20 Great Podcasts for Health and Wellness

best podcasts for health and wellness

Health and wellness looks different to everyone. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. What works for you, may not work for the next person. Here are 20 great podcasts for you as you embark on your health and wellness journey. 20 Podcasts For Health and Wellness | Bomb Mom Host Melissa Vogel works with moms who…

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Sound Your Best With The Right Podcast Guest Equipment

mic flag

It doesn’t matter how great your message is or if you are an industry leading expert, if you show up to a podcast guest interview with subpar equipment it will minimize your expertise. Sounding like a pro starts with the right equipment. There is reason that a professional microphone is part of our client welcome…

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9 Key Components of a Killer Podcast One Sheet

Key components of a killer onesheet

A podcast one sheet is your holy grail to getting booked as a podcast guest and nailing the podcast interview. When you are reaching out to prospective podcasts to do a guest interview, the podcast one sheet is critical for showing the host exactly why you would be a good guest for their show. It…

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57 Pieces of Advice Podcast Hosts Want Podcast Guests To Know

55 Podcast Host Podcast Guest Advice

Understanding things from someone else’s point of view is key in being self-aware. It is easy to only focus on things from our own perspective, but often the most beneficial growth occurs when we step outside of our own view and look through a different lens. Which is what prompted this little research project. We…

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20 Great Podcasts for Investing

podcasts for investors

These podcasts encompass all aspects of investing shared by industry thought leaders. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn more, or an expert wanting to stay current with the markets these podcasts cover it all. If your niche is commercial real estate, hedge fund investments, financial strategy or seeking financial freedom there is something for…

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4 Ways to Use Podcasting to Sell Your Book and Grow Your Brand

non-fiction authors podcast interviews

You’ve written a book. From writing to editing to the final design, you did it. It’s complete, and you’re about to hit publish. The work is done. Not quite. Before you pop the champagne and relax, there’s one more step to think about: book promotion. You’ve heard this expression, I’m sure: “If a tree falls…

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11 Ways Non-Fiction Authors Can Leverage Podcast Guesting

Non Fiction authors podcast interviews

Podcast guesting is more beneficial to non-fiction authors than any other genre. That’s because it’s a great way to reach an engaged, relevant audience, quickly increase brand trust, and extend your reach. Whether you’re a first time author or a seasoned pro, leveraging podcast guesting is a great way to establish your authority as the…

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20 Great Podcasts For Non-Fiction Authors

Great podcasts for nonfiction authors

If you’re a non-fiction author looking to publish and market your book, we compiled a list of 20 great podcasts that can help. Whether you’re working on your first book or you’re a veteran author, these podcasts can provide great insights, knowledge, and experience. 20 Podcasts For Non-Fiction Authors | Author Success Show Are you…

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​​How Non-Fiction Authors Can Use Podcast Guesting… And Why They Should Use a Booking Agency to Do It!

Non Fiction Authors Podcast Interviews

Writing a book is a labor of love. It’s months–possibly years–of stressing over word counts, edits, and deadlines. And unless you’re a superhuman or a robot, there were definitely tears. But you persevered and you finished it! Ok, now what? Reaching Your Readers Whether your book is being traditionally published by a publishing house or…

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Myths About Growing Your Brand Through Podcasting

Brand Mastery Podcast Adam Force

In 2015, people were asking, “What is a podcast?” Fast forward five years to 2020, businesses and individuals are relying heavily on podcasts to stay in the conversation about topics that mattered while the world quarantined during the pandemic. Listen to the full conversation here. Our Founder, Tom Schwab, had the opportunity to be a…

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20 Great Podcasts for Crypto and Bitcoin

Best podcasts for crypto bitcoin

Talk of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is making its way into daily conversations. Whether you’re an avid crypto investor, are researching its viability, or just plain curious, this list has something for you. Below is a compilation of great podcasts on all things digital currency. 20 Podcasts For Crypto and Bitcoin | Crypto Unstacked The go-to…

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11 Ways You Can Grow Your Brand with Podcast Interview Marketing

Grow Your Brand With Podcast Interviews

Growing your brand is essential to your success. If you want to get into podcast interview marketing, but you don’t know how it will help your brand, these are 11 ways you can grow your brand with podcast interview marketing. 1 | Driving Sales There are thousands of ideal clients out there who are ready…

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