The 55 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

The most successful entrepreneurs are always improving, always learning. One way to learn constantly is to learn from others in your sphere. Podcasts can help your learning for a couple of reasons. First, you can listen to shows while multitasking – like as you run or while you’re traveling. Podcasts take listening, not watching or…

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The 30 Best Podcasts for Speakers

Blog Updated – Find our current Podcasts for Speakers updated for 2022 here. The most successful professional speakers look to improve and find inspiration as they grow. Check out this great list of the best podcasts for speakers. Some of these offer tips and information to become a better speaker. Some of the podcasts inspire.…

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Why You Can’t Get Featured on Podcasts


What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I get featured on podcasts? It’s a frustration for many speakers, authors and other thought leaders with a message. You have a story to tell, but you can’t find the right podcasts to share that story on. Maybe you already understand that podcast interviews, much like other media…

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5 Ways a Virtual Book Tour Can Increase Your Book Sales

A virtual book tour can be a powerful tool for any author wanting to reach an audience. Once upon a time, the best way to get in front of readers was to literally get in front of them. Authors would travel town to town visiting book sellers big and small. Now in today’s ever-connected digital…

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77 Pieces of Advice for Podcast Guests from Hosts


When setting out to tell the story of the state of podcast interviews, we asked each respondent to give advice to the “other side” of the podcast equation. Hearing from guests on how to be a better host, and understanding from a host how to be a great guest, helps make the podcast world a…

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How to be a Great Podcast Guest


After you’ve decided podcast interview marketing is good for your business and you’ve scored that podcast interview, you may be wondering how to impress the host, be a great podcast guest, and build a reputation to secure more interviews. Building on each interview will help you develop that reputation. Becoming a great guest is like…

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Inbound Marketing with Podcasts: What Does HubSpot Say?

The category king of inbound marketing (HubSpot) sees podcast interview marketing as a great new marketing tool for brands and businesses. Since marketing is more than one tool, it makes sense that podcasts would end up included in that tool box. We had the pleasure of having a conversation with Kierran Petersen, Associate Producer for HubSpot’s…

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Forget Travel: A Virtual Book Tour is the New Norm for Authors

Traveling for a book tour can be inconvenient, expensive and out of the question for some authors. Getting featured on local newscasts can prove difficult if not impossible. As a former TV news producer for a morning show, I know that authors are at the whim of the executive producer or news director. Many newscasts…

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Authors: How to Get on Podcasts to Promote Your Book


Book promotion. Many authors cringe at the prospect. How do you set your book apart in the sea of current literature? How do you get noticed on Amazon, on bookshelves, and in social media? When you think about all of the digital platforms authors have at their fingertips today (“Do I have to be on…

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Setting the Right Expectations for Podcast Interviews

Setting the right expectations for podcast interviews is in a major factor in success. As a guest, you have to know what you’re going into, what to expect from the experience and how to measure it. Measuring is important because you’re investing time, talents and treasure into this strategy of podcast interview marketing. Even if…

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First Ever State of Podcast Interviews Report Shows Positive Culture of Podcasts

Podcast interviews rank as the best return on investment (ROI) when compared to Facebook ads, email marketing and other marketing tactics. Podcasts also topped the list for marketing plans over the next year, beating out video and blogging. These results and more came from the first ever State of Podcast Interviews report. Interview Valet sponsored…

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How to Pitch a Podcast Host – and Get a Podcast Interview

podcast pitch survey

In the summer of 2017, Interview Valet surveyed over 500 top podcasters to find out how they like to be approached, and more importantly pitched. In other words, how do you get yourself that great podcast interview? Our ultimate goal was to learn how to make it easier for hosts to say YES! to an…

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