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Build your dynasty


Helping Build, Protect and Maintain a Family Business Owner’s Dynasty

Molly Grubb is a dynasty builder. After seeing her family’s business torn away from her parents, watching them lose their identity and then walking away with almost nothing, Molly decided she wasn’t going to let that happen to other entrepreneurs and family business owners.

Now Molly helps build, protect and maintain a family business owner’s dynasty. She is one of only 200 Certified Business Exit Consultants, and less than 7% of advisors that utilize all of the fundamentals of wealth management.

Grubb Wealth is the premier personal CFO firm for helping business owners gain control of their business in order to allow them to realize their purpose and build personal wealth through a well-defined process.

Molly has been a featured speaker and presenter at many professional organizations and business groups. Her award-winning presentation has been recognized by professional speaking coaches not only for its content but for its quality.

Molly Can Talk To Your Audience About:

  • How Mickey Mouse saved our family
  • 3 critical steps to building your dynasty
  • How to leave a lasting inheritance to your childrens’ children
  • 5 steps to become disgustingly seriously wealthy
  • 6 keys to avoiding the exit from hell from your business