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Everything Interview Valet does, you could do yourself if you had the time and the knowledge.  Our clients realize time is their most precious resource.  They want the maximum results with the minimum amount of their time.  They don't have the time to do it all themselves.  They don't have the time to spend years learning.

Interview Valet is a full service, white glove concierge level service.  We do everything with excellence to provide you the maximum results.  

We realize the money you invest with Interview Valet is is a marketing expense. It must show Return on Investment.  We keep long-term customers by providing more traffic, leads and sales at a drastically lower investment than other channels to reach your ideal prospects


Podcast interviews provide both immediate exposure and an evergreen presence.  Following our system, you should expect to see an increase in website traffic from your first interview. 

Every business is unique with regards to the buying cycle and typical sales time. We are building an online marketing system. The engine will continually be tuned and improved. The effectiveness of this strategy continues to improve as you gain confidence and we gain insights into the shows, offers, and funnels that increasingly turn listeners into leads.

We will continually be learning what works for your market and your company so that you can turn more listeners into leads with every interview.

"I feel like you're getting me on top tier shows and I'm grateful for that! With another company I worked, sometimes I felt like I'm matched with whoever they can, as they are working both the host and guest side and looking to simply fill spots"
Matt Miller
School Spirit Vending
What is the monthly marketing Investment?

The monthly subscription is based on the number of shows per month you wish to be promoted.

        2 shows per month is $697  
        4 shows per month is $997

Some clients want a blitz of shows released in a short period of time for a book launch or crowd funding campaign for example.  These campaigns are priced at

        $2,999 for 12 shows
        $4,400 for 18 shows 
        $5,500 for 24 shows

Additional shows can be purchased based on your needs.

All subscriptions have a minimum of 3 months or 12 shows which ever is less.

New clients must purchase and complete The Certified Guest Training ($497) prior to any podcast appearances. 

What is the benefit of being an Interview Valet Certified Guest?

Being a certified guest makes it easy for the podcast host to say YES to having you on their podcast.  This certification will increasingly be seen as a recognized standard of quality.

The Certification Training is $497 and Includes:

   All the equipment you need
       Professional Quality Microphone  ($150 value)
       Professional Quality Headphone  ($130 value)
       Step by step instructions on installation, testing and use.

     30-minute consultation with an online marketing expert to plan your:
          Calls to Actions (CTAs)
          Website welcome page
          Online sales funnels.

     Professionally record practice podcast interview

     Professionally designed one-page pitch sheet ($175 value)

"I've grown my coaching business from obscure to acclaimed in less than a year as a podcast guest.  It's the most powerful marketing strategy I've seen in my 30 years as an entrepreneur."

Aaron Walker
View from the Top
Will you get me on big podcasts?

While it's true there are more fish in the ocean than in a bucket, it's easier to fish when the fish are concentrated.  The same is true for podcasts.  Bigger is not always better.  Our results have consistently shown that targeted podcast rich with your ideal buyer persona convert better than large general shows.  

We always strive to put our clients on shows that have the largest number of people who could be their ideal customer.  
How do I get started with Interview Valet?

Our ideal clients have a story to tell and product or service to sell.

You are not a good candidate to marketing on podcast interviews if:
    - You just want to sell /promote
    - You have nothing to sell / promote 

Our goal is to make every customer widely successful as a podcast guest. They become our advocates and best sales tools.

If you would like to discuss if you might be an ideal customer, fill out this application (click here) and schedule a free 15 minute consult with one of our podcast guest marketing experts.