20 Great Podcasts For Business and Mindset

December 08,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

If you’re in the market for podcasts that will put you in the right mindset to grow your business, here are 20 great podcasts for you!

20 Great Podcasts for Business & Mindset

| Fuel Your Legacy

Fuel your legacy podcast

A deep look into the mindset of Entrepreneurs and what it takes to make the jump from the corporate world to entrepreneur and business ownership with Sam Knickerbocker. What millionaire mindsets & habits are necessary to create a meaningful legacy.

| The Business of Thinking Big

The business of thinking big podcast

The Business of Thinking Big Podcast is hosted by business coach and founder of Mamas & Co., Lianne Kim. In this podcast we talk all things business mindset, strategy and hustle. So, if you’re looking to grow your revenue, serve more dream clients and create amazing new possibilities, then you my friend are in the right place!

| Passion Struck

Passion Struck podcast

Passion Struck® is a show focused on exploring the mindset and philosophy of the world’s most insightful people. John R. Miles unpacks guests’ wisdom on creating an intentional, purpose-driven life and turns that insight into practical advice to impact your career, wellness, life, and relationships.  The show aspires to speak to the humanity of people in a way that makes them want to live better, be better and impact the world by providing inspiring enjoyable, energetic, positive, and hyper-useful content—new episodes Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it. 

The show is hosted by John R. Miles – a serial entrepreneur, creative amplifier, Navy Veteran, and multi-industry CEO. Miles is known for his passion, preparation, and gift of teasing out his guests’ secrets to overcoming the odds and saying” I CAN” to life-changing opportunities.

| Mind Your Business

Mind your business podcast

All entrepreneurs want to know the secret to success. James Wedmore, a seven-figure online entrepreneur, believes success is created by mindset over strategy, magic over metrics, and attitude over action. In this podcast, James untangles the common misconception that hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful.

| The Successful Mind

The Successful Mind podcast

Welcome to The Successful Mind Podcast.    

Where you can expect cutting edge information and strategies relating to success mindset, leadership, wealth creation, and relationships. All based in Universal Law and David Neagle’s own experience as he rose from minimum-wage forklift driver to multi million dollar business owner.

| Scale Up

Scale up podcast

In this podcast, we will show you how to scale up your business and your life with host Nick Bradley! So you can achieve greater freedom, wealth and impact, and live life on your terms.

Ranked #1 business podcast in the U.K. on iTunes and Spotify, we will help you go from start-up to scale-up and beyond:

How to significantly grow your business; how to create commercial strategies that drive predictable revenue; how to leverage systems and processes to free you up from day-to-day operations; how to raise funding and investment; how to generate fast scale via business acquisitions; how to exit your business for life-changing money; ultimately, how to build your empire!

You can only scale a business to the level of your identity, so week in and week out we’ll be bringing you inspiring guests to help you on your journey. You see, it’s not just about spreadsheets and strategies … it’s about mindset, skillset, purpose and belief – learning from people doing extraordinary things, and making a bigger impact – so you can too.

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| Abundantly Clear

Abundantly clear podcast

Abundantly Clear is a mindset platform for entrepreneurs that want to achieve mental clarity, learn to not only decrease stress but turn it into growth, and continue to create the business and lives most would only dream of.

My name is Malorie Nicole, result after result watching 6 and 7 figure earners implement mindset practices and seeing the lasting impact it has on their business growth, I am 100 percent certain mindset must be a key focus for success. It’s where it all begins, and where it never ends. This is for people who never want to stop growing.

I am a lifelong learner, multidisciplinary and certified performance coach, who is here to teach you there is an easier way to get to your next level. If you are an entrepreneur who strives for an Abundantly Clear life, you know you were meant for big things, sometimes you might find yourself addicted to productivity, and you truly want to be the best version of yourself in your business and life. My mission is to empower entrepreneurs by breaking the mold of the standard hustle and grind mentality and helping them create a new set of norms to decrease stress, enjoy life, and become more profitable.

| The Sales and Leadership Show

Connected The Sales and Leadership Show

Each episode offers you actionable insights you can use to be a better leader, a better sales rep, or a better sales leader, and improve your profitability, productivity and performance.

Phil Gerbyshak hosts each episode and it goes roughly 30 minutes, making it easy to listen to on your commute, during your workout, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Visit https://PhilGerby.com for articles, resources and insights into making more sales, improving your leadership and making your mindset stronger.

| The Circuit of Success

the circuit of success podcast

The Circuit of Success Podcast hosted by Brett Gilliland was designed to give listeners a portal into the lives of success-driven people who have shown perseverance, courage, passion, and grit. We want to help our listeners live the life they have always dreamed of living. People can achieve anything that they commit to with passion. We want to help people believe in what they feel is “impossible.” Together, we will learn from some of the world’s most interesting people in the realms of business, medicine, education, and sports, along with bestselling authors and motivational speakers. They will share their wisdom on what it takes for them to become their best. Our primary objective is to ensure that The Circuit of Success inspires listeners you to make daily choices that will transform your life and help you rise to altitudes that you have always dreamed of achieving. We firmly believe that, if your mind can see it, then you can certainly achieve it. We want you to see the choices, the rituals, the obsessions, the no-miss items in a day that our guests choose that make them great. We will talk a lot about success, and to clarify for our listeners…YOU define your success. Not us, not our guests, YOU! Define what you want success to look like and that is exactly what will happen – when you commit to it!

| Made For More

Made for more podcast

The ‘Made For More’ podcast with host Carly Meyers shares the mindset secrets of success no one talks about and this is the reason you’re not where you want to be YET! This is for anyone who is ready to take their business and life to the next level. This is your ‘go to’ guide for all things business, mindset and success talk without the fluff. Brutally honest, open and real, with packed episodes to help you level up in life and business. I believe you have more power and courage than you can even imagine…and I’m here to help you find it!

| Good Life, Great Life

Good life great life podcast

You only have one life so get the most out of it. On Good Life Great Life, Brian Highfield and his guests share success stories, habits, mindsets, and lessons learned by successful people. These lessons are not taught in schools but are critical for getting ahead in life. Whether you want a successful business or career, optimal health, or a lifestyle that most people just dream of, Good life Great life has you covered. After retiring from a successful corporate career as in his forties, Brian founded multimillion-dollar businesses in the sports and healthcare arenas. Now, Brian helps everyday people maximize their lives and speaks regularly at seminars, podcasts, and radio shows to share principles on the topics of health, wealth and happiness. Don’t let a good life get in the way of a great life. Join Brian Highfield today, on Good Life, Great Life.

| The Common Cents Show

The Common Cents Show podcast

The Common Cents Show is a podcast, hosted by Micah Logan, dedicated to providing business and financial knowledge in an entertaining and insightful way. From expert interviews with business leaders to dissecting the latest in business trends and news, we are dedicated to helping you make valuable business judgements from sound business knowledge.

| Rank & File

Rank and file podcast

The Rank & File Podcast is the weekly go-to resource for women purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want intentional, fulfilling lives and businesses that make a positive impact on the world. Each week, business coach Kari Elizabeth Enge teaches you concepts and tools to help you step into your CEO shoes so you can reach your income and impact goals. Along the way, hear from experts in the fields of social impact, business, brain science, and faith so you’re armed with the knowledge and the tools you need to make a sustainable impact in your business and your life. You can make a living and an impact without sacrificing your personal life. And you don’t have to figure it out alone. Learn more about Rank & File’s coaching programs for purpose-driven entrepreneurs at rankandfile.com

| Charge

Charge podcast

The CHARGE Podcast, with host Gary Wilbers, will be a place where you can find stories of real people that have had success in their business and life. Our guests will share their journey with you so that you can take away tips and strategies that you can implement into your own business and life.

| Ace Weekly

Ace weekly podcast

Are you ready to become the ACE in your life?

We live in a world that is changing faster by the day. Now more than ever, our communities yearn for REAL leadership. Ace Weekly’s mission is to empower the world by equipping conscious leaders with the skills, habits and the mentality that is needed to positively influence the environments around them. Join the movement with host Andrew Evans – Find a deeper level of fulfillment and learn how to dominate your field in the process.

| Happiness At Work

Happiness at work podcast

This is the first podcast dedicated to happiness at work. We interview authors, entrepreneurs, coaches, and industry experts to discover what they’re doing to foster happiness in the workplace while living passionate and purposeful lives. At Management 3.0 we believe that happiness at work should be the ‘norm’ and not the exception.

| The Compassionate Samurai Business Hour

The Compassionate Samurai Business Hour podcast

Success and integrity are not mutually exclusive, which is the foundation for The Compassionate Samurai Business Hour with host Kathy Fairbanks. Blending a warrior-like mindset with character traits of compassion in order to produce extraordinary results is key. Business often produces two types of leaders. The first are those who are nice, good-hearted, and compassionate, but can’t make much happen. The other type can make everything happen, they are creators, go-getters, and the aggressive producers in society. However, they’re often self-centered, greedy and unethical. Both the show host and guests share stories and tools for overcoming obstacles and provide wise short cuts for producing key sustainable results in business. You will discover unique roadmaps for producing a large amount of sustainable change in a short period of time. You will take lifelong learning to a whole new level where the important questions are asked and only you hold the answer to just how high you’re committed to climb.

| She’s in Business

She's in Business podcast

If you’re looking to establish a better balance between working on your business, being present with your family and taking self care time for you, then you’re going to enjoy this podcast with host Donna Hann!

The goal is simple; to equip you with actionable business strategies and frameworks to create a life by design, so you can enjoy the freedom to do the things and be present with the people that mean the most to you! 

This podcast is for doers and action takers who are ready to extend their knowledge of business strategy and have the discipline to put it into practice. And you may have guessed, it’s for women who are feeling alone in business and are searching for ways to reduce the stress of being ‘on’ 24 hrs a day! This podcast will help you to see that there are ways to reshape your business by design to give you freedom! The freedom to work when you want, to have the lifestyle that suits you and your family. 

You can be a Mum, grow your business and build your dream lifestyle! I’d like to show you how to burn bright instead of burning out!

| Absolute Business Mindset

Absolute Business Mindset podcast

This podcast, with host Mark Hayward, will interview entrepreneurs, business owners, career-ists, and authors. We will delve into their journey to success, key life milestones and go deep into their area of expertise. There will be a focus on the start-up period of these entrepreneurs to gain insight for my audience. Get ready to learn from others successes and failures.

| Business Growth Mindset

Business Growth Mindset Podcast

In this podcast, we will tackle the topics and issues business owners are dealing with each week. Kristian Livolsi will give a unique and valuable insight into how to better your business and personal life by developing a growth mindset.

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Why Podcasts Need to Be a Part of Every Marketing Strategy

December 01,2022 / Blog / Tiffany
podcast interview marketing strategy
Break through the noise in 2023.

A client once told me that they needed 100 leads every month because their close rate was 2%.

The Facebook Ads that they were using brought in a mix of leads. Some were a fit, but most weren’t. Which meant they had to spend more money to bring in a higher quantity of leads so they could at least guarantee two deals. It felt like Facebook Ads were just eating their money.

The next month, they started guesting on podcasts, and their close rate increased to over 40% with the leads they got from the podcasts. They were able to get higher quality leads from podcasts and close them more often. That sure beats throwing every dollar into the Facebook, Instagram, Google vortex.

The biggest issue so many businesses face today is obscurity.

The biggest issue so many businesses face today is obscurity. It’s hard to break through all the noise and present as the authority in your industry. Gaining that visibility can be hard, and it’s the number one problem CEOs lose sleep over.

Most businesses rely on Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads to bring leads, but those leads typically aren’t a great fit. The ads put businesses in front of an audience, but it isn’t necessarily the right audience—no matter how many hours they spend tweaking keywords, location settings, and banging their heads against a wall.

It can be frustrating.

Visibility and authority don’t have to be a never-ending game you play with ads. The answer can be simpler: targeted podcast guesting.

With over 50k interviews, 100 million downloads, and 8 years of podcast interview marketing in the books, I can tell you that podcast guesting has made a major difference for businesses trying to break through the noise and get quality leads. I’ve seen people connect with their target audience in ways that aren’t possible with an ad or blog. Consumers desperately crave a deeper relationship with businesses and their owners, and podcasts have a multidimensional presence that fits the bill.

When you guest on podcasts, you already know the host (if you’ve done your research) and you already have a sense of who the audience is (if you’ve done your research). The probability of speaking to your ideal client is much higher when you already have a sense of who you are talking to. Speaking to an audience that is vetted and self-selected to hear your message (i.e., they chose to listen to a podcast on that particular topic) will always beat throwing Facebook Ad spaghetti at a wall, trying to connect with someone—anyone. (Hey, pick me, over here!)

Establishing Your Authority Through A Shared Stage

When you snag a seat on a podcast, the host’s authority transfers to you. Talk about a two-for-one deal! The audience respects the host because they value what they have to say. They turn on the podcast when they could be doing any other thing in their life. They are loyal; they’ve chosen to be there. So, there is already a sense of trust between you and the audience. When you get to have a conversation with the host, the audience already trusts you somewhat because they trust the host. See how that works?

That also means that the leads you generate from the show are much more engaged and much more likely to have credit card in hand when you make contact.

Being on a podcast, you get to talk to an audience that trusts you, people who have chosen to spend their time listening to what you have to say. Remember, these people could be doing anything else. When you are talking to the right audience, leads and conversions are a no-brainer. It’s no longer about ad spend. It becomes about fostering real relationships with the host and the audience.

A 40% Close Rate Is Just The Beginning

A close rate of 40% from one podcast is just the beginning of it. Why? Because that podcast episode creates evergreen content, meaning it will be around for years and years to come. It’s been listened to by thousands of people over several years, meaning it continues to generate that percent of leads for the business today. Without any Facebook Ads involved. (Audible sigh of relief.)

Podcasts are evergreen, and so is your lead generation from appearing on a single podcast. The business who thought they were desperate to just get more leads was actually desperate to connect better with their leads. They didn’t need more; they needed better. When they took the time to show up on a podcast and build real relationships with the host and audience, their leads and close rate increased substantially.

At the end of the day, relationships are what bring sales. When we can deepen our connection to the people we bring in the door, the returns will be exponentially better.

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