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Adam Capes


Helping Charities Raise Significant Money Through Meaningful Vacation Experiences.

Adam Capes is the Co-Founder and President of Getaway2Give, a company changing the way non-profits raise money and people think about vacations. Their mission is to be the best in the country at helping charities and schools raise money, and they’ve helped raise over $10M so far.

Adam began his journey to being a Social Entrepreneur as co-founder and president of a luxury residence fund called Equity Estates. This fund was one of many playing in the crowded destination club space and one of the few that survived the economic downturn. Adam helped raise $60M for this unique equity based fund where members own the homes they vacation in. At one prestigious gala in Aspen, Colorado, Adam had an “Aha” moment and decided to start Getaway2Give to help change the worlds of fundraising and vacations.

Adam says, “At Getaway2Give, we’re incredibly passionate about two things – helping charities raise significant money and the lasting importance and memories made from meaningful vacation experiences.”

Adam Can Talk To Your Audience About:

  • Why the rest of the world does vacations better than the US
  • Why I take a vacation with 11 former high school friends every year
  • The power of being positive and the psychology of happiness
  • 10 vacation tips to create unforgettable memories
  • Vacations: More than a family trip