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Bruce Mack
platinum financing group


Empowering small business growth through creative funding opportunities

Bruce Mack, owner and founder of Platinum Financing Group, knows that his funding options and asset protection programs are the perfect solution for all business owners to achieve complete financial freedom. With his impressive credentials and decades of experience helping thousands of clients, Bruce has honed unique skill sets and the ideal perspective to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals by implementing customized funding solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

Platinum Financing Group has the most comprehensive funding programs available in the industry. Their 0% APR program for up to 21 months is just one unique example of a program that typifies Bruce’s quest to bring the best options to startups and existing business owners. As a licensed financial advisor and past owner of a licensed and bonded credit repair company, Bruce empowers small business growth through lines of credit, corporate credit building programs, term loans, bridge and gap loan financing. He also promotes a highly-specialized self-directed retirement account as a funding option that can be used for any business purpose.

Bruce is especially passionate on educating clients about asset protection and the tax mitigation benefits through the utilization and implementation of his unique, specialized Business Trust.

With a client-first philosophy, Bruce and his team at Platinum Financing Group are working to build whatever their clients need to achieve their dreams.

Bruce Can Talk To Your Audience About:

  • 7 unique options to fund your business or startup
  • 3 must know HUGE benefits that asset protection/tax mitigation
    Trusts deliver
  • Business-directed retirement accounts: why this might be the right
    option for you
  • Corporate Credit: 5 things you absolutely need to know before you
    start the process