of marketing? Convenience! We live in post-pandemic times where people value a work-life balance. Recording an interview is just as easy as consuming it. Set aside an hour for recording and then you have the rest of the day to work and run errands without missing out on more leisurely activities.

Reach A Global Audience

Podcasts also allow you to reach consumers you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. Listenership of podcasts is global. You’re able to reach people across the world. Establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry in multiple countries is a sure fire way to grow your brand. Take our client Barbara Turley from The Virtual Hub for example. She built her business internationally through targeted podcast interviews. She was an Irish woman living in Australia who was able to speak to her ideal clients in the United States.


Podcasts also aren’t just audio! Along with show notes (great for backlinks!) some hosts also record video, which is great for repurposing your content to stretch it over multiple platforms. 

Whether you’re looking to drive sales, improve your SEO strategy, create content, or launch your own podcast, podcast interview marketing is a pivotal way to establish yourself in your industry.

The content from this blog was extracted from our latest report | How To Grow Your Brand With Podcast Interviews

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Grow Your Brand With Podcast Interviews