Want to be a Podcast Guest? Don’t do These 5 Things [VIDEO]

November 13,2017 / Blog / admin

When you want to be a podcast guest, you’ll need to keep a few “dos and don’ts” in mind. Check out the short video with 5 things to avoid to be a podcast guest.

be a podcast guest don't do these 5 things

Transcript: Hey this is Dan Moyle, the Inbound Evangelist with Interview Valet. And today we’re talking about how to be a podcast guest, and the 5 things that you need to avoid.

1) Don’t have an ego

Number one: Don’t have an ego. You might be a bestselling author in your niche; that doesn’t mean that everybody in that niche knows you. It doesn’t mean that anybody outside of that niche knows you. So don’t pull that, “Do you know who I am?” card. Act with humility. That’s a great rule of thumb in general, but especially for podcast hosts – they may not know who you are and that’s OK.

They may ask for a pre interview chat and that’s OK too. Maybe they will. No problem. Well look you know shows like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel and you know big shows, Good Morning America. The producers often asked for pre-interview chats and just so that they could get to know you have a couple of stories that complot for the host this kind of thing.  And if the podcast host asks for that. No worries don’t go in with the well I’ve been on 100 interviews don’t you know who I am. It’s no big deal – 15 minutes to share a couple of stories get to know him that’s going to make it a great interview.

2) Don’t worry

Number two: Don’t worry. You see these podcast hosts want great content and you are the subject matter expert you know your story. This is not “gotcha” journalism like we used to see on like 60 Minutes. This is a podcast host who wants the great content. You have your story for their listeners. You’re going bring value to them with this kind of thing right. So they’re going to ask you about your story. And who better to tell your story than you. So don’t worry so much.

3) Don’t skip the prep time

Number three on how to be a podcast guest and don’t do these things: Don’t skip the prep time. Even though you know your story go in with some preparation right. Make sure you understand first of all their audience. They call them something special. Make sure you know what kind of an interview it is. If it’s 20 minutes you may have to tell more concise stories if it’s 45 minutes. You’ve got a little more time to fill right. So prep time is very important.

Make sure maybe you know you have a few tips and tricks laid out. Because if they they ask you what you want you give our listeners. You don’t want to sit there and hem and haw and think “OK what do I need to say?” or whatever. So, know the show going in and be prepared. In fact one of the nice things is to know you listen a couple episodes or have a brief scene or something from that show that you know maybe they always ask one particular question. If you go in with “Wwell gosh I’ve never thought of that,” they know right away that you didn’t prepare so don’t skip the prep time.

4) Don’t skimp on the equipment

The fourth tip on what not to do in order to be a podcast guest don’t skimp on the equipment look amateur equipment. You know you’re buds with a microphone or a Bluetooth microphone, like Airpods sitting in a cafe. It’s not going to work right.  You want to have a nice microphone like an Audio-Technica microphone or something like that – something kind of decent. The one I’ve got right here is nice it’s only like $25, maybe $30 – not very expensive. You just want to make sure that you have good headphones now and that you can use maybe your ear buds but have a good microphone right. You need to be able to hear the host.

And finally a great Internet connection. If you go in with bad wifi and it’s all garbled they’re not going to like it. So be a good a great podcast guest by having professional equipment.

5) Don’t forget the promotion

Onto the fifth “not to do” tip here for you to be a podcast guest: Don’t forget the promotion. Like once this interview is all done and wrapped up in its live make sure you promote the heck out of it OK. Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, your email lists… ask your friends and family ask people to go and rate and review your episode and the podcast itself this kind of thing right. Some syndication platforms can do that. Make sure that you share the crap out of it OK. The promotion is so important not only does it help you with your episode but it helps the host and it gives that good feeling and a good connection with them right and then maybe they’ll want you back where they’ll tell their friends about it. So be a great podcast guest, by sharing those shows.

Get started!

Again I’m Dan Moyle with Interview Valet, we appreciate you watching. Here’s to podcasting together. Cheers.

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Getting Interviewed on Podcasts isn’t Magic

September 29,2017 / Blog / admin

We went to the Magic Capital of the World to bring you this idea… Getting Interviewed on Podcasts isn’t Magic! In fact, if you want to interview on podcast shows, it’s more about networking and bringing value than any “abracadabra” spells you might muster. Read over a few tips to help you get a podcast interview (or scroll down and watch the video):

  • Network – Get to now some of the podcasts & hosts you want to connect with, and learn what they want in a guest. Promote them, listen to them and develop a relationship as best you can. Once you begin a conversation, don’t be afraid to offer your expertise. They’re looking for guests – show them that you bring value to their audience.
  • Prepare – Prepare yourself to tell your story – it’s the reason you want to be on their podcast in the first place. Understand the host’s audience and their lingo.
  • Professionalism – From professional sound equipment and a quiet recording environment to showing up on time and prepared, a professional appearance helps build your reputation.
  • Tell, don’t sell – No one wants to subscribe to an infomercial. Let the host draw out the conversation and when their listeners fall in love with your story, you’ll be able to let them know where to learn more, where to connect with you and where to buy.
  • Give back – Once that first interview is done, others may begin to become a little easier to find. It helps when you’re a great guest after the show. Help them promote the show, leave them a review and thank them for their time. It’s amazing how far being nice will take you.

Watch the video Getting Interviewed on Podcasts isn’t Magic:

BONUS: What it takes to be a great podcast guest – right from the experts! The Turnkey Podcast featured several great hosts ( Lou Diamond, Phil Gerbyshak, Jeff Gibbard, Strickland Bonner and Doug Sandler) discuss what makes a great guest in a terrific forum setting. Take a listen and see what you can learn from seasoned podcast pros about podcast interview marketing.

Footnotes: Learn about Colon, MI here. Get to know Harry Blackstone, Sr.


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5 Website Trust Seals Vital to Podcast Guests

March 03,2016 / Blog / admin

If you want to super charge your marketing, there is no better way today than to talk directly to your ideal customers as a podcast guest. Marketing at its heart is starting the conversation with somebody that could be an ideal customer, and being on a podcast, being interviewed as an expert sets you up to talk to thousands or tens of thousands of people that can be ideal customers. The host often gives you softball questions. They prop you up as an expert. They want to make you look good, so they look good to their audience.

The host wants to help you, but you still need to do work on your part to make sure that when listeners come to your website, that it continues to build trust.  Success doesn’t come from just being on a podcast. Success comes consistently from the system you have in place to take people from being listeners, to visitors, to leads. Your website is a pivotal piece of the machine.  It will either build trust and move people along in the process, or it will kill the process right there.

We’ve learned many things from e-commerce about conversion rates that apply to being a podcast guest.


Here are five vital aspects that podcast guests can add to their websites to help listeners become leads.

Your Picture

It’s natural to want to know what someone looks like after you hear them.  If listeners arrive at the website to find no picture of the person, you have missed an opportunity to build the relationship.  Don’t use canned stock images of all the beautiful people smiling for no reason. They are fake. They’re not authentic. They destroy trust and confidence. You want to make sure that there is a professional image of yourself that’s consistent with your other branding.

About Us Page

Website analytics tells us the ‘about us’ page is often one of the most visited page on any website.  Studies show a high percentage of customers visited this page before completing a purchase.   Often it’s the same information on the one-page pitch sheet you gave the podcast host to get booked initially.

The ‘about us’ page is not about you.  Rather it tells the visitor what you can do for them. Failure to have an about us page can communicate that you are more focused on the transaction than the long term relationship.

Social Media

It’s 2016; people expect others to be on social media.  Especially if you are an expert they heard online.  Ensure your website has social media icons that link back to your profiles.  You don’t need to be every social media. If your customers aren’t on a platform, neither should you.

For anyone focused on the business-to-business market or offering a professional service /product, you’ll be expected to have a basic LinkedIn profile. Make sure that with one click from your website, visitors can find you elsewhere online. On Linkedin, they can read your entire resume.  They can see to whom you are connected and who you follow. They can quickly validate what they heard on the podcast is consistent with what they find online.

The Footer

Scroll to the bottom of any web page. Here you will find a major pass/fail litmus test on trust. Is the date of the copyright current? If not it’s a warning sign that the site is not up to date either. The other trust seal people look for is the physical address, or, at least, a P. O. Box, city and state. Visitors want to know you are real. They want to know who they’re dealing with, where they are. When you don’t have a location, people may assume the worst: you could be a foreign scam.

Customer Testimonials

When podcast listeners visit your website, do they see customer testimonials?  We all say great things about ourselves, but what do our customers say? A site that doesn’t include testimonials can be a trust killer.

Visitors realize that we post our best customers testimonials. What does it say if none exist?  New visitors want to see and hear from somebody that looks like them; that has a company, or business, or life like them. They want to be able to relate to an individual that has said good things about your product or service. If you can get a picture of that person along with their name, and their company, along with some place that the visitor could click to and realize, “Yes, this is a real person,” you will see your conversion rates sky-rocket!

Ezra Firestone talked about this fact in e-commerce conversions. Having an image of a person’s face and a testimonial near any call to action helps people get over the fear of clicking. It can even lessen the fear of buyer’s remorse.

We don’t work with companies; we work with people. We choose to work with people we know, like, and trust. We only buy from people we trust.

If people aren’t engaging with you on your website, it’s often not because of your product. They haven’t even experienced the product. The roadblock is that they don’t trust you enough to give you their email address. They don’t trust you enough to put in their credit card.

As a podcast guest, you’ve already talked to them for 30 to 45 minutes Once they arrive at your website let’s make sure you do everything possible to move that relationship along.  These five trust factors can further build rapport to show visitors that you are the expert that can solve their problem. You can make their life better, and all they have to do is take this next step.