Podcast Guesting 101

October 04,2022 / Blog / Tiffany
podcast guesting 101
Here are the bare basics you need to understand before beginning your podcast interview marketing journey.

Want to be a podcast guest but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry! That’s what we’re here for. We can help make sure you’re the best guest the host has ever interviewed. And when we’re done, they’ll be begging you to come back for a second interview!

Why and Who?

First there are two major components you need to get really clear on. Your why and your who.

Podcast interviews are rarely the goal. They are the pathway to the goal. The biggest obstacle most business owners face is overcoming obscurity. We know that exposure brings opportunity. You can’t serve your clients and customers if they don’t know you exist. But you need to get solid on your why. If you aren’t clear on your why, then how will you know if your interviews are serving their purpose?

Why do you want to get on podcasts? What do you hope to get out of it?

Some of the most common reasons we see are:

  • Great practice for speakers
  • Getting SEO backlinks
  • Build brand visibility and awareness
  • Gain credibility and authority 
  • Leveraging other people’s audiences
  • Let your audience get to know you better; who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.

Next is figuring out the who. Who is your target audience? Who exactly are you looking to reach? Make sure your message and expertise is clear so you can properly convey it to the host and listeners. You’ll also want to research podcasts through the lens of your ideal customer. What shows are they listening to? Once you find those shows, avoid sending a mass-produced email request. It’s better to establish a connection with each individual host. Comment on episodes, leave them a review, follow them on social media, and share your favorite episode on your own platforms.

What Is A One Sheet and What It Says About You

Next, you should consider creating a professional one-sheet to include in your introduction email to the podcast show. Oftentimes your one sheet is your first impression with the host, and you don’t get one shot to get it right. Your one sheet should be clean, concise, and easy to read. Hint: most hosts print out your one sheet so you want it to be printer friendly. Avoid dark background with light text.

A one-sheet is a carefully compiled document that highlights who you are and what you do. It has boiled-down highlights of you and your business. It illustrates why you are interesting enough to be interviewed. These sheets typically include your picture, social media links, contact information as well as your bio, a suggested introduction, and interview topics you would like to discuss.

Mic check. One, two.

Once you score the coveted invite, are you ready to show up looking and sounding like the professional you are? Having the right equipment to record high quality audio and video is extremely important. Listeners will notice right away once you are paired against the podcast host, who likely has great studio level  equipment. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to break the bank. There are a lot of great budget friendly options for those starting out. Here is the equipment we recommend to our clients when they start out with us.

Turn Passive Listeners Into Active Visitors

One last thing you want to do before going live is creating a welcome page on your website to direct your listeners to. A welcome page is a customized page on your website for that specific interview. Podcast interviews are evergreen, and evergreen content deserves an evergreen space on your website. It is the number one way to turn those passive listeners to active visitors on your site. These pages should include the podcast artwork, a short introduction, your headshot, your contact information and three, yes three, calls to action. 

You will need to create this page prior to your interview so that you can direct the show and listeners to the page throughout your interview. Oftentimes at the end of an episode the host asks you to share how the audience can get in touch with you. A welcome page is not only the best way to definitely track your interview ROI but it always shows the host you are serious about your interview and came prepared to promote it. The only way someone will land on your welcome page is by listening to your interview.

Thank You & Promotion

Your job isn’t done once the interview is done. There are still two very important things you must do: properly thank your host and promote your interview once it’s live. Show your appreciation for the host by giving them a proper thank you. It’s not only polite, but it will also leave a lasting impression that could potentially lead to another interview or even a partnership. Mailing physical thank you cards is not an outdated custom. If anything they have more value than they once did because most don’t do this anymore. A one line text or email saying “thanks for having me” can leave a bad impression. Podcast hosts are sharing their valued listeners and reputation by having you on their show, make sure they know you’re appreciative of that. 

Lack of promoting your interview is the number one grievance we hear from show hosts. After an interview wraps there is often some short conversation on the air between the host and the guest. Let them know your excitement and intentions to promote the show. Once you get the notification your show has gone live, share it across your social media platforms, include it in your regular marketing emails to your list, turn it into a blog on your website. There are tons of creative ways to promote your interviews!

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Creative Ways to Promote and Repurpose Your Interviews

September 28,2022 / Blog / Tiffany
promote and repurpose podcast interviews
Evergreen content deserves an evergreen space so that your ideal customers can find you for years to come.

Congratulations! Your first podcast interview has gone live! Now what?

Your message is officially out for the whole world to hear. BUT now is not the time to sit back, relax, and watch all those new leads pour in. You have to get the word out. If you don’t let people know you did an interview, who will? It is just as much your responsibility to promote your interview as it is for the podcast show. 

Just one podcast interview can create a great deal of evergreen content. It’s evergreen because, as we all know, once something is online it’s there indefinitely. You never know when someone will find your interview, it’s not unheard of to have someone reach out after listening to an interview you did years ago. So you really want to make sure you do your part to promote your interview and maximize its reach. Ensuring you create that long tail effect, generating traffic and leads for weeks, months or even years to come.

The more ways you place your interview online, the more likely your ideal customer will find it.

When To Promote?

Um… yesterday! It’s a great idea to start promoting the week leading up to your interview going live. This builds anticipation to the audience you already have and shows them how excited you are for your new venture into podcasts. 

Most podcast listens occur during the first 30 days, you can optimize that by making weekly posts on your social media platforms. It helps to create and keep the buzz going. After that first month, you can recycle your posts sporadically over the next year, hence the evergreen part.

Where To Promote?

LinkedIn. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. TikTok (if you have the dance moves). Make sure you focus on the social media platforms your audience prefers, not just the ones you prefer.

Social media posts are an easy way to get information out to the audience you’ve already curated. It also shows new followers that you’re really passionate about what you do and providing quality content to your industry. When you make these posts, don’t forget to tag the host and show. It’s a nice gesture!

You can also create blog posts on your website, which is great for two reasons. First it solidifies your evergreen content by giving it a place on your blog and the backlinks give you search engine optimization (SEO). Which is a fancy way of saying search engines like Google will show favorability to your site because you are linking external resources to your page.

How To Promote?

As easy as it would be to just tweet a link to your interview, that’s not very creative or memorable. Consider using the podcast’s artwork or creating a quote image of something mentioned in the interview. Since most podcasts use video, you can create a sizzle reel or audiogram (short video) of the content to get your audience hyped up. 

Some more traditional methods are blog posts like we discussed above, or LinkedIn articles. LinkedIn articles are great because that site has great SEO favorability. 

Many who have done many interviews or do them often will have a dedicated page on their website that lists all their podcast interviews. This makes it easy for your page visitors to see all the shows you have been featured on, which is great at establishing credibility and authority through affiliation

A space that often goes ignored is the email signature block. Think about it, how many emails do you send in a week? Using the episode artwork or creating your own graphic, and placing it below your email signature turns every email into a subtle promotion. Everyone that sees your email will know about your latest interviews. Make sure to link the episode to the graphic so they can listen to the interview if they are interested. 

A lot goes into producing a podcast and the same goes for being a guest. Don’t let your time investment and research go to waste. Give that interview the promotion it deserves!

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20 Great Podcasts for Leadership

September 23,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

Leadership isn’t an innate skill, at least it isn’t for the majority of us. Like any other skill, it is something that requires learning, practice, and fine-tuning overtime. Most of us in leadership positions can probably recall a situation in the past that still makes use cringe. Whether you’re new to your leadership role or are a expert yourself, there is always room for growth because those we lead are always evolving and office dynamics are ever changing. If you are looking to fine-tune your leadership skills, these 20 great podcasts for leadership are a great place to start!

20 Podcasts For Leadership

| EntreLeadership

The EntreLeadership Podcast

Hosted by George Kamel, the EntreLeadership Podcast features lively discussions and tips on leadership and business by some of the top minds in the business, like Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, Jim Collins and Simon Sinek.

| Hacking Your Leadership

hacking your leadership podcast

No role plays; just real. Chris Stark & Lorenzo Flores share four decades of combined experience to help you become a more effective leader. 

Keeping employees engaged and doing their best work today requires a leadership language focused on soft skills like empathy, emotional intelligence, and a desire to make personal connections.

Many leaders want to succeed in this brave new world but employees continue to report poor engagement and they continue to leave companies about every three years. Listen and become a leader who people never want to leave.

| Bombshell Business

Bombshell Business podcast

Driven women business owners and leaders passionately improve the lives of their families, employees, communities and the customers they serve. These female professionals join Amber Hurdle each week as she uses her experience working with international celebrities, Fortune 100 companies and small businesses to show women how to increase their self-awareness, build their confidence, improve their communication, and ultimately ground themselves in their personal power. Through strong company cultures, branding, marketing, networking, business systems and smart employee practices, women in business can and will change the world.

| We’re All In This Together

Were all in this together podcast

On We’re All In This Together, leadership, teamwork, and company culture expert Mike Robbins shares his wisdom and insight, and also interviews interesting and influential business leaders, thought leaders, and change makers. Over the past 20 years, Mike has partnered with people, leaders, and teams within top organizations like Google, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Schwab, the NBA, Genentech, eBay, the Oakland A’s, and many others. He gets real about his own experience and with his guests, so that you can learn the truth behind his and their stories, how they’ve overcome challenges, and specifics tips about leadership, teamwork, culture, and life. These conversations are designed to give you practical ideas, insights, and techniques to enhance your success, impact, and the performance of your team.

| Leadership Biz Cafe

Leadership Biz Cafe podcast with Tanveer Naseer

Internationally-acclaimed keynote and TEDx speaker, award-winning leadership writer, and author Tanveer Naseer explores the challenges and opportunities leaders face in today’s increasingly complex workplace environment. Join Tanveer as he speaks with Tom Peters, Guy Kawasaki, Jim Kouzes, Stephen M.R. Covey, Liz Wiseman, Doug Conant, Tim Sanders, Whitney Johnson, Adam Bryant, and other leadership experts – along with his “Leadership Espresso Shot” series where he shares his own insights – on what you can do to improve your leadership craft.

| How To Become an Obstacle Buster

How to Become an Obstacle Buster podcast

How to Become an Obstacle Buster – Host Warren Wandling takes you behind the scenes to get to know a variety of leaders and the keys to their success.  Discover how leaders overcome their obstacles to achieve success. If you are involved with direct sales, recruiting, or own a business, you will learn tips to develop leadership and sales skills.  Professionals will learn strategies to overcome obstacles.

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| Team Anywhere Leadership

Team Anywhere Leadership podcast

Team Anywhere’s mission is to uncover Leaders on the Front Lines that are building teams and cultures where the majority of the workers are dispersed throughout the city, state, country, or world. Hosts Mitch Simon and Ginny Bianco-Mathis explore how these remote leaders foster engagement through trust, authenticity, and a sense of community.  Ultimately, we are uncovering the new skills and practices that leaders must take on to connect, inspire, and transform their teams to compete in the new dispersed global economy.

| Leadership Without Losing Your Soul

Leadership Without Losing Your Soul podcast

It can feel like a rigged game. Managers face aggressive goals and drive their teams to burnout trying to deliver. Or, employees seek connection and support so managers focus on relationships, and fail to make the numbers. Join international best-selling leadership author David Dye for a conversation about practical leadership tools to help you get results – without losing your soul (or mind) in the process.

| Uplifting Impact

Uplifting Impact podcast

We look at the intersection of Leadership and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with host Deanna Singh. There are a lot of people who will discuss the challenges in the DEI space, but not how to solve them. Leaders who want to break the status quo, come here. We will build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world together.

| Deliberate Leaders

Deliberate Leaders Podcast with Allison Dunn

Deliberate Leaders Podcast is dedicated to helping leaders build strong, thriving businesses.  Join host Allison Dunn, executive business coach and owner of Deliberate Directions, as she spotlights today’s Deliberate Leaders who embrace the values of ownership, accountability, and reliability.   

Each episode features best information for business and leaders on topics like culture, communications, employee engagement, leadership, time management, growth strategies, personal development, goal setting, mindset, financial management, business best practices, systems, accountability, recruiting and retaining talent.

| Connected: The Sales and Leadership Show

Connected The Sales and Leadership Show

Each episode offers you actionable insights you can use to be a better leader, a better sales rep, or a better sales leader, and improve your profitability, productivity and performance.

Phil Gerbyshak hosts each episode and it goes roughly 30 minutes, making it easy to listen to on your commute, during your workout, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Visit https://PhilGerby.com for articles, resources and insights into making more sales, improving your leadership and making your mindset stronger.

| Women’s Leadership Success

Womens Leadership Success podcast

Since 1989, Women Business Leadership Skills and Career Development Executive Coaching Advice. Interviews with Successful Women CEOs, Managers and Entrepreneurs to Help You Influence People, Improve Performance, Get Promoted, Increase Earnings and Enhance Your Job/Life Balance. With host Sabrina Braham.

| Business Leadership

The Business Leadership Podcast

This podcast, with host Edwin Frondozo is dedicated to multi-passionate business leaders, entrepreneurs and creators who are looking for insights and actionable items from the world’s most successful business leaders.  This program offers listeners a rare opportunity to hear first-hand the exclusive interviews and personal journeys of how today’s transformational leaders made it to the top.

| Moms That Lead

Moms that Lead podcast

Busy moms!  Are you ready to finally listen to that voice inside that says you were meant for more?  Want to develop leadership skills to prioritize your purpose and become the world changer you were created to be, without the mom-guilt? Join Teri Schmidt, corporate leader and coach turned nonprofit founder, as she helps female leaders activate their strengths, so that they can achieve bold personal and professional goals while spreading courage and compassion.  Teri’s journey to completing an IRONMAN triathlon changed her life forever and she wants to be your friend on the journey to gain the clarity, confidence, and connection that she gained from that experience.  Each week, dive in with her, other experts and inspiring moms just like you, to topics from establishing your leadership vision to influencing with authenticity, whole health for leaders to habits for personal growth and self-leadership to team leadership.  Get the insights and practical tools you need to you live your best life as a leader and as a mom.

| How Leaders Lead

How leaders lead podcast

David Novak hosts real leadership conversations with the best CEOs, Founders & Entrepreneurs in business, sports and entertainment to talk about how they get such incredibly good things done and how they are making a difference in their communities. David, a former co-founder and CEO himself, has been asking great questions and learning from top leaders his whole life. Now he breaks down the key learnings so that by the end of each episode, you’ll have something simple you can apply as you develop into a better leader.

| Business Done Right

Business Done Right podcast

Do you want to grow a valuable business and avoid wasting years learning every lesson the hard way?  Then discovering the strategies and insights of winning leaders and organizations is critical to your success.

Host Seth Buechley, as a business leader and entrepreneur for nearly 30 years, spent his life building, and occasionally selling, businesses that grew from nothing into businesses that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars.

As an investor, as an author, and as the CEO of Cathedral Consulting, I’ve seen first hand the power of having a guide to help navigate through the roadblocks of scaling a business, which is why I’ve made it my mission to help leaders build valuable businesses the right way.

| Modern Mentor

Modern Mentor podcast

Modern Mentor is your guide to leadership and communication, helping you craft a workplace environment you can feel good about. She’ll share tips to help you balance your work and personal life, effectively invest your time, and be mindful about where you’re devoting your energy. Let Modern Mentor help you navigate your path to success—however you define it.

| Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership

Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership podcast

Looking for your next nonprofit job? Want to lead a nonprofit organization? Dr. Patton McDowell (www.pattonmcdowell.com) brings the best in nonprofit career development to each episode, helping you find the perfect nonprofit opportunity and guiding you along the path to senior leadership in the philanthropic sector.  Patton brings 30 years of nonprofit leadership, coaching and consulting experience, and shares best practices for individual and organizational success based on his work with over 250 nonprofit organizations and their staff and board leaders.  Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership features more than 120 interviews with nonprofit leaders and philanthropy experts, as well as deep-dive solo episodes and other special editions.  Hit subscribe, and accelerate your journey on a nonprofit career path that can change your life.

| The Modern Manager

The Modern Manager

Host Mamie Kanfer Stewart shares practical approaches to help you be a great manager. Solo episodes are like mini-courses, providing actionable tips based on experience and research. Guest episodes are engaging conversations that elicit insights and suggestions for how to apply the ideas.

Episodes features topics like: effective meeting practices, communication skills, managing conflict, team building, time management, group dynamics, goal setting and accountability, team competencies, productivity and collaboration technologies, organizational culture, and more.

| Eternal Leadership

Eternal Leadership podcast

There comes a point in life where one desires to live a life of significance.  The Eternal Leadership podcast with host John Ramstead brings you expert thought leaders on life, business, relationships and faith to provide clarity and solutions to the complex issues leaders face every day!

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9 Common Podcast Interview Questions – And How To Nail Them

September 19,2022 / Blog / Tiffany
Common podcast interview questions
These questions are guaranteed to not only knock your listeners socks off but also make the hour of your time incredibly valuable—for you and your business.

Once a podcast is recorded, it is out in the world forever.

Podcasts are one of the best ways to interact with potential clients—without actually having to interact with anyone every day—because it captures your personality and makes it accessible to anyone.

Once you record a podcast, it can be listened to indefinitely, meaning in one day, in three months, or in five years, people will still be able to listen to your podcast and take action on it.

The word forever can be a little nerve wracking at first, especially when preparing for your first, or maybe even 100th, guest appearance. But forever is what makes podcast guesting so valuable.

Before you pull your chair up to the table and speak into the mic, prepare with these nine common questions. These questions are guaranteed to not only knock your listeners socks off but also make the hour of your time incredibly valuable—for you and your business.

9 Common Podcast Interview Questions—And How to Nail Them

1| Tell Us About Yourself

Many inexperienced podcasters will start off the show with this simple question, and if you haven’t prepped ahead of time, your mind may start racing through every single thing you have ever done in your life. Your opening to a podcast either allows you to tee up a home run answer or fall flat on your face in the first 60 seconds. The truth is, no one really wants to hear about you. What the listeners really want to hear an answer to is, why should I listen to this?

They want to know what insights and value you are bringing to the table. Everything you share should focus on the topic of the episode. You don’t need to mention your parakeet Bob or the vegetable farm in your backyard—unless it is a farming podcast. Keep it relevant. You want to only talk about how your experience is relevant to what is going to be discussed here today. Spoiler alert: no one cares what you majored in.

Great ways to start this question is with a strong statement.

Try using this formula to guide you:

I believe _____. [Let them know your point of view, how you’re different.]

Because ________. [What gives you the authority—expertise, training—to believe what you do?]

I know that_____________ can also do it. [Describe the listener and your ideal customer here.]

This focuses on the listeners. And notice how you don’t have to mention the adorable kittens you have or your high school teacher Mrs. Thomas. This question is easy to overthink, but it’s always done best when you keep it simple. Talk about how you are relevant to the present conversation.

2| What is the one (to three) things you want people to take away today?

This question is your golden opportunity to reiterate the main thing you want listeners to know. And remember, always make it relevant to the listener.

Try something like this:

If you are _______ [Help them self-identify; describe the person you are mainly talking to today.]

Who struggle with ___________ [Restate the problem. What are the people who you are helping today struggling with the most?]

You can __________ [Give them hope. What can they do? What will they be able to do after listening to this podcast interview?]

3| How can people get in touch with you?

Guests lose listeners on this question all the time. First, imagine your listener. About 60% of listeners are listening to you on their way to work, or maybe they are driving, cooking, or working out. None of these people have a pen to jot anything down. Everything they hear is going to have to be remembered. Also, about 70% of listeners have you sped up. This question is not an invitation to give them your email, phone, IG, FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Give them one place to go. Make it easy.

The best practice is to send them to your website (don’t send them to your book on Amazon and your Facebook page; those sites get enough traffic already) and let them know all of your contact information is there.

Say the address, say it slow (remember, they are listening to it sped up), then repeat it again.

4| Where should people go to get more information?

Again, remember your listener is likely multitasking. Make it easy for them. Give them a place to get more information and what they can expect to get from that site. The simpler the URL, the better.

Unfortunately, “Sign up for my newsletter.” doesn’t work today like it once did. I mean, how many newsletters are you signed up for?

Of course, sending them to your website is great, but it isn’t personalized to them and the place they found you—that specific podcast interview. You need to create a bridge between your new listener from the interview and your website. Your website is too broad. The site you send them to needs to make sense for them and be concise. From our testing over the last eight years with 1,000+ clients and 50,000 interviews, the best thing to do is to meet them where they are.

If this podcast contains an audience that would be a little interested, offer something to get them back to the site. For example, you could offer an image, a checklist, or an assessment. This is a quick win and doesn’t require much time or money from you.

If you believe the listeners are a bit more invested and interested, use books, videos, or a low-level course to drive people back to your site. This requires a bit more time and money on the listener’s part.

What if you know the audience is a “Heck yes!” These are the listeners that are ready with credit card in hand. If they are to that level, you don’t want to offer a free report or a copy of your book. This slows them down. Offer them your Big Yes offer, like a free consultation call.

If you can offer one of these things for each person, you are giving everyone a reason to head to your website. But again, keep it simple.

5| What is your favorite (most influential) book?

This question isn’t an opportunity to talk about that one Stephen King novel you read over your vacation—again, unless that is relevant to the show and audience you are speaking to. The answer to this question should demonstrate your expertise in your field. You are aiming to position yourself as an expert, and audiences are curious what their industry leaders are reading or a book that held the biggest impact for them.

Make your response interesting. Tie a story in about the first time you read the book and the impact it had on your life. Mention the author. Giving credit to the originator of an idea does not take authority away from you but rather shows you are open to learning and your continued growth. Plagiarism is rampant online, and those who are educated will recognize it and lose all respect for you when you use it.

Make sure the book and lesson you tie in are what is being focused on in this interview. That’s the key.

If you are a person of faith, I commend you, but answers like “My favorite book is the Bible, the Torah, or the Koran.” seem trite and don’t demonstrate expertise for this type of setting. Be proud of your faith. You don’t need to hide it. If you want to promote your faith, consider mentioning a book that has a commentary on the Holy Word. Site the author and what specifically you learned from it that illuminated your experience. The goal here is to keep it relevant to the show, audience and topic.

6| Which person has been most influential in your life?

Your answer should support the topic at hand on the podcast. Share about the person who first introduced you to the topic you are discussing—a powerful leader or author, or even an early client/customer who helped you refine what you are talking about today. Sure, Marty McLaughlin saved your life pulling you out of a lake when you were 13, but where is the relevance building your brand and building your business? It’s a tangent that distracts the audience and confuses them about your focus and expertise.

Variations of this question often include, If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, whom would it be? These are always fun questions that allows your personality to shine through and let your listeners get to know you, but they are still an opportunity for you to give a focused answer.

7| Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten

Much like the best book or most important person, make sure your answer applies to the topic you are there to discuss. An interesting flip is rephrasing it to be the worst advice you got. Oftentimes our biggest “ah-ha” teaching moments in life are when we see examples of what not to do. Reiterate what the majority think, how you disagree, and how you came to that conclusion: “Everyone told me to do it this way . . .. You may have been told this lie as well. This lie hurt my growth and slowed me down until I discovered it should really be done this way . . ..”

This is an interesting spin on this question. It grabs the listener’s attention. Remember, they are likely multitasking. Plus, it also allows you to speak directly to people who may have the exact same problem you overcame and shows you can help them too.

8| Thank You

You may be thinking, “But ‘Thank you’ isn’t a question?” You’re right, but while it is not a question, it can be an invitation for one last word. Don’t miss this opportunity by replying “Thank you for having me.” or “Thanks, I had a really good time.” Remember this podcast is not about you.

Instead, try this three part Thank You

Thank the host.

Acknowledge the work they do.

Encourage listeners to take action.

Here’s an example:

Thank you, Doug.

I really appreciate all you do here on the Nice Guys Podcast.

If any of this resonated with you, I’d encourage you to take action.

Take action, meaning direct them back to the site you invited them to visit earlier. This reminds them of the URL you mentioned earlier and ties the conversation up by bringing it full circle.

9| What can I do for you?

After the recording ends, there is typically some small talk with the host. This is your opportunity to ask them candid questions “off the air.”

But most importantly, there is one question you should always include: “What can I do for you?”

Remember, being a guest is about building a relationship. Often times, if a show goes well, you will get a return invite, so you want to show you appreciate the host’s time and are courteous. Then, be prepared with concrete actions when they politely ask the question back. Responding with “I’m good. I just appreciate the interview.” is insulting. This response can sometimes be taken that you don’t feel the host can provide any further value to you.

Here are some suggestions of what you can ask of the host:

  • If you know any podcast hosts whom I could be of value to, I’d appreciate an introduction.
  • Can you let me know when it goes live so I can promote it?
  • Can you give me some feedback on how I could improve as a guest?
  • Can we get a quick picture here? I’d like to share it on my social media.
  • Can I get a copy of the recording so I can start repurposing it to promote it when it goes live?
  • Can I get your mailing address? I’d like to send you a thank you gift.
  • Can I buy you a drink or coffee next time you are in my city or I’m in yours?

The ask doesn’t have to be big. A lot of times people feel bad asking something from someone, but this question is key because it fosters a relationship with the host outside of the interview. Remember, at the end of the day, the relationships you are able to build with the listeners and the host will provide the biggest return on investment. If you have your listeners and host in mind, then you’re on the right track.

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Interview Valet Launches Podcast Guesting Services to Spanish-Speaking Businesses.

September 06,2022 / Blog / Tiffany
interview valet espanol
Introducing Interview Valet Español

At Podcast Movement 2022 we made a major announcement. We are proud to introduce Interview Valet Español.

Again, this year at Podcast Movement 2022 there was a dedicated track entirely for Spanish-speaking podcasts. There are currently over 380k podcasts in Spanish according to ListenNotes.  While there are 5 times as many podcasts in English, the market is growing faster.  Globally more people speak Spanish than English. It’s foreseeable that in this decade Spanish-speaking podcasts could outnumber English-speaking podcasts.  While I heard experts debate how many years behind they are (ranging between 3 to 7), the Spanish-speaking podcast market is growing fast!

Based on the trends we’ve seen along with the growing number of requests, Interview Valet announced the launch of a Spanish-speaking division – Press release of Interview Valet Espanol.

Being a proud sponsor of the Latin Podcast Awards, the official launch of Interview Valet Español has been in the works for many years, and we now feel we are fully equipped to adequately serve the Spanish-speaking podcast market. We aim to help Spanish-speaking businesses gain increased exposure and the brand awareness needed to secure more customers and ensure lasting success.

Our Goal

Our goal with this expansion is to provide service to Spanish-speaking podcast shows and businesses; helping them gain increased exposure and brand awareness needed to secure more customers and ensure lasting success. We look forward to providing the same quality concierge service that has already helped thousands of other businesses since 2015. Interview Valet Español represents the first significant service of its type for the Hispanic market.

We pride ourselves in our globally diverse team, which spans across North America, Europe, and Asia. This geographic diversity has allowed us to serve our clients on a global level for the last eight years, and we are thrilled to expand our services to serve even more brands, coaches/consultants, and non-fiction authors. Helping them to connect with professional podcasters worldwide. In addition, their Certified Guests speak directly to their ideal customers on leading podcasts.

Being the most highly rated company of our kind, with more online reviews than all other competitors combined. We look forward to the opportunity to help Spanish-speaking businesses grow your brand and business by leveraging other people’s platforms with podcast guesting and Podcast Interview Marketing – it’s not a secret. It’s a system.

Tom Schwab & The Interview Valet Team

Read the full press release here.

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Here are some free additional resources you may find helpful to get the most out of your podcast interviews.

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20 Great Podcasts for Conversation

September 01,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

Conversations are part of our everyday life. Whether we’re speaking to a boss, an employee, a spouse, a child, or even an internal conversation with ourselves, our words have a way of affecting people. Building effective communication skills is a key component in expanding your business messaging. Here is a list of 20 podcasts that are great for learning how to have that conversation.

20 Podcasts For Conversation

| Mind Your Business

Mind your business podcast

All entrepreneurs want to know the secret to success. James Wedmore, a seven-figure online entrepreneur, believes success is created by mindset over strategy, magic over metrics, and attitude over action. In this podcast, James untangles the common misconception that hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful.

| Follow Your Different

Follow Your Different Christopher Lochhead

Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different™ Podcast is a celebration of people, ideas and companies that stand out. A leader in the category “dialogue podcasts,” it feels like eavesdropping on a surprisingly captivating, candid, insightful, no-BS and conversation. Lochhead features legends whose names you will know and everyday legends who you’ll love getting to know. New York Times Bestselling author Hal Elrod calls it “one of the best podcasts of all time”, NBA Legend Bill Walton calls Lochhead “an exploding star – a quasar across the sky”, The Marketing Journal says he’s “one of the best minds in marketing” and The Economist says he’s, “off-putting to some”.

| Talk About Talk

Talk about talk podcast

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Improving your COMMUNICATION SKILLS can help you get noticed and get promoted! Dr. Andrea Wojnicki is a Harvard-educated communication coach whose research focuses on interpersonal communication and consumer psychology. Through the  TALK ABOUT TALK podcast, Andrea and her guests share advice on how to elevate your communication skills.

| Passion Struck

Passion struck podcast

Passion Struck®, with John R. Miles, is a show focused on exploring the mindset and philosophy of the world’s most insightful people to learn their lessons about living intentionally and becoming the masters of their own life and destiny. The show aspires to speak to the humanity of people in a way that makes them want to live better, be better and impact the world by providing inspiring enjoyable, energetic, positive, and hyper-useful content—new episodes Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it. Live life today, PASSION STRUCK.

| Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff podcast

New York Times Best Selling Author, Kristine Carlson invites you to practice Don’t Sweat wisdom to achieve greater mental health, and better communication with your family, friends, and co-workers. Learn how to live with more peace and happiness and rediscover your joy, passion, and self-compassion, to awaken your most vibrant life.

| Successful Mind

The successful mind pocast

Welcome to The Successful Mind Podcast. Where you can expect cutting edge information and strategies relating to success mindset, leadership, wealth creation, and relationships. All based in Universal Law and David Neagle’s own experience as he rose from minimum-wage forklift driver to multi million dollar business owner.

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| Men on Purpose

Men on purpose podcast

Featuring, celebrating & digging deep into high-level Men On Purpose from around the world who have gotten clarity on their life’s mission, their purpose and dedicated themselves to revealing their most on purpose & authentic selves. The mission of this podcast is to Elevate, Educate, Empower, Enrich and Evolve you to become & BE a man on purpose so you can reveal your most authentic self and live the most fulfilling and regret and regret free life possible. Join host Ian Lobas and learn how to BE the best, highest level, sustainable, joy-filled, clear, open, honest most purposeful version of you yet.

| Empowered and Unapologetic

Empowered and unapologetic podcast

Hello, my name is Veronica Cisneros, I am a licensed marriage and family therapist for over 7 years, a Group Private Practice owner, a Mother of 3, and married for 21 years. I help housewives transform their marriage, communicate effectively, and build confidence. Like you, I also struggled with cutting through the communication barriers. I felt like there was no reason for my husband and I to feel unhappy because we had it all. We just felt disconnected, and our conversations were filled with avoidance, kids’ hobbies, and schedules.

| Life Coach Zach

Life Coach Zach podcast

Life Coach Zach The Podcast is hosted by Certified Life Coach and Nutritionist Zach Rance. With a social following of 400,000+ I want to bring to my audience extremely powerful leaders of their Industries on each episode who specialize in mental health, high-performance habits, mindfulness practices, productivity hacks, meditation, and much more. If you enjoy what you hear, please consider leaving a review and rating.

| Speak Good

Speak Good Podcast

The Speak Good Podcast: Using the Power of Communication for Good. Hosted by Brad Phillips, this podcast examines challenging subjects through the lens of communication. Sharp thinkers, public figures, researchers, and other experts join Brad for each episode to discuss topics such as how to counter misinformation, bridge racial divides, build stronger organizations, and manage our imposter syndrome.


Ideas + Leaders podcast

Effective communication skills are essential in your career. Each Monday, join Dr Elena Paweta, executive communication coach and TEDx organiser, as she interviews business leaders and entrepreneurs on business communication, leadership and building relationships. If you want to progress in your career, become more charismatic and impactful leader, or just want to hear advice from top business leaders, this is the podcast for you.

| The School of Greatness

The School of Greatness podcast

​​Lewis Howes is a New York Times best-selling author, 2x All-American athlete, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. The School of Greatness shares inspiring interviews from the most successful people on the planet—world-renowned leaders in business, entertainment, sports, science, health, and literature—to inspire YOU to unlock your inner greatness and live your best life.

| Stress Less With Me, Jess

Stress less with me jess podcast

I want to provide you with easy simple stress and mindfulness tools that you can use on a daily basis to help relieve stress. I want to provide relatable stories and scenarios that you can use to help understand stress in your daily life. I will focus on tools such as communication, self-love, acceptance, your environment, mindfulness all to help you increase your self-awareness and decrease your stress. With host Jessica Harrington.

| Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset podcast

The growth mindset podcast show with host Sam Webster Harris is for anyone seeking motivation, inspiration and an enjoyable reminder of what’s possible. Your skills are not fixed. You can improve through hard work and perseverance. If you like dreaming about things and then doing them. This is the place for you.

| Follow Your Bliss

Follow your bliss podcast

Motivation and momentum to do what makes your soul shine. Each week, top ranking podcast host, soul strength’s business coach, and social impact entrepreneur Jessica Flint helps you overcome your fear, shift your mindset, and create an abundant dream life where you can be the most expansive, confident, and authentic version of you. This podcast features heart-to-heart conversations with successful authors, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, experts and everyday all-stars like you about their path to greater purpose. And it doesn’t stop here. In fact, it gets a little weird at times. Join special guest, Charlie the Chronically Depressed Vampire, for laughs and inspiring pep talks to never give up.

| ManTalks

ManTalks podcast

The ManTalks podcast features conversations between one of the leading men’s work facilitators and philosopher, Connor Beaton, and world class guests with expertise in mindset, life purpose, psychology, relational communication, sexual intimacy, business and spirituality.

| Modern Mentor

Modern Mentor podcast

Modern Mentor is your guide to leadership and communication, helping you craft a workplace environment you can feel good about. She’ll share tips to help you balance your work and personal life, effectively invest your time, and be mindful about where you’re devoting your energy. Let Modern Mentor help you navigate your path to success—however you define it.

| Better Relationships, Better Life

Better relationships better life podcast

Welcome to the Better Relationships, Better Life podcast, with host Judy K. Herman, author of Beyond Messy Relationships. Judy is a relationship expert who knows how to bring increased awareness and more transparent communications in any type of relationship, whether at our 9-to-5 jobs, or our 24/7 lives. Join her every week as she interviews courageous, seasoned relationship experts who can help you bring these tools to your office and family life.

| Think Fast Talk Smart: Communication Techniques

Think fast talk smart podcast

Whether you’re giving a toast or presenting in a meeting, communication is critical to success in business and in life. Join Matt Abrahams, a lecturer of Strategic Communication at Stanford Graduate School of Business, as he sits down with experts in the field to discuss real-world challenges.

How do I send my message clearly when put on the spot? How do I write emails to get my point across? How can I easily convey complex information? How do I manage my reputation? 

Think Fast, Talk Smart provides the tools, techniques, and best practices to help you communicate more effectively.

| Mindset Zone

Mindset zone podcast

The Mindset Zone podcast with host Ana Melikian. Our mindsets determine the way we see the world, as well as, the way we behave and who we are as people. It’s very easy and normal to stay stuck in fixed mindsets – limiting beliefs about our abilities and skills that prevent us to learn new things. We can intentionally cultivate a growth mindset that allows us to stretch our minds and amplify the realm of possibilities of what we do, and who we are. Amplifying our mindsets is one of the secrets of success, for most entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals out there.

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5 Ways To Get Paid for Every Interview

August 18,2022 / Blog / Tiffany
get paid for podcast interviews
Carrie Wilkerson’s 5 C’s of Getting Paid for Every Interview

Earlier this year we had the privilege of The Barefoot Executive, Carrie Wilkerson, joining us on our live discussion How Coaches & Consultants Can Grow With Podcast Interviews. Carrie is the queen of understanding the power of leveraging other people’s audiences to gain credibility and authority in your industry. But there is a difference between talking for the sake of talking and talking strategically to grow your business.

She recognized early on that podcasting, like any other speaking platform, is an investment. Whether that investment is time, money, or exposure. Carrie has identified what she calls the 5 C’s of getting paid to speak. Whether you are taking over physical stages or digital ones, every speaking opportunity can lead to payment in some form. If optimized correctly, interviews and speaking engagements can provide substantial exposure and revenue for decades to come.

Carrie’s 5 Cs Of Getting Paid For Every Interview

1| Cash

The most obvious source of revenue and the ultimate goal for any public speaker likely landing paid speaking events. Podcast interviews are a great lead into landing paid speaking engagements. It gives you the opportunity to fine tune your public speaking skills and hone your message, while also gaining exposure and credibility by association.

2| Contacts

When speaking on a podcast, you are able to leverage the host’s audience. This opens you up to a whole new audience and database of people who you can potentially serve or work with in the future. This is why taking great consideration into the podcasts you interview on is so important. You want to interview on podcasts who’s audience matches your ideal customer.

3| Contracts

If your business model serves it’s customers through programs or contracts then podcast interviews are a great platform to do so. Podcast listeners have already opted in to the messaging you are sharing. Marketing your message to the right audience is a sure-fire way to increase your sales. Our database shows it generates a shortened sales cycle, higher initial engagement, and higher lifetime value.

4| Content

You can find interviews Carrie did 20 years ago during a quick Google search. That’s because interviews naturally create evergreen content. Each interview you do can easily be repurposed into social media posts, blogs, videos, newsletters, sizzle reels, or books. Plus it provides added value and content to keep your audience engaged and your message alive.

5| Credibility

When you interview on a podcast you are sharing a stage with that host on their show, giving you an immediate credibility boost by associating with them. You also gain credibility by association of past and future guests on that show. It helps to establish you as a trusted voice in your industry.

Before your next interview, on the physical or digital stage, consider what your ultimate goal with that speaking engagement is. What are you hoping the investment of your time will result in? Cash, contacts, contracts, content, or credibility? Podcast interviews are often not the ultimate goal, they are a vehicle to reach the goal. But it must be done in a strategic, meaningful way. Establish what you’re looking for, focus your energy, and the revenue will come.

Looking For More?

Here are some free additional resources you may find helpful to get the most out of your podcast interviews.

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Here’s what you need to know about getting booked on your first podcast.

August 11,2022 / Blog / Tiffany
getting booked on your first podcast
Are you ready to start your podcast interview marketing journey? There are some things you should consider first.

Why should you use podcast interview marketing to grow your business?

Podcasting is a great way to market your message by leveraging over people’s audiences. Podcast guesting at it’s base is two people with common knowledge and experience having a conversation. But with hundreds of thousands of shows out there and hosts receiving countless requests daily, it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start.

How does one even approach getting booked on their first podcast?

It can be an intimidating process, so where do you even begin? We’re here to share that it doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. The key is building a genuine connection in a way that makes you stand out from the rest. There are some tips to help get you in front of the mic.

5 things to consider when entering the podcast guesting arena.

1| Establish your target audience

The first step is ironing out who you want to reach. Who will benefit most from your message, product, or business? Who is your ideal client avatar? Doing this will narrow down the podcasts that will be interested in having you on their show.

2| Research through the eyes of your ideal customer

With step one complete, look through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your preferred streaming service for podcasts with audiences similar to yours. Pretend you are your ideal customer. What shows are they already listening to? If you’re unsure, ask your clients directly what they’re listening to. This can be done through social media posts, surveys, or a simple conversation.

3| Pick your five

Choose 5 shows who would benefit from your message and has an audience that matches your own. It isn’t about going after the biggest shows, it’s about going on the right shows. Our motto is bigger isn’t better–better is better. Just because a show has a “big name” doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you. Would you rather talk to 1000 of the wrong people or 100 of the right ones?

4| Have a professional looking one-sheet

Introducing yourself with a professional one-sheet will help you stand out and makes it easier for hosts to say YES to your interview. A one-sheet should include things like a current headshot, contact information, an introduction, topic suggestions, and a testimonial. All laid out in a way that makes sense to the reader, AKA podcast hosts and producers.

5| Be polite in your follow up

Following up can feel awkward but sometimes it must be done. In addition to planning and creating a podcast, most hosts also have a day job. And like the rest of us they’re busy. So no response to your introduction doesn’t necessarily equal a no. We suggest politely following-up each week for a month. If after a month you still haven’t received a response, it may be time to move on to the next show on your top five list.

Getting booked on podcasts does take a lot of time and effort. We know because it is something we help our clients with every day. Our client account managers and podcast relationship managers work diligently everyday to facilitate and nurture connections between two people who should already know each other.

There is a reason professionals reach out to us every day for help. We take the legwork out of podcast interview marketing by serving our clients so they can be the guest and we take care of the rest. We use our proprietary database of podcasts to find shows that match their audience, create their one sheets, and handle the introductions (and the awkward follow-ups). There are definitely hurdles involved in networking yourself in a way that builds genuine connections. But if done correctly it is well worth it for you, the show, and their audience.

Looking For More?

Here are two great resources that dive a little deeper in the process of getting booked on your first podcast.

Over the last eight years, we have facilitated over 50,000 interviews for our clients. It is through this experience we found the 9 key components to starting a successful podcast interview marketing strategy.

Download your free guide and watch our live discussion on the 9 Secrets here.

9 Secrets to getting booked on your first podcast rectangle

Based on our experience working with hundreds of podcast hosts, our one sheet is customized with them in mind, making it easy for them to say YES to your interview.

Download our free guide here. Using Interview Valet’s own one sheet to highlight the 9 key components.

9 components perfect podcast one sheet rectangle

20 Great Podcasts for Health and Wellness

August 03,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

Health and wellness looks different to everyone. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. What works for you, may not work for the next person. Here are 20 great podcasts for you as you embark on your health and wellness journey.

20 Podcasts For Health and Wellness

| Bomb Mom

Bomb Mom podcast

Host Melissa Vogel works with moms who want to be fit and toned, WHILE balancing family life and their career! Have you tried other fitness programs, 6 week challenges, or fad diets? You may have lost weight or got results… but did it LAST? As a working mom I know first hand how hard it can be, which is why I’ve created this podcast to help you be a Bomb Mom!

| Kyle Kingsbury

Kyle Kingsbury podcast

Achieve peak performance in everyday life. Join host Kyle Kingsbury to learn mindset, diet, supplement and fitness regimens from the brightest minds and strongest athletes in the world.

| Biceps After Babies Radio

Biceps After Babies podcast

Being a mom is tough, but it doesn’t have to mean your fittest days are behind you. Each week, join host Amber Brueseke, founder of Biceps After Babies, as she brings you the fitness tips, nutrition strategies, mindset hacks, and real-life tangible takeaways that can help YOU take the guesswork out of healthy eating and exercise. This podcast includes episodes covering weight loss, IIFYM, wellness, workout, exercise, weight lifting, fat loss, counting macros, healthy living, mindset, mom fitness, and health advice.

| 40+ Fitness

40 plus fitness podcast

Welcome to The 40+ Fitness Podcast with Allan Misner – better health and fitness in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. My goal is to educate, encourage and entertain.  Five days per week I give you actionable information on exercise, nutrition, and overall well being. Get moving and start improving your health and fitness today!

| Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine

Gutsy Health Nutrition and Medicine podcast

In the Gutsy Health podcast, Gina Worful and Juanique Roney cover the topics involved in alternative health, holistic health, nutrition, diets, and medicine. They have transformed their own lives and their patient’s lives by researching the best health practices and translating them into an applicable lifestyle. Their goal is to share their knowledge and help empower individuals in taking their health back into their own hands and living a better, healthier life.

| Hooter Than Health

Hotter than health podcast

“Hotter Than Health” is a Plant Dominant podcast & resource for those looking to expand and elevate their health – bringing you interviews and conversations with leaders and innovators in the wellness space every Thursday. What can you expect as a listener? Provocative and engaging topics, entertaining interviews, thought provoking questions and some of the biggest names in health and wellness. Eliza won’t hold anything back on these weekly episodes! Hosted by Eliza Gellman,  Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and veteran podcaster.

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| The Biohacking Secrets Show

The Biohacking Secrets Show podcast

Biohacker and bestselling author Anthony DiClementi deconstructs the most effective, uncommon strategies to rapidly upgrade physical and mental performance. He sits down with world class experts from a wide variety of disciplines to tease out the latest research, products, routines, habits, and resources for hacking the human body and optimizing quality of life. Each episode reveals incredible new methods for improving body composition, energy production, cognitive function, athletic performance, and health span. Discover evidence-based, minimalist methods to enhance the quality of your life and achieve your physical, mental, and genetic potential.

| The Health Hub

The Health Hub podcast

The Health Hub is forward thinking and relevant to all of you who are looking for cutting edge health and wellness information and therapies to take your health to the next level. Host Cathy Biase interviews experts on a wide variety of health and wellness topics to educate and inspire you on your health journey. From Master Chefs to gut health, from meal planning to stress management, TheHealthHub is the show for you if you are interested in thinking outside the box to explore current and trending health topics.

| Salad With A Side Of Fries Nutrition & Wellness

Salad With A Side of Fries Nutrition and Wellness podcast

How do you decipher between all the “diets” out there? I know what to do but why isn’t it working? Wait, what? My diet could be making me fatter?! And does cryo-freezing your fat cells really work? Should I try acupuncture? A hypnotist? If I do, how do I know if someone’s good? Salad with a Side of Fries is the podcast that will answer all these questions and more! Talking wellness and weight loss for real life, because most of us are going to drink, eat out, skip the grocery store and who wants a life without fries or dessert?! Host Jenn Trepeck’s expertise as an optimal health coach, in practice for over a decade, along with experts in various modalities will clear up the myths, mis-information, bad science and marketing to reveal the truth of HOW TO EAT and HOW TO CHEAT!*

| The Rebel Health Coach

The Rebel Health Coach

Thom Underwood brings you personal and professional empowerment through healthy living. Suitable for even the busiest of lifestyles, this podcast series equips you with the outlooks and strategies you need to combine success with well being.

| Feel Better, Live More with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Feel Better Live More podcast

“Health has become overcomplicated. I aim to simplify it” In this podcast, we hear stories from leading health experts and exciting personalities who offer easy health life-hacks, expert advice and debunk common health myths giving you the tools to revolutionise how you eat, sleep, move and relax. Hosted by Dr Chatterjee – one of the most influential GPs in the country with nearly 20 years experience, star of BBC 1’s Doctor In the House, and author of 4 internationally best-selling books, including ‘The 4 Pillar Plan’ – Feel Better, Live More aims to inspire, empower and transform the way we feel. When we are healthier we are happier because when we feel better we live more.

| Vegetarian Zen

Vegetarian Zen podcast

Hosts Vickie Velasquez and Larissa Galenes share vegetarian and vegan information, tips, recipes, and more presented in a light, conversational, and nonjudgmental manner. We welcome input and feedback from our followers regarding issues you would like us to address as well as ways in which we can improve. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help. If you enjoy and find value in our podcast, we would very much appreciate a favorable review on iTunes.  This would help us tremendously.  Thanks, and we hope you enjoy Vegetarian Zen.

| Kat Khatibi on Health, Happiness, and Beauty

Kat Khatibi podcast

A Persian – Cuban Miami girl. Kat Khatibi explores HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and BEAUTY. Expert interviews, honest, and personal reviews. Topics include PCOS, Herbalism, diet, Estrogen Dominance, High Testosterone, Hypothyroidism, Female Hormonal Imbalances, ACNE, Intermittent Fasting, Dating, Relationships, Functional Medicine, Psychology, Health, and Wellness.

| The mindbodygreen with Jason Wachob

the mindbodygreen podcast

The mindbodygreen podcast features host Jason Wachob, founder & co-CEO of mindbodygreen, engaging in open, honest conversations with the people shaping the world of well-being. Join us to expand your mind.

| Healthier Together

Healthier Together podcast

Healthier Together is a wellness podcast hosted by Liz Moody, a healthy cookbook author, magazine editor, and wellness blogger. Each week, she sits down with TV and movie stars, best-selling authors, chefs, skincare experts, and various other leaders in the wellness world to uncover the stories about what shaped the people you know and love. There’s even a kidnapping in one episode! Topics include: glowing skin, anxiety, the secret to success, how to be truly happy, the ideal diet, autoimmune disease, weight loss, relationships, the meaning of life (just kidding… kind of), and so much more.

| The Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama podcast

The Wellness Mama Podcast is a weekly series covering the topics of holistic health, real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living, DIY, parenting, motherhood, and other health tips to give you actionable solutions to improve your family’s life! Brought to you by Katie Wells of WellnessMama.com

| The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.

The Doctors Farmcy with Mark Hyman podcast

We are seeing an ever-increasing burden of chronic disease, primarily driven by our food and food system. This is perpetuated by agricultural, food and health care policies that don’t support health. We need to rethink disease and reimagine a food system and a health care system the protects health, unburdens the economy from the weight of obesity and chronic disease, protects the environment, helps reverse climate change and creates a nation of healthy children and citizens. This podcast, hosted by Dr. Mark Hyman, is a place for deep conversations about the critical issues of our time in the space of health, wellness, food and politics. New episodes are released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. I hope you’ll join me.

| The Fat-Burning Man Show with Abel James: Real Food, Real Results

The fat burning man show podcast

Want to drop fat by eating ridiculously well and exercising less? Abel James answers your questions and interviews thought leaders to transform your body, mind, and life with cutting-edge science and common-sense wisdom. Whether you’re into Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Paleo, Plant-Based, Wild, Carnivore or completely clueless, we’re here to help you eat right, train smarter, and transform your body and mind to be your absolute best.

| Fuel Your Strength

Fuel your strength podcast

The Fuel Your Strength podcast is all about helping women who lift weights get stronger, fuel themselves (without counting every bite of food), perform better in and out of the gym, and take up space. Strength nutrition strategist and weight lifting coach Steph Gaudreau shares how lifting weights is a catalyst for a more expansive life and how to challenge the status quo around nutrition and fitness. This weekly show brings you discussion about building strength without obsessing about food and exercise, lifting weights, food psychology, and more. You’ll learn how to eat, train, recover, listen to your body, and step into your strength.

| FUELED | Wellness + Nutrition with Molly Kimball

FUELED podcast

Be inspired to live your strongest, healthiest life. Nutrition journalist and registered dietitian Molly Kimball navigates the latest trends and research related to your body and mind. Her interviews with experts and innovators feel less like science class and more like you just caught up with your best friends. Hope you’ll join us each week!

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Sound Your Best With The Right Podcast Guest Equipment

July 22,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

It doesn’t matter how great your message is or if you are an industry leading expert, if you show up to a podcast guest interview with subpar equipment it will minimize your expertise.

Sounding like a pro starts with the right equipment.

There is reason that a professional microphone is part of our client welcome packages. We know they are experts and have a story to share but their message won’t go beyond the podcast recording if they have poor audio.

Equipment choices like microphones and headphones are nearly limitless but there are some key things to consider before making a purchase.

Here is the basics you need to know before making a purchase and the equipment we recommend to our clients.


There are two main classes of microphones: Dynamic and Condenser.

Dynamic Microphones 

You see performers use dynamic mics when their mouth is close to the microphone. For most podcast guests these mics work well. They are great for not picking up background noise from other room, fans, clocks, pets or the outdoors. Some of our Founder Tom Schwab’s best and biggest interviews (he’s been on more than 1,000 shows) have been done in a noisy hotel with a dynamic microphone, a computer, and a strong internet connection.

In our experience, we’ve found the ATR 2005 USB to be a great dynamic microphone and is decently priced, costing less than $100 on Amazon. The professional grade mic plugs into any computer with a USB port so you don’t need a mixer. We’ve found it to be much better quality than the cheaper commercial grade ATR-2100 USB where the on/off switch fails at an annoying rate for us. Plus the ATR 2005 comes with a much better warranty.

Sometimes appearance matters, especially with more and more podcasts moving to video. So you may need something a little more aesthetically pleasing. The Heil PR-40 looks nice and also an excellent functional microphone. This beauty comes with a bigger price tag than the ATR, costing more than $300, but it looks like a legitimate recording studio mic. So if you need to visually look the part you may need to consider this option.

Note: If you don’t have a mixer, you will need to purchase a separate XLR to USB cable with the Heil PR-40.

Condenser microphones 

Your recording set-up will play a part in determining what kind of microphone you’ll want. A condenser mic is built to be omnidirectional. Meaning it will pick up all the noises in your room.  This works if you record in a quiet studio or with multiple people near each other. However in the wrong setting, they can provide terrible audio.

Blue Yeti is a great condenser microphone you can find online for around $130. Current models have settings for how the mic picks up sound, so it can actually have the feel of a dynamic mic.

Finding your style

What kind of microphone should you start with as a podcast guest? It depends. The microphone you choose will depend on a few things. Style is one factor, as is cost. Brands like Shure, Neumann, MXL, Rode, Behringer and more.

As a podcast guest, quality is important. However, keep in mind that your interview lifespan may be limited. Spending all your budget on a microphone may not be the wisest move.

As you explore podcasting and maybe decide to launch your own show, you may end up with an upgrade. Until then, consider your recording space, your style and your budget.


You have more freedoms when it comes to headphones, it is largely a personal preference. No matter what headphones you use, they are necessary to avoid feedback from your speakers back into your mic.

Sony DJ Headphones podcast interviews

Probably the biggest consideration is the style. Earbuds work just fine, especially if you don’t want to mess up your hair. Just make sure you are not using the microphone on the earbuds for your audio, you want to stick with your nice professional mic.

Others prefer the classic “can” style headphones. These are nice because they are better at blocking out background noise, which eliminates distraction so you can focus better on your conversation. Regardless of your choice you want something that is comfortable. Tom prefers the SONY MDR 7506 Professional, which are just under $100 on Amazon because they are comfortable and have great sound quality.

Video Equipment

More and more podcasts include video, the pandemic was a major catalyst in this change. Pre-pandemic one in five podcasts captured video, now three out of four are video. So, it’s probably a good idea to be camera ready with the right video equipment.

Much like audio, your video quality can effect how the audience receives your message. With an added factor of how your video quality is relative to the podcast host. As more podcasts move to video and invest in equipment, you want to match their quality as to not diminish how your expertise is received.

Video equipment can get expensive quickly so you want to consider your budget and usage. How often will you use it? What will it be used for? Here are our Good, Better, and Best camera suggestions.

Logitech c615 webcam


Your computer likely has an internal camera. Unless your computer is brand new and has an amazing camera we suggest getting an external webcam. Logitech makes some good basic webcams starting around $30 like this the C615.


Logitech Brio 4k

With the growing popularity of video, many hosts are moving to 4K video. This is nice because your video will look just as good on a big screen TV as it does on your phone. The Logitech Brio comes in at under $150, offers 4K plus has controls to give you a wide or narrow view.

Song Alpha a6400


If you want studio quality video, a DSLR camera can give you that. In addition to high quality video, it gives you depth of field meaning you can slightly blur your background or keep it crisp and sharp. The difference is will be noticable by your audience but it will cost you. Be ready to invest around $1,000 for a DSLR camera, lenses and cables.

Tom does a lot of video between meetings, podcast interviews, speaking engagements and live events so he opted for the DSLR investment. He currently uses the Sony Alpha a6400.


Here are some accessories we suggest to dress up your mic and improve its functionality.

Cough Switch

Pro Co Sound CDSS Short stop

This little gadget comes in handy. You will be amazed how often you may need to easily mute for a cough or sneeze. The Short Stop Momentary Muting Switch made by Pro Co allows you to push a button to cut your sound without any noticeable click in the audio. As long as you are holding the button down you are muted, which will eliminate any confusion if your mute is off or on. You can get that here for around $100.

Note: This requires an XLR connection. So, if you are plugging straight into your computer you will need an XLR to USB adapter cable like this one, $12.

Microphone Arm

Neewer boom arm kit

An arm allows you to mount your mic to your desk or table and move it around as needed. This Neewer boom arm kit comes complete with a pop filter and adapter for less than $20.

Microphone Flag

mic flag

A mic flag is a great way to subtly brand all of your appearances. There is a reason why TV reporters always use them, anyone who watches the video or sees a screen grab will see it. It’s great for branding consistency for public interviews or private video chats with clients. We’ve found the best mic flags come from Impact PBS, staring around $50.

Pro Tip: If you have multiple brands, consider a 3-sided model so you can rotate as necessary for appropriate branding.

Pop Filter

Aokeo pop filter

If you find that you pop your P and B letters you may want to add a pop filter. They are low cost but really help improve your audio quality. They are largely universal and easily attach to the front of your mic. This Aokeo is $11 on Amazon.

See This Equipment Used In Real Time

Go behind the scenes of Tom’s office. Tom, having done over 1000 interviews himself, shows the equipment he has found that work best for the podcast platform. See in real time how different cameras and microphones make you look and sound while you’re recording.

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