Podcast Guesting Isn’t The Goal

Like guest blogging of the past, podcast interview marketing is a great way to use an established platform to leverage your content and reach your target audience. Podcast guesting isn’t the main goal of the clients that come to us for help. But it is a necessary step to achieve their ultimate goal.

Leave Your Ego At The Door

If your goal is just an ego trip to hear your voice or see your face plastered over social media, you’re probably not the client for us. We work with leading brands, high-level coaches and consultants, and amazing non-fiction authors. Solopreneurs. Enterprise-level companies. Our clients want to help people. They know their product or service is capable of changing someone’s life. They just need their voice to be heard. They’re not looking to get famous (whatever that means). Their goal is to grow their business and brand.

Replace Ego With Results

When you take out the ego, you’re left with results. And it’s the results that are at the heart of podcast guesting. You have the products, offerings, and systems to close the sales. Now, you just need the clients. At Interview Valet, we help you establish your target audience so your content is pushed into the right market. A market that needs you, but doesn’t know you exist yet. A market where once you’re discovered the leads start piling in.

Podcast Interview Lifecycle