Why Guesting On Podcasts Is A Marketing Must

The Power Of Podcasting

Podcasting is storytelling. It’s ageless, making it an easy component to incorporate into your marketing strategy, particularly as a guest.

Our Founder, Tom Schwab, recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the Lochhead on Marketing podcast with Christopher Lochhead where they discussed the advantages of breaking into the golden age of podcasting.

In this world of abundance, breaking through the noise can be a challenge. Podcast guesting is a great way to do that right now.

Podcast listeners are choosing to tune in to what you have to say. They are interested. They want to listen to the conversation between the podcast host and guest. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and meet them where they are.

Who Can Benefits from Podcast Guesting?

Whether you are an author, an executive, or an entrepreneur, you can benefit from podcasting. Guesting on a podcast that targets a group you want to connect with gives you exposure, and with exposure comes opportunity. “I don’t understand why more executives don’t have podcast guesting as a key part of their overall marketing strategy,” says Tom.

Podcast interviews are an easy and scalable way to go deeper. It’s especially easy when you have the right tools and a guide to help you along the way, which is the heart of what we do here at Interview Valet.

Traditional Media Appearances vs Podcast Guesting

Some businesses overshoot by aiming for exposure on traditional media. Lochhead speaks about this from firsthand experience, having made multiple appearances on TV. “Traditional media can give you massive reach,” Tom says, “but there’s very few of us that are going to be on traditional media for more than a few minutes. But on a podcast, you can get into deep meaningful conversation.”

The TV exposure is wonderful, but you’re on for a couple minutes at most, in addition to time spent traveling and attending the recording. Guesting on a podcast, however, has little to no cost and gives you about an hour of exposure each time to share your unique expertise.

“People know and care who Christopher Lochhead is; they don’t care so much who I am,” says Tom. “Being on your podcast, I am now associated with you. You, a credible source, have vetted me and determined I was worth your credibility to be on your show, so that in turn gives me credibility.”

“You’re tapping into an audience, getting that “like” and trust by getting introduced by someone they already know,” says Tom. “The other thing too is, if you do a live speech, it’s really hard to repurpose that content. If you do a podcast interview, you can use the transcript to make blogs.”

Audiences Want More

Customers today want to know the heart behind the brand, which perfectly aligns with what podcasting is: an intimate conversation. Having people that can get out there and be a part of the conversation is where you can really build that lifetime value with a customer.

You can guest on a podcast from anywhere in the world. The only limit you have is the availability of a stable network connection. Morgan Wright, a renowned speaker and frequent podcast guest, loves that he can just tune in from his phone or computer without having that long commute to and from interview sites.

Every interview is an asset. An asset that business owners are creating and leaving like breadcrumbs for their target audience to find. Podcast guesting is a great resource for busy business owners to use. Taking the time to do a single podcast interview can generate a ton of content for blogs, Facebook posts, and radio. In many cases, this content gets promoted by other people to their respective OPAs, making awareness for your brand to grow.

Don’t Sell!

Lochhead says don’t sell, “Just be yourself and talk about your area of expertise. The worst thing you can do on a podcast is to come off as overly salesy,” and we have to agree.

In fact, the best way to sell on a podcast is to not sell at all. Instead, focus on earning the trust, “like,” and respect of listeners so that when they have a need for your product or service, you are the first place they look. The legendary guest stays on topic and focuses on areas of expertise, ideas, and stories about their business. Radical generosity dictates that you, as a guest, should be giving more than you take. If you are an engaging guest, listeners will be drawn to seek you out after the episode.

Choosing A Podcast

Choosing a podcast is easy. Simply seek out podcasts that serve your target market, then reach out to the host with a pitch detailing what you could bring to the podcast as a guest. This can be difficult to break into. That is what we help our Certified GuestsTM do here at Interview Valet. We do all the heavy lifting for them. We help them prepare to have an engaging conversation that will be consumed by thousands of dedicated listeners.

When you work with Interview Valet, we’ll help you schedule interviews around times that are convenient for you with hosts that are well known in your industry markets. All the legwork for preparation will be easy and simple with our streamlined processes. Interview Valet’s all-inclusive system empowers clients with interview preparation, Certified Guest™ training, and personalized attention that ensures you, the podcast guest and host, the best experience in the podcast industry. All you need to do is show up.

If you’re ready to start guesting on podcasts, book a call with us today.

Listen to Locchead and Tom’s full conversation here.

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