Certified Guests™

It's easy to say YES! to a Certified Guest™

  • They are vetted
  • They are trained on best practices
  • They have professional grade audio equipment
  • They show up on time
  • They show up prepared
  • They show up with stories to tell, not just something to sell
  • They have special offers for your listeners
  • They have a dedicated Welcome Page for your show
  • They promote the episode on social media

FACT: The average large podcast says yes to less than 1% of pitches.

Podcasters say Yes to Certified Guests™ over 60% of the time

Karen Brown Unlimiting Your Beliefs

Darryl Strawberry

Darryl Strawberry MLB Player, Author, Speaker

Michael Redbord Hubspot

Michael Redbord HubSpot

David Hooker

David Hooker Prezi

Jennifer Carroll

Jennifer L. Carroll Author,Speaker,Advocate for Proactive Health

Ed Eppley

Ed Eppley Consultant | Lifelong Entrepreneur | Author


Sangram Vajre Account Based Marketing, TERMINUS

Terry Smith

Terry Smith Author, Leadership & Organizational Management Expert


Dennis Doran Author of SOFT AS STEEL| Constrution Leadership Consultant

Rock Thomas

Rock Thomas Entrepreneur and bestselling author

Nathan Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch Growing With Great VAs


Al Harris Breaking Through Gender Bias

Tristan White Physio Co B&W sq

Tristan White Culture is Everything

John Hinkle

John Hinkle Author | Founder | Life & Business Coach


Tom Schwab Podcast Interview Marketing

Pamela Gold SQ

Pamela Gold Changing Tired to Inspired

Erik Weihenmayer No Barriers

Erik Weihenmayer No Barriers

Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson Cyber Security Expert

Bix Bickson

Bix Bickson Future Hacking

Christopher Lochhead

Chris Lochhead Category Design

Arthur Joseph

Arthur Joseph Founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute


Erin Wathen Food Addiction Counselor & Holistic Health Coach


James Kelley, PhD The Crucible's Gift

Daphne Scott

Daphne Scott Visionary coach | Compassionate catalyst | Mindful leader

Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne Copywriter,Web Writer,Coach,Speaker

Todd palmer

Todd Palmer Business Advisor

Paula Grooms

Paula Grooms Why Won't He Commit?

Molly Grubb

Molly Grubb Author of Build Your Dynasty

Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer Dawn Best Planner Ever

Steve Gordon

Steve Gordon Founder - The Unstoppable CEO™

Pete Pearson

Dr. Pete Pearson Licensed Psychologist | Couples Therapist | Entrepreneur

Darryl Lyons

Darryl Lyons Author of Small Business Big Pressure

Pete Vargas

Pete Vargas Advance Your Reach with Public Speaking

Ric Lindberg

Ric Lindberg Coach | Consultant | Podcast Host

Art Giser

Art Giser Developer of Energetic NLP

Podcast Interview Marketing vs Booking Service

With over 400,000 podcasts it's not tough getting on a podcast. The challenge is turning it into real business results.

It's easy to find a podcast booking services if you just want to get on a show. Some are nothing but a VA service.

Interview Valet is the leader in Podcast Interview Marketing.

Content is the fuel that drives our online sales and marketing engines. With our decade of experience with Inbound Marketing we have the proven system to turn listeners into leads.

Booking services focus on filling spots, we focus on producing business results.

FACT: Some booking services have a clear conflict of interest charging both the host and guest.

We reward hosts with an exclusive affiliate program (learn more)

Matt Malouf

Matt Malouf Business Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur

Laura Gassner Otting

Laura Gassner Otting Speaker. Author. Entrepreneur. Motivator. Instigator.

Terry Lammers

Terry Lammers M&A Expert | Certified Valuation Analyst | Consultant | Accomplished Businessman | Author

Phyllis Haserot

Phyllis Haserot President & Founder PRACTICE DEVELOPMENT COUNSEL

Michael Alan Tate

Michael Alan Tate Executive Coach | Strategist | Author


Craig Cody, CPA Your Tax Coach

Viv Conway Instagram Ace

0 (1)

Tash Meys Instagram Ace

Josef Arnould, D.C.

Dr. Josef Arnould Chiropractic Physician | Author | Fitness & Nutrition Activist

Tevis Trower

Tevis Trower CEO | Advocate for Corporate Culture & Employee Engagement

Tim Fortier

Tim Fortier Rule Based Investing

Pat Rigsby

Pat Rigsby Business Coach | Entrepreneur | Author

Todd Earwood

Todd Earwood CEO, Marketing Strategist, Seed Investor, Repeat Tech Founder

Adam Capes

Adam Capes Helping Charities Raise Big Money with Meaningful Vacation Experiences

Tim Bratz

Tim Bratz Entrepreneur,Real Estate Investor,Coach

Jay Gibb Cloud Sponge

Jay Gibb Cloud Sponge

Ellyn Bader

Dr. Ellyn Bader Licensed Psychologist | Couples Therapist | Entrepreneur

Karen Aberle

Karen Aberle Relationship Advocate | Leadership Mentor | Author


Emily Pereira Holistic Coach

Lee Kearney

Lee Kearney Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Market Expert, Business Coach