The Creative Hustler Podcast

Steven, Melissa, & Alan recap their discussion with Tom Schwab, Founder of Interview Valet. Listen to the Recap (31 minutes) Listen to the original interview (54 minutes)

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Do Podcast Hosts Judge You by the Company You Keep?

company we keep

In a recent¬†study of over 500 top podcast hosts, we found the best way to get interviewed on a podcast¬†was with a personal introduction. More than just name-dropping, it’s a way for a host to have a sliver of instant trust to start a conversation. Personal introductions also help hosts to get an idea of…

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Dan Miller on How Authors, Speakers, & Coaches Can Leverage Podcast Interviews

Podcast Artwork

  Dan Miller: Now, a lot of you are authors, writers, speakers, coaches, and you ask questions about how you can really leverage your message, how you can spread that message. Tom Schwab is a dear friend of mine. He’s in my mastermind. We share a lot of ideas together. He has a company called…

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5 Website Trust Seals Vital to Podcast Guests

If you want to super charge your marketing, there is no better way today than to talk directly to your ideal customers as a podcast guest. Marketing at its heart is starting the conversation with somebody that could be an ideal customer, and being on a podcast, being interviewed as an expert sets you up…

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