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March 24,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

It was in 2014 when our founder and CEO, Tom Schwab, thought about the benefits of leveraging podcast interview marketing. The way people consume information was evolving.

Guest blogging was on the decline, but the benefits of it were still there:

  1. Tap into an established audience.
  2. Gain authority from a creator.
  3. Capture valuable backlinks.

After a lot of trials and tribulations, it became obvious to Tom that people loved the idea of podcast guesting, but they didn’t want to do the footwork to get on podcasts. And that’s when it became clear that a service was crucial to the success of podcast guest marketing.

Filling A Void

Interview Valet was the first concierge-level podcast booking agency. Our clients come on through an onboarding process that establishes goals, expectations, and target audience. Our Podcast Relationship Managers then take that information to introduce them to podcasts that fit within that criteria. Once we get an invitation, our Client Account Manager sends the scheduling details to the client to book a time to record the interview. Our Certified Guests are given everything they need to show up prepared for an amazing interview.

You Are The Guest, We Take Care Of The Rest

We’ve had hundreds of clients on thousands of podcasts and the evidence is clear – podcast guest marketing works. With the help of the leading guesting agency, Interview Valet, you can streamline your success by being heard on podcasts across the world.

Interview Valet used the Podcast Interview Lifecycle to get where we are today. You can get a copy of that full report below.

Podcast Interview Lifecycle

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