Why Your Podcast Interviews Aren’t Converting

Why Your Podcast Interviews Aren’t Converting

Podcast interviews have proven to be a powerful marketing tool to grow a brand and your business. Leveraging other people’s audiences with podcast guesting can be used to drive sales, lead generation, and business development. Over the last 8 years, we’ve worked with over a thousand nonfiction authors, high-level coaches/consultants, and leading brands to drive […]

Sound Your Best With The Right Podcast Guest Equipment

Best Podcast Guest Equipment

It doesn’t matter how great your message is or if you are an industry leading expert, if you show up to a podcast guest interview with subpar equipment it will minimize your expertise. Sounding like a pro starts with the right equipment. There is reason that a professional microphone is part of our client welcome […]

Best Microphones for Podcast Guesting?

Best Microphones for Podcast Guesting

If you’re asking what kind of microphone is needed for going on podcasts, you’re moving in the right direction. It’s a question we’re asked at Interview Valet often. Whether it’s our own Certified Guests™ or hopeful podcast guests, sounding good tops the list of priorities for those thinking about podcast interview marketing. You have a ton […]