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June 16,2017 / Podcast / admin

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Welcome to entrepreneur roadmap podcast, a program for amazing brave souls who decided to take a leap of faith on their personal growth to create a solution for a problem from writing a book to building a multimillion dollar industry that not only made them rich in all walks of life, but made a huge difference for many people around the world. This program has been put together by me [inaudible], a retired physician from Iran, living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, and my lovely Italian wife Lucy.


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[inaudible] everyone. Welcome to entrepreneurs road map podcast. I’m so glad to have done from interview valet. He and I’m looking on the previous work and the thing that you’re doing today says on Linkedin, inbound marketing is the leading edge of marketing today and it’s all about solving the problem of marketing and digital world and we last experience with Dan and in this field. Have you had an opportunity to go over the phone and talk about the current work of interview valet that he’s a chief marketing officer in that company? It’s a very interesting concept and I would love to bring him on the show. I’m sure he’s experienced and he’s a practice with us today. Thank you so much for being here and a floor is yours. Please let us know where you come from and a little bit of your experience.

Yeah, thank you John. I’m glad to be here with you. I started with interview Valet to help the company help others and that’s really what I love to do. The marketing that I really enjoyed and it really charges me up is marketing that is helpful. That to me is what inbound marketing is all about. And so, uh, I want to help interview valet, help our clients do better marketing and get more well known and that kind of thing. So we help our clients, uh, talk to podcasters to tell their stories.

That’s a lot of fun. It’s actually, I like the way that you, uh, get into the business by focusing on others not, not talking about the company. And how did this idea and this works, just come across a and how, if you take us a little bit back a few years ago or more, whatever you want, just let us know about your background and how did you choose to get into that field? Uh, what was the previous experience

and then the work that you’ve been involved with? Well, before interview, ballet, uh, I worked for a mortgage company for over six years doing helpful marketing for a mortgage company, which is not very, um, exciting marketing necessarily, but what I found was helping, helping hopeful home buyers understand this giant process of a mortgage and get them to be in their home and welcomed them home was very rewarding. I enjoyed educating the home buyers. Um, I got into that because that particular company wanted that kind of marketing and they wanted a, a journalist to do it and I had been a news producer at a TV station, so con content and teaching in audience and video and all of that was so naturally kind of in me that it really made sense to come help a mortgage company actually do marketing. And then from there it became a, you know, I, I, I connected with Tom Founded interview valet and he believes in the same marketing. He believes in the same business strategy that I do and so it was a natural fit for he and I had to start working together, um, you know, and, and again, help others. That’s our biggest thing. And we, you know, we want to help, we want to help aspiring thought leaders connect with millions of people, uh, have relevance in perfect audience through podcasting, right? I think so, yeah.

Yeah. Niche and a lot of people that have great content, but they didn’t know how to reach out to the larger community and targeted audience and things like that. And using your platform helped a ton and just save a lot of time and energy and put entrepreneurs in the right track to get connected to the right audience and people. How does this system work?

Oh, basically, you know, we’ll, we’ll connect with a client or a potential client, whether they’ve written a book or they have a podcast they want to promote another podcast or they want to speak at events. They have a business they want to talk about whatever it is, any kind of an inspiring thought leader in. We connect them with the podcast host. And we, we’ve gotten to know podcast hosts over the years. Um, Tom has been on lots of podcasts and has a great network. And the more that we help others, the more that that network grows, which is fantastic. Um, but, but we just, you know, we help if you were a client of ours and we would help you find the right, the right podcasts, not just any podcasts or not just the biggest. Because you can. I love the analogy that Tom uses. There’s, there’s more fish in the ocean than in a barrel.

But I’m going to go fishing in a barrel where it’s easier than in the ocean where I was more difficult. So you could certainly find the biggest podcast out there, the NPR fresh air podcast, and we might be able to get you on there and tell your story. But out of those, you know, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of listeners, how many of them are going to go back to your website or click on your link in order to get what you need, you know, get, get what you’re offering, right? What they need. So for us, it’s finding the right fit, you know, if you, if you’ve written. So I, so I wrote a book about my marketing experience and if I want to get in front of journalists or marketers to help do this or small businesses to help do this thing, then I’m going to get on top of the podcast who have journalists that listened to it, who have, um, writers that listened to it.

We have business owners or listen to it. I’m not necessarily going to care about getting in front of, you know, 100,000 audience because none of them want to see it. It’s got to be focused, right? And so that’s, that’s kind of what our system is. Um, you know, we also teach them to how to capitalize on that list. So you go on a podcast like I’m talking to you today and I have something to offer. Then I’m going to tell folks, go back to interview valet.com and look at it and I’m going to give a website address. I’m going to say, you know, go there and watch the speech that I gave at a conference or download a free chapter to my book or this kind of a thing. And we teach folks how to do that to really capitalize on their time. So it’s reaching the right audience, giving the right message and giving the right ask.

That’s, that’s the wonderful kind of platform and philosophy behind targeting right people and giving, uh, the exact message that they’re looking for. Then the concept of call to action comes into fruition because everybody looking for getting touch with the right customer and clients on the other side of the, the, the message board or whatever it is, youtube or podcast or blog or book. And I think you answered a very, very fun, a common phenomenal and issue and a big challenge for the work. A lot of concert producer and the influencers. And uh, I’m so glad. I’m so grateful that I get to know you and I’m looking forward to learn more about it and get involved and bring those services to this part of the water. Uh, if I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, and I’m sure that a lot of audience, uh, either here or other parts of the world, we’ll be glad to get to know your services. But what is the first step and who is the ideal client? Because let’s say a thousands of people listening to our conversation right now, uh, how do you invite them to get in touch with you? How do you filter them out and say, hey, this is good for you, but probably not at this moment. And who are the ideal client?

Yeah, I mean our ideal clients, um, our, are inspiring thought leaders with something to share who wants to make a difference, whether it’s an entrepreneur with a small business that they want to really grow to be a large entrepreneurial business or whether it’s an author that’s talked about how their faith shaped their journey or I mean there’s, you know, a health and fitness guru who wants to help others get, get healthier. It could be any number of, of folks who really just want to reach a new audience and the best way. I mean, I’m just gonna go ahead and pitch it for now. If anybody wants to download a free chapter from my book, which is how I turned journalism into inbound marketing and learn more about helpful marketing, they can go to interview valet.com backslash roadmap. And um, and I’ll put up a free chapter there.

They can also take a look at a video that I gave a speech that I gave at a conference about honor flight and how helping our senior generation is so great. Or they can buy the book, but they can also just poke around on interview valet.com from there, from that page for your listeners and just see what it is that we do. You know what I mean? You know, my, my goal for talking with you today was just to kind of chat and have a good conversation. You and I talked a while ago and it was a great conversation. I love it. It’s not necessarily to sell the business. I just want people to understand that helpful marketing, whether it’s podcast, interview marketing like we’re doing or whether it’s just inbound marketing in general is so much more powerful than simply trying to pay google. You get Google ads or pay for time on TV or whatever it is. It’s so much more rewarding and effective to be helpful. And so that, that’s my, that’s my preacher.

I love it. I love it. I think part of the, uh, being an entrepreneur is to reach out to a lot a lot of experts like you and the company that you guys have created, but at the same time it’s overwhelming to a ask yourself which one to choose. And I liked the way that they say when you say marketing, it’s a very general overview of, okay, Google ad or a TV ad or whatever, but at the, at the same time, there’s a big learning curve or understanding the alphabet of a building as strong structure and foundation and, uh, you, you have been in this, uh, working for many years and now created that very specific connecting people to help them where they want to go. Um, if, if I want to ask you about, uh, what is it that I can be involved and, and engage with you to, to learn more because most of us, some kind of webinars or events or definitely I want to start with your book of love posted along our interview in our landing page.

Everyday is new data. Come on. I want to continue this conversation and, uh, I want to be the student of the business and let’s say I add the podcast for a year. Uh, I didn’t, uh, go through that marketing kind of training and things you’re talking about how long it takes for a person like me, for example, who, um, understand the full concept and we’ll be able to apply most of the tools they call it productivity tools. You call it the inbound marketing. Uh, what’s I want to be engaged? Uh, just give me a little bit of a homework and let’s say in the next one year, what are, what’s the best way to be engaged with you guys? I mean definitely

what you’re doing as far as outreach in social media, and I’ve looked at some of your stuff already. It’s looking good. Podcast is so intimate and in audio focused, but you still have to continue to make other content. I always like to go back to this very simple form of blogging, even if it’s just a short articles about how to x, Y, Z. um, one of my, one of my friends, Marcus Sheridan, talks about, they ask, we answer, that’s it. Yeah, it’s actually the title of his book, but it’s been his philosophy for a long time and so you find any kind of ask that your potential listeners or clients or network would ask and you answer it in a blog article and a social media post and a video, a podcast, whatever it is. So start to do that and that engages you with that helpful marketing aspect.

And then as far as engaging with interview valet, I mean it’s just a matter of following us on social media. Twitter is interview Valet, facebook is interviewed La. I’m the author, our website and then just helping us with more guests. I mean for, for you personally, I’d say help us get, you know, if we look at your, um, your ideal, your audience, who your audience is, we’re going to try and find guests for you to pitch you and say, here’s somebody who we think might bring value to you, um, and just engage with us that way. And then, you know, a year from now, you’ll, I think you’ll see results on a bigger audience and more people coming to you and saying, Hey, I want to be on your show. Uh, that kind of thing. Um, you know, just based on that content, that helpfulness, that teaching others, and then working with us in that way.

And then for you, you know, if you want to get in front of other podcasts, you know, we would work with you to say, okay, what is, what are your asks that you would be getting, what are your CTA is, um, and start putting you on other podcasts that talk about your journey, your story, your services or whatever. Um, and that just takes, you know, a little bit of time. Of course it’s a service. So there’s, you know, a relationship there that we would, we would talk about financially, but you know, it’d be putting you in front of new audiences of saying, yeah, here’s the podcast that I host and here’s why it brings value to the community. Here’s the people I serve. And it’d be a great connection there. So

that’s fantastic. Let’s, let’s, let’s put my ass for right now and then follow up with you probably will be. Talk a little bit about it, but you coming in an amazing right time and it’s again, it’s the love attraction. It’s, it’s, it’s a power of God or whatever you want to call it. A. I was talking with friends of mine about a project called 365 for social impact interview and I would love to have access to people and organizations that have done something that they believe, uh, he had a great impact on people’s life. Mostly call it social impact entrepreneur or businesses and native video in a, in a, in one year and out of this or events and books and things will come out that I can use and teach my two daughters and say, hey, if you guys want to make good money, look at all those 365 projects all over the world that they made a lot of money. But I made an amazing, wonderful impact. This list. Let’s start them. Bring out this ask right now. And again, I’m so grateful to know you. It’s such a perfect timing and helped me out, uh, to connect with anybody out there that have done something really great impact a society. Yeah.

What an inspiring idea that is to teach your daughters, you know, I have two daughters and so that, that, that’s really cool. He’s on. I think that’s awesome that you want to teach your daughters and therefore make your own social impact by highlighting those who do. That’s very cool.

That’s, um, the student of business. And I’m ready for that. I know that in this short interview we can cover all and we have to have a series of podcast together. I hope that you accept my invitation for the next followup interviews and lots, lots actually to come. But, uh, I want to ask you a final thoughts, some lessons that are me and audience stuff to take home. Please go ahead and let us know.

Final thought. You know, so often when I tell people that I, I do marketing, I’m a marketer, they kind of smirk a little bit, oh, you’re an advertiser and this kind of thing. And yeah, marketers have been given a bad rep and by our own, by our own actions, because we’d been given a bad rep at any, any good social media platforms and ruined by marketers. So I mentioned that, but my thing is if we can do marketing that helps, you know, my one of, one of our, one of our kind of. It’s not a core value, but one of our ideas at interview valet is I love the idea of doing no harm, right? And I want to help others. It’s just good. What do you call it? Karma. You reap what you sow. What goes around comes around. I can help others, whether it’s a business transaction or not, I want to help others. So marketing that helps others I think is so important. And, and, and a noble profession, I would love to see others do more of that and really turn this idea of marketing being a little bit icky to being anxious and amazing profession that people go, yeah, I’m proud to know that guy who does marketing

love it. No, that was. That was really, really amazing message for me to start my day. Again, I want to thank you so much for your work and what you guys doing from the interview valet. I would love to learn more about it getting involved and invite the audience to get involved and bring basically the final thing that everybody wants in everyday from small solopreneur or all the way to b companies. Naked proper connection, right connection to the right audience, and you guys thought about it. Put a system together and there to help us out and I’m so glad to be in touch. Thank you so much for your time, Dan. A lot of blessing from Vancouver, British Columbia to you guys. Looking forward to get in touch and do more good projects together. Thank you. It was a pleasure. I appreciate your time. Have a great bye. You too.