Podcasts and Video, What the Numbers Say

February 16,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

If you think you can roll out of bed and shuffle into your home office wearing a robe and a facemask to record your next podcast interview… you’re probably wrong. With 64 percent of interviews using video, it’s a good idea to wear something business-casual, at minimum on the top. The video may only be used for promotional purposes, but you should always be prepared for the world to see and hear you.

Having a video recording of your interview is an added perk!

It may take you a few more minutes to prepare for, but in the end, you’ll have double the content. Oftentimes hosts upload the video portion to their Facebook account or their YouTube channel, which means you’re reaching new audiences who may not listen to podcasts on the traditional platforms. Video recordings are also great for repurposing your content. You can use clips to hype the interview before it goes live. Or you can even use them in a speaker reel. Since most listeners download podcast episodes within the first thirty days, having that video recording is a great way to keep your audience engaged.

While not as popular as recorded interviews, 5.6 percent of interviews are live. Like video recordings, these types of interviews take a little more preparation since you don’t have the luxury of cleaning things up in edits. But as long as you know your material and give the audience engaging content, you have nothing to worry about!

If you’re unsure about whether an interview uses video recording or if the interview will be live, reach out to the host. If you’re an Interview Valet client, your account manager will have all the details!

The content from this blog was pulled from the State of Podcast Interviews Annual Report. You can get a copy the full report below.

State of Podcast Interviews report

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