The 55 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

The most successful entrepreneurs are always improving, always learning. One way to learn constantly is to learn from others in your sphere. Podcasts can help your learning for a couple of reasons. First, you can listen to shows while multitasking – like as you run or while you’re traveling. Podcasts take listening, not watching or reading, so […]

Should I be a podcast host or a podcast guest?

podcast host or a podcast guest

Which is better, hosting your own podcast or being a guest on other people’s platforms (leveraging OPP)? It’s like asking should I be an UBER driver or passenger? It all depends on your goals. It’s the same platform, but widely different reasons for being there. Be a Guest if…you want access to new audiences, get […]

7 Questions To Ask Your Podcast Booking Service Before It’s Too Late

Questions To Ask Your Podcast Booking Service

The listenership of podcasts is rapidly expanding.  Savvy businesses and marketers see the potential in getting featured on a podcast that their ideal customers listen. Forget breaking through the noise, they want to get in on the conversation that is already going on.   With the increasing demand, an increasing number of podcast booking services […]