Podcast Interview Platforms That Are Dominating Market

Podcasting is an ever-changing industry. As technology advances, there are always new recording platforms and streaming sites popping up on the internet. Some of them have withstood the test of time, while others have faded into the background. Finding one that fits well with you is a bit like dating. A lot of trial and error, but eventually you find the one.

The Numbers

Zoom continues to reign supreme over recording platforms with 74 percent of interviews are conducted over the user-friendly software. In 2021, Zoom gained 19 percent on the platform market.

While Skype takes the number two spot with six percent of hosts using it as their preferred platform, that’s down 18 percent from previous years. Streamyard and Zencastr are gaining popularity–both up four percent in 2021. And at the very bottom of the list is the dreaded phone interview. Only four percent of hosts use this method and that has fallen three percent from last year.

What our data has shown us is that there isn’t a one-size fits all approach with recording podcast interviews. While it isn’t user-friendly, some people live and die by Skype. Others prefer lesser-known platforms like SquadCast, Riverside.fm, or UberConference. As long as you get clear and consistent audio recordings, it doesn’t matter how you record your interviews.

(Though, we do advise against using a tape recorder.)

The content from this blog was pulled from the State of Podcast Interviews Annual Report. You can get a copy of the full report below.

State of Podcast Interviews report