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If you are on this page, it's because you heard John Lee Dumas and me talking on Podcaster's Paradise. John is a great guy who understands the power of podcasting both as a host and a guest.

You introducing a great guest to your audience adds tremendous value. It builds your authority and your listener base.

Here are the three resources that John and I talked about that can help you:

1. A Checklist for your Guests:

This is a great resource to share with all of your guests when you schedule the interview.

Ensure every guest shows up prepared, on time and sounding great

  • Prepared
  • On time
  • Sounding great

2. Register for Free Certified Guests™

Everything Interview Valet does for the host is free. This includes providing great Certified Guests™

Just tell us about:

  • Your show
  • Your typical listener
  • Your Ideal Guest