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5 Ways a Virtual Book Tour Can Increase Your Book Sales

October 23,2017 / Blog / admin

A virtual book tour can be a powerful tool for any author wanting to reach an audience. Once upon a time, the best way to get in front of readers was to literally get in front of them. Authors would travel town to town visiting book sellers big and small. Now in today’s ever-connected digital world, you can get in front of thousands without ever leaving your house.

From social media marketing to email marketing to search engine marketing, sharing your story with others has never been easier. It’s also never been noisier. According to Cisco, we’re uploading information to the internet at breakneck speeds. How is an author supposed to get noticed in this noisy world?

Podcast interview marketing is one tool in the world of virtual book tour planning. Rather than yell above the noise or try to “break through” the noise, become part of the conversation with your ideal customers. The potential readers of your book are listening to podcasts. If you can take a tour of those podcasts, you can launch a virtual book tour. (more…)

Digital Book Tour aka Virtual Book Tour with Podcast Interviews

October 20,2017 / Blog / admin

What exactly is a digital book tour? How does this differ from a standard book tour, and how does an author get started?


It seems everything is digital now. Consumers cut their cable in lieu of streaming entertainment, we no longer fax but email, so many of use Facebook events instead of paper invitations and online bill pay is a standard feature almost everywhere. Even billboards have gone digital.

It makes sense in this light that a book tour the old way is out, and a digital book tour is in for authors. However… defining what that looks like is key. Does an author simply host webinars or Twitter chats about the book? Do you do Facebook lives every day to promote the book? Do you buy an email list? (more…)