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Tevis Trower
Balance Integration Corporation


Empowering Organizations to Create Winning Corporate Culture

Tevis Trower is a pioneer in optimizing corporate cultures. Heralded in bestselling Megatrends 2010 as “corporate mindfulness guru for the new millennium”, Tevis has assisted powerful organizations ranging from Disney to Morgan Stanley in optimizing their most precious assets: human beings. She has created and facilitated global executive immersions for prestigious organizations including Harvard Business Review Events, Young Presidents Organization, PWC, Bloomberg LP, Viacom, Google and The Economist on issues including mindfulness, executive lifestyle, personal mastery, innovation, and the role of consciousness in creating radical success.

You can find profiles and expert advice from Tevis featured in respected media outlets including Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Glamour, YogaJournal, CIO, Pink, RealSimple, Crain’s, New York Post, Financial Times, WWD, New York Observer, MSNBC, FoxBusiness, NY1 and Martha Stewart. As NYU Faculty teaching Business Creativity & Personal Mastery, Tevis has also served as work-life expert to WebMD and Huffington Post. Tevis lives what she teaches spending time in NYC, Montauk, and Woodstock, enjoying surfing, snowboarding, and entertaining friends at home with her dachshund, Ruby.

Tevis Can Talk To Your Audience About:

  • Impostor syndrome: why people are unable to be themselves and fully contribute at work
  • 5 ways to create a culture supporting resilience in the workplace
  • The underside of engagement: how high performers can actually be stunting the engagement of others in an organization
  • How to establish a foundation of trust in an organization, and how this impacts wage equality, #metoo, diversity/inclusion
  • 3 ways to sneak in self-care on a busy day
  • 5 tips for designing no-cost employee engagement programs