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Nancy gains.

Hi, this is Nancy Games and welcome to the Nancy game show where we provide actionable ideas for entrepreneurs to grow their business and be even more productive. The focus of today’s podcast is all about podcast interview marketing, and I’m super excited to have a very special guest, Tom Schwab. Let me tell you about him. He knows how to build an online business. Marketing at its heart is starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer, come help small business owners, entrepreneurs and solo preneurs get featured on leading podcasts where their prospects are already listening to. Then he shows them how to turn listeners into customers. Welcome, Pam. Thanks for sharing part of your day. What else would you like to add to that introduction?

Nancy? I am thrilled to be here and here is for me is Kalamazoo Michigan, so that proves that as long as you have a computer and a Internet connection, you can do a podcast interview from anywhere.

That is so true. Hey, I just heard, is it true that kid rock is running for Senate?

Oh, I’ve seen that. I just saw that. I don’t know if he’s officially announced yet, but it should make for a a, an exciting election if nothing else.

Absolutely. I mean, we had what Jesse Ventura. We had a the terminator. We had Ronald Reagan. Like why can’t kid rock do this? That would be really cool. Anyway, thank you for sharing. Part of your day. Your company is interview Valet. I know. I personally use them. Why don’t you tell people a little bit about what that is and how you hope people get exposure.

Sure, and really it comes from something called inbound marketing. You know, what we’ll use now to fuel our online sales and marketing engines is content and that content can be blogs. It can be advertised, Mr can be social media, it can be videos, it can be podcast interviewing views where you’re the host or where you’re the guest. And one of the things that we saw over our testing over the last few years is that podcasting is such a great medium. You know, if you’re listening to this now, you know, how powerful it is. It’s a, it’s an intimate conversation and people that are there to learn to get better, to take action. And one of the things we saw was that I’m doing a podcast is tough work. You know, anybody that says, doing it as easy as either not, never done it or never done it. Well, you know, hats off to you, Nancy. The great ones make it look easy, but we’ve looked at it and said, wow, if you could get on that stage, uh, and, and speak to those customers, those ideal people, boy, that’s something that’s really scalable. Something that could really help your productivity, uh, to talk to your ideal customer. So we help a solo preneurs authors, speakers, coaches, emerging brands. Do that. And basically just start that conversation with people to tell them about who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

Excellent. So why did you choose podcasting instead of traditional media? Like TV, radio, print?

Yeah. And the thing is, is that people will say, well, couldn’t you use it for the radio station, the local TV station. And they have to. I’ll tell you, if I went to the local television station here, even in Kalamazoo and I, that’s a big market and said, hey, I’ve got great information to share. I guarantee you it’s going to be the sales department that calls me back and says, you know, if you’d like to, to be on the 5:00 AM news, you can buy this much or if you want to be on the 5:00 PM news, you can buy this much advertising. See that sort of a pay to play market. It’s all driven off of advertising now. Um, those mediums where’s podcasting is so much different in that it’s driven off of great content. One of the clients that we have is a Fox News contributor. He’s on probably two to three nights a week and you know, he’s there and he gets a national audience for two or three minutes, but he’s amazed by the power of podcasting because he said it takes him four hours to have three minutes on Fox News. Whereas with a podcast he can tell his story for 30 or 45 minutes from his home and he just feels like it’s much more productive.

I agree with you on that. So I know on your website it says that podcast converts 25 times more than blogs. Can you talk about that?

Sure. And that one, I didn’t even believe that stat a nancy when we first saw it. Um, I’m a big numbers guy. I’m an engineer by degree, so we test everything and refine it. And a good blog will convert visitors to leads about one to two percent. And when we saw the traffic coming back for podcast interviews, we were seeing conversion rates typically have 25 to 50 percent. So one out of four, one out of two people actually turning into a lead and it’s some podcasts that was up to 75 percent. And at first I thought, oh, it’s, you know, it’s a personality, it’s a niche. And the more we tested that, the more we proved that no, this is, this is a real thing. And there’s things that you can do to influence that. And I think as we started to talk about it with, with various clients and, uh, various people in the marketing area, one of the things that we saw is that if you get cold traffic to your website, you know it’s not going to convert that well.

And if somebody just stumbles into a blog that’s pretty much cold traffic, which, you know, if we were at a, I’m at a party or a thing and nancy brought over somebody and introduce them to you and said, you know, this is a friend of mine or an expert. This is how I think they can help you. Well, that’s a hot introduction. You know, you would expect that one to convert, you know, at least to a lead almost at 100 percent. So I think that’s what we see with podcast interviews is that it’s more of a personal introduction. And the other thing too is I think that it’s one of these where if somebody hears you for 15 minutes, they get to know you. Um, they, they get to know your heart, who you help, what you do, and if they just listened to that and say, well, that was interesting but not for me. And they go on, but those people that actually say, I resonate with that, I want to engage with you, I want to see what the next level is. Those are your, those are great leads and at the end of the day, none of us want just more leads, right? You can’t, uh, you can’t pay your bills with leads. What we want is more ideal customers and that’s what we’re getting from podcast interviews.

That totally makes sense. And that’s a great productivity statistic. I would rather have a 25 times return, then a one to one hoping I get somebody. So I full disclosure, I actually use interview ballet in my own company and I have amazing guests come. I would love to know what makes a good guest and how do you prepare your clients to be the Rock stars they are on podcast.

Sure. And there’s, there’s two different things on that one. What makes a good guest? So you’re looking at it from the guest side or the host side. So let’s start off with the guest side or what the host is looking for. You know, all of our guests, we call them certified guests and you need to, whenever you’re pitching yourself to a podcast, put yourself in the host shoes. You know, they’re introducing you to their audience. So they want somebody that’s going to show up on time. Somebody that sounds great, you know, have professional equipment, don’t have noise in the background. Somebody that’s prepared, somebody that knows what the podcast is about, and then somebody that has special things for the podcast listeners. Um, and then lastly, somebody that’s going to promote this show, you know, I am thrilled to be here that Nancy invited me so you can better believe that when this comes out, I’m going to promote our, promote the show on my social media and not everybody does that.

Now the flip side, what makes a great guest for a show? You’ve really got to look at when people are a guest on a show or by and large, you know, it’s a marketing effort. They want to get real business results with that. And so with that, it’s not just enough to, to make an appearance, you know, that’s sort of like the fuel you really need an engine to put that fuel into and we call it a podcast interview marketing system. And there’s really six steps to that. There’s the prospecting, finding the right shows, the pitching, getting the host to say yes, the preparation for the show, there’s the performance and the performance is the only thing you can’t outsource, right? So natural only sang, but he was the only one that can do that. But we help our guests with the best practices on that. And then finally, uh, it’s turning those passive listeners into active visitors and engaged leads and we do things like making custom welcome pages, doing different calls to action and working with our clients on that. And then finally the promotion with that. So whenever you’re looking at this, you’ve got to look at it as what do I want to get business results out of it, but also what value can I bring to the host and their audience?

Excellent. So from a health standpoint, I know your clients and that’s with your company so that they can get on great shows. What is the host is unprepared or less than stellar, and the in your client has a bad experience. How do you that the host as well?

It’s a, it’s a continual learning thing. And so sometimes people will say, you know, what do you look for? And some people will say, oh, just looking at downloads. Downloads aren’t a great number because it’s an unverifiable. And also we’ve never seen that the number of downloads actually correlates positively to the business results from a podcast, right? There’s more fish in the ocean than there are in a barrel. But I’ll go to a barrel every time. So we’re always looking when we’re picking podcasts and doing that prospecting, we’re looking at the popularity of the show. We’re looking at the density of ideal listeners there. We’re looking at things like what’s their back links that we could get from the show that’s so important. They’ve been talking about that from an Seo perspective, what’s their social media and the reach. Um, and then finally what experience if we had with, with other clients and that experience is so important.

And Nancy will tell you at the end of this podcast interview, we’re both going to get an audit automated email and she’s going to rank me and I’m going to rank her. And so we use that feedback in order to make sure that we’re putting our guests on the right show. But also as a key way for our guests because we’ve got a, a letter of understanding and a code of conduct for our guests. And you know, if you want to be a certified guests, you need to continually meet these standards because this is a media parents and just the same way you wouldn’t show up on on good morning America, disheveled, late or I’m not prepared. You don’t show up on a podcast that same way.

Wow. I didn’t know I was getting a scorecard to. I know I’ve got the, the evaluation forms on the people at my. So, but I didn’t know I was also getting graded. That’s interesting. But smart. Very, very smart. Hey, let’s talk about your book, the podcast guest profits grow your business with a targeted interview strategy. What are one to two tips our listeners can do right now to target their interviews?

Sure. The biggest thing there is just put yourself in your customer’s shoes, right? What podcasts they listening to. And if you don’t know, make sure that you ask them, um, and because they know where other customers are. So I would say the first thing is targeting, make sure on the right podcast, then the next thing is to listen to that podcast and start reaching out to them, not for what you can get out of it, but how you can serve them. And with all of this, some people told me I was crazy when I wrote the book from the standpoint of you’re giving away the entire recipe, the entire formula of how you do it. And I just looked at it and said, podcast in remarketing is, is too powerful to try to keep it a secret, right? I honestly believe that five years from now when they talk about social media marketing and email marketing, look into, talk about podcast interview marketing there.

And I realized that we can all learn together and share ideas and I’m Nancy for your guests. If they are for your listeners, if they want the book, it’s available on Amazon, but I’ll make a free download copy, right? If you, if you want the economy there. So from that standpoint, um, you know, I just believe that you can use the recipe and as some of some of our best clients have said is, I understand how it works, but you know, I want to be the guest. I want you to do all the rest, you know, from a productivity standpoint, they realized their best use of their time is performing and if they can spend 15, 20 minutes to get in front of thousands of ideal customers, they just want to do that as much as possible. So we act as the roadies, their PR agents, all the rest of that so that we can get them on those stages so they can talk to their ideal customers.

Those are awesome tips. When I first started podcasting and now I’m into 130, I think is this episode, maybe a little bit later, but when I had an early gas and he is a media Maven, he actually listened to a few of my shows before she got on my interview because she wanted to know my pace, my energy, what I asked. And I, I never forgot that. And I thought, what a great way when I’m a guest on somebody else’s podcast to prepare, what did they, what do they talk about, what do they ask? And ever since then I’ve just really liked when people show up and they know about my show. So I will say those are really good tips. How about this? What is an absolute must have on a one page pitch sheets?

The one page pitch sheet is, is a must have, right? Because you want to prepare the host for a two, for the interview. So I’ll put that also in the, in the show notes of what one of those looks like. But it’s really easy, just one, one page document that has a bio. They can introduce you with some questions that they could ask you for Heaven Sakes App, your contact information there so that they can reach out to you and then give them some pictures that they can use so that as they’re promoted this on social media, why wouldn’t you make it easy for them? And I’ll put a, a, a page together, Nancy, of everything we talk about here, the book, uh, examples of the one page pitch sheet. I’ll put that all just@interviewvalet.com forward slash nancy gains.

Awesome. That’s a real generous gift. We totally appreciate that because I know people love being gassed and it would really help them be more successful guests. Do you have a system for promoting the podcast recordings for your clients? I know you talked about having a, a landing page or a web page earlier in this call.

Yeah. So the welcome page is really where you drive the traffic back to a, this is evergreen traffic. So even though we’re recording this in 2017, I guarantee you this right now, somebody listening in 2020, that’s like, this is great. You know, ed, you don’t want to send them to your website, the home page if something has changed. So that’s why we use those welcome pages, um, to, to send the traffic to. But then as far as the promotion goes by, we’re always testing this. Uh, we always promote it on the social media that our clients typically look at. So for us that’s Linkedin and also I’m a twitter and we’re not only promoting it when it goes live, but throughout time, you know, there’s so many easy ways to do that. You can set up a tweet one time and have it cycle through so every couple of weeks it goes out there and when you put the, put the social media post out there, make sure you put the host name on it to everybody, listens to for their own name and that’s a great way just to stay in front of the host because you know, if it was a great interview and it converted very well, maybe that’s another show that you want to go on again in the future.

Or You could reach out to the host and say, Hey, do you know, are there any other shows that you think I might be a great guest for? Don’t look at it as a one and done. This is really about relationships and building the relationships with the host, with the audience. Uh, you know, I’ve always said today it’s never been easier to sell something online but harder to build a business. And what we’re trying to do here is build those relationships and build a business

that is so true. And the podcast community, it’s really a welcoming community. I’ve had some amazing guests, John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn and Chris Brogan. Jay Baer, some pretty big names and they’ve always said yes. So I find that it’s a very welcoming community. If you reach out and request, are you finding the same success?

Oh, very much so. If you, if you ask what the right heart, um, I’m every day I get emails from podcasters with bad bad pitches, you know, where somebody is just robo pitching a podcast and it’s really just spam. I mean, I don’t even have a podcast yet and I would say on average I get three pitches a week, you know, and it could be from anything and it’s like they clearly don’t know who I am, don’t know what I do and they don’t care about an audience, they just care about what’s in it for them. So from that standpoint, if you go into it with a good heart of wanting to serve, wanting to add value, it’s a great community.

It is. It’s amazing. Well, let me ask a fun question and then I’ll give you an opportunity to talk a little bit about your company. So my standard question, everybody gets this on myself. We’re all about productivity time. If you had one more hour in your day, so 25 hours every day, what would you do with an extra hour?

I would spend it talking to people, right? Because I, I honestly believe that in nature as in life, the only way you get fruit is through crosspollination now and in nature, the beast do it for us. It’s being exposed to new people, new ideas. Um, you know, you could do that by reading a book, listening to Ted Talks. For me, I just like to talk to people. So if you gave me an extra hour, I would be talking to somebody.

Awesome. Very good answer. So for people who would like to work more closely with interview valet, either as a podcast guest or a host, how can they connect with you?

Sure. Just go to interview valet.com. And like I said, I’ll make a special page up just for the listeners here, interview valet.com forward slash nancy gains. And I’ll put the free digital copy of podcast guests profits. Uh, there’s a checklist that I use every time before my podcast interviews. Uh, you know, they say it’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s a lot easier to learn from somebody else’s mistakes. So use the checklist is the same one that all of our guests use. And then if we could be of any help to you, if you’d like to work with us either as a guest or a host, please, you know, just go to that page, interview valet.com forward slash nancy gains. And our team would love to talk with you.

That is awesome. And I love that. Do you have a checklist? Because that is the most basic system and I teach people to use systems all the time. A checklist is a system and it works consistently over time. Is there anything else you’d like to add that I didn’t think to ask you?

Very much so and I guess the one thing from speaking from one small business owner to to another, you’ve got a product or a service that could help people. Now I don’t care who you are, what you’re listening to hear, you know, something you could help people. Now it may not be perfect for the entire world, but it’s perfect for some people. And the biggest challenge that most of us have, I’d say all of us have is not that we don’t have a great product or service, it’s just that we’re, we’re unknown, were obscure, you know, and, and it’s like we’re out in the middle of the Mojave desert and optimizing this sign or changing this around won’t help anybody know because we’re not known. So I think it behooves us all to make sure that we’re going out there and letting people know who we are, how we can help. What’s ordinary to you is amazing to other people and it’s never been easier today to do that. So I’m on whatever medium you want. If you’re a writer, blog about it. If you’re comfortable in front of the camera, put some videos out about it. If you’re great at talking and comfortable, you know, carrying on a phone conversation for Heaven Sake, just start your own podcast or even easier, get on another podcast that your ideal customers are already listening to. You’ve got something that could help people. They just need to know about you.

Actually, I think people have a responsibility if they’ve noticed something somebody else knows to share it, don’t you agree?

Very much so. And we all know something. We can all, you know, can be a mentor and a mentee. Uh, and uh, you know, right now we don’t need millions and millions of customers with what you know, you could help, you know, dozens, hundreds, and for most of us, that’s all we need for our business.

What a great way to wrap up the podcast with some inspirational stuff. Tom, thank you so much for taking time to be on the show today. You provided lots of valuable information. Let’s just make sure you download all the great freebies he’s given away and of course go to my website, Nancy [inaudible] dot com slash systems to download your 100 proven systems you need to boost your results in your business. If you loved our show, please subscribe, rate and review on itunes so other people can find us, and until next time, go out and gain the advantage.

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