FAQ - Podcast Hosts

How can Interview Valet help podcast hosts?

Everything we do is free for the podcast host.

Hosts get great Certified Guests™ and can even be part of the exclusive Interview Valet Podcaster Affiliate Program, the most lucrative program for podcasters to monetize their podcast.

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What makes Interview Valet different than the VA services that offer an interview connection?

We get paid only by the guest, but everything we do benefits the host.

We provide great Certified Guests™ that show up on time with professional grade equipment. They provide special offers unique to your audience. Then they continually promote the episode on their social media GUARANTEED

When you get an email about an Interview Valet Certified Guests™ it's easy to say yes. It's not a pitch, it's a present. A guest your audience will love and the easiest process you've ever had as a host. To register to get Certified Guests™ click here.

You can also win monetarily by being a part of the best affiliate program exclusively for podcasters that pays an ongoing monthly commission. To apply for the affiliate program click here.

Ray edwards

Ray Edwards Author, Speaker, Podcast / Host of The Ray Edwards Show

This is the first and best service of it's kind, and the way it works is revolutionary. If you're looking to get your podcast off the ground with fantastic guests, or if you want to get booked as a guest on as many great shows as possible, this is for you. I highly recommend it!

What is a Certified Guests™

A lousy guest can waste your time and damage your reputation with your listeners. That is why you can be confident to say YES to every guest from Interview Valet. We've vetted them. We've trained them and ensured that they are an ideal fit for your show. Guest will show up on time and prepared. You will save editing time because they will sound great on their professional grade audio equipment. Finally, you can be confident that the episode will be promoted by the guest on their social media.

You can register for Certified Guests™ by clicking here​

How can I register to get great Certified Guests™?

We focus on providing great Certified Guests™ for the following categories:

  • ​Business
  • Faith & Christianity
  • Health / Nutrition / Fitness


To register to get great Certified Guests™ in these areas click here

What is the price for podcast hosts?

Everything we do for the podcast host is FREE.

There are a number of reasons for this

First, the host is doing the guest a service by allowing them to tap into their audience.

Second, we see it as a huge potential conflict of interest to be working for (taking money) from both the guest and the host. If you are working both sides of the microphone someone is getting worked over. Seriously, there is a reason in real estate you have a buyers agent and a sellers agent.

We always represent the guest, our client, and look out for their best interest. The podcast host benefits as a result.

JAime Jay Square

Jaime Jay Host of the Stop Riding the Pine Podcast

When I get an email from Interview Valet introducing a guest, it's an easy YES! I know they will be a perfect fit for my show and someone my listeners will want to hear. The scheduling and coordination are easy. They show up prepared. Interview Valet makes my life as a podcast host much easier.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

We do offer an affiliate program where a podcast host may be rewarded on an ongoing monthly basis for referring a guest that becomes a client. This lucrative recurring monthly revenue is offered exclusively to our best podcast partners.

You can apply for the Affiliate Program and earn ongoing monthly commissions by clicking here​

Anthony Witt The Champion Entrepreneur

Anthony Witt Host of The Champion Entrepreneur Podcast

The podcast host affiliate program from Interview valet makes so much sense. It helps my guests and it helps me. I've put it into my automated workflow then discuss it with guests at the end of the recording. It's easy and profitable.

Can the podcast hosts pay to get guests?

No. Working both sides of the microphone is a clear conflict of interest that both parties should avoid. We exclusively work for and represent our client the guest. While we provide a great service to the host by providing great Certified Guests™, we do not accept money from them. Our clients best interests are always paramount.

It sounds to good to be true, what is the catch?

There is no catch. Our goal is to be the premier source for great podcast guests. We can not do this without great relationships with the podcast hosts. Other mediums like TV or Radio are "pay to play". We appreciate and value the access you provide to your audience..


Cliff Ravenscraft The Podcast Answer Man

The podcast host affiliate program from Interview valet makes so much sense. It helps my guests and it helps me. I've put it into my automated workflow then discuss it with guests at the end of the recording. It's easy and profitable.