The Team

The Team

Interview Valet is a geographically diverse team based throughout the United States. We believe in attracting the best talent, leveraging the most modern technology, and using the proven systems to provide a consistent experience of excellence. Today work is what you do, not where you go.

We firmly believe this modern structure provides the clients and podcasters we serve around the world unmatched reliability, access, and convenience.  Business today is 365 24/7, not M-F 9-5 Eastern Time

You are the guest, we take care of the rest.

Tom Schwab B&W SQ_preview

Tom Schwab Chief Evangelist Officer


Melanie Bierlein Onboarding Success Coordinator


Jayme Richardson Client Account Manager Lead (Mississippi)

katie brooks bnw

Katie Brooks Lead Podcast Relationship Manager (New York)


Rosie Stewart Podcast Relationship Manager
(New York)


Karen Schwab Podcast Relationship Manager (Michigan)


Heather Tieben Podcast Relationship Manager

Drew Schweppe

Drew Schweppe Podcast Relationship Manager

Todd Betzold

Todd Betzold Podcast Relationship Manager

Justine Battiste-Lafond

Justine Battiste-Lafond Podcast Relationship Manager
(North Carolina)

Sam Berry

Sam Berry Customer Success

Marvin Labajo

Marvin Labajo Assistant to CEO

Stephanie Sickenger

Stephanie Sickenger Client Account Manager

Terri Shrader B&W SQ

Terri Shrader Client Account Manager

Ashley Shepherd

Ashley Shepherd Client Account Manager

tommye cummings bw

Tommye Cummings Client Account Manager


Janna Welch Graphic Design
(New Hampshire)

amanda marlar b-n-w

Amanda Marlar Administrative Support