5 Reasons Podcast Interview Marketing Beats Guest Blogging

podcast-interview-marketing-beats-guest-bloggingBlogging is not dead. Let’s be clear on that – the written word is still important and so many companies still do not create regular content, that blogging can still help in your marketing strategy. With that said, a good marketer is always asking, “What’s next?” From new social media channels to new tactics for reaching an audience, the world of marketing is evolving … and quickly. Where guest blogging once seemed to be a silver bullet, it’s now become a low-return tactic. However, the idea is still quite genius – have another publisher feature you as the expert to their audience and include a link back to your website. This is why podcast interview marketing is the next logical step in this evolution.

First thing’s first … humans are naturally pretty self-serving. We’re also relatively lazy. We like to have the least amount of work pay off with the greatest dividends. So when we get “homework,” we tend to avoid it or procrastinate. And if it’s just me who does this, then bravo to you! With that established – for many people, writing an article is homework.

Sure, a blog article about a subject you know well should be relatively easy to crank out, but it’s not for most of us. For that reason alone, podcast interview marketing beats guest blogging. However, if that’s not enough for you, here are 5 more reasons.

Consumers read less

Studies show people still read a ton. However, we’re also multi-tasking like never before. We as consumers love to take in information when and where we can. We’re more apt to listen than to read.

Additionally, we’re becoming a society of skimmers who take in only headlines. Reading loses out to listening in this situation. We’ll read a headline but listen to a clip or an entire podcast, taking in more information through hearing.

For you as the marketer or the content creator, getting past the headline reading is vital. A podcast interview gets you past that first obstacle and into the world of the audience.

Audio is intimate

According to an article in The Atlantic, “Audio is one of the most intimate forms of media because you are constantly building your own images of the story in your mind.” Information about audio storytelling is often focused on narrative styles like an audio book or fictional podcast. However, we can draw the same conclusions when it comes to telling your story as a brand. When you tell a good story, the listener focuses on you, your voice and your personality. Reading the same words on a page has a lesser effect.

A conversation (interview) is like “listening in”

Imagine sitting in a cafe and hearing two people talk about climbing Mount Everest and other peaks around the world… as the pair talks about the adventures, the challenges and the wins, you’re likely drawn in and following along. Of course, this may feel a bit like an invasion of privacy, but a podcast is meant to draw you into a conversation – you have permission as the listener!

As the content producer, getting your information into podcast interview marketing rather than a guest blog, you’re tapping into that human desire of listening in on a conversation. It can be very powerful. It’s also powerful because the interviewer makes you as the interviewee, the expert.

Audio is versatile (video requires attention, reading too)

Try reading a blog article while on a run. Set up your tablet by the sink while you’re doing dishes. Maybe while cleaning your house, you can have your laptop in your other hand. Or… a podcast allows the consumer to take in information while performing myriad of other tasks. In a world of expert multi-taskers, isn’t it nice to get your content in front of the right audience while they’re ready to consume it?

Podcast audiences are engaged

According to one Interview Valet client, the podcast audiences he reached were so much more engaged than any other effort, it produced a 600% return on his investment. Craig Cody says people listening to podcasts who went to his website turned into sales calls at a high rate, and 28% of those sales qualified leads turned into closed deals. That is an engage audience. And it came from podcast interview marketing, not guest blogging.

If I give up guest blogging … what’s next?

First, guest blogging isn’t entirely dead. Having your content placed in other publications can still help your marketing.

However, if you’re ready to add another tool to your marketing toolbox, podcast interview marketing just might work well. Read through a few tips on getting interviewed on podcasts, then start looking for podcasts that would feature your story.

image source: listening