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Terry Lammers


Sell Your Business | Buy a Business Business Valuations and Exit Planning

Terry Lammers grew up watching his parents run their own company in the fuel & lubricants industry, and eventually came on as a full-time employee in the early 90’s and took over as president of the company. In just 8 years, Tri-County Petroleum had purchased 11 different companies, growing Terry’s family business from $750,000 annual sales to over $40 million when the company was sold in 2010. Today, as founder and CEO of Innovative Business Advisors, Terry taps into his financial expertise and hands-on business experience to advise and guide prospective business owners who are interested in buying, as well as current business owners looking to sell their enterprises.

In his new book, You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know, Terry provides an in-depth examination of the process of buying, growing, and eventually selling a business. Through Terry’s guidance, business owners and aspiring business owners are sure to walk away with a wealth of knowledge and advice to lead them down the path to business success in every stage.

Terry Can Talk To Your Audience About:

  • Forget sales & profits; focus instead on cash flow & gross margin... and here’s why
  • How to use acquisitions to fuel your growth
  • 10 things you need to have in place to sell your company in just 6 weeks
  • 5 simple tips to avoid a nasty tax hit during a sale
  • 3 potential drawbacks of not having a non-compete clause
  • Crucial conversations: how to tell your employees you’re selling up
  • Strategically positioning your company for sale in 7 steps