The 3 Big Myths That Are Killing Your Results as a Podcast Guest

3 big myths most podcast guests believe but in reality they are killing your results.

Everyone wants results, but not everyone is willing to take the steps they need to ensure they see the results they deserve. There’s more to leveraging podcast marketing than getting on all the biggest and most popular shows. Recording the interview is just the first step. You–and the host–are responsible for making sure your message is heard.

Myth #1: The more interviews the better.

In our experience, the better the interview is, the better the results will be. That’s not to say guest-storming and book tours don’t work–our clients will attest to the fact that they do–but attempting to be on a hundred or more podcasts a month is only going to burn you out. Our clients get the best results with focus. They connect with one ideal podcast host a week, or perhaps a few times a month. This gives our clients the ability to research the show, learn more about the host, and deliver quality content to their audience.

Myth #2: Bigger is better

Our motto continues to be: better is better. We get the best results by targeting our client’s ideal audience. Numbers in podcasting are largely unreliable and most of the time unavailable. Whether a podcast has a million downloads or a thousand, our goal is always to get our clients in front of the audience that will benefit from their message. After all, it only takes one person–not a number or a statistic– to create a domino effect of success.

Myth #3: It’s the host’s job to promote the interview

It’s your job too! If your focus is getting results, promoting your podcast episode is the best way to make sure your message is being heard. Being a guest on a podcast is ultimately a partnership. You’re trusting the host with your message, and the host is trusting you to bring quality content that their audience will benefit from. Promoting the interview is not only good for results, but it also helps foster the relationship with the host. Ultimately, it’s a kind gesture that will help you stick out in their mind when it comes time to rerun an episode during the summer or holidays.

Changing your mindset when it comes to podcast marketing will help guarantee your success.

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