5 Ways To Get Paid for Every Interview

get paid for podcast interviews
Carrie Wilkerson’s 5 C’s of Getting Paid for Every Interview

Earlier this year we had the privilege of The Barefoot Executive, Carrie Wilkerson, joining us on our live discussion How Coaches & Consultants Can Grow With Podcast Interviews. Carrie is the queen of understanding the power of leveraging other people’s audiences to gain credibility and authority in your industry. But there is a difference between talking for the sake of talking and talking strategically to grow your business.

She recognized early on that podcasting, like any other speaking platform, is an investment. Whether that investment is time, money, or exposure. Carrie has identified what she calls the 5 C’s of getting paid to speak. Whether you are taking over physical stages or digital ones, every speaking opportunity can lead to payment in some form. If optimized correctly, interviews and speaking engagements can provide substantial exposure and revenue for decades to come.

Carrie’s 5 Cs Of Getting Paid For Every Interview

1| Cash

The most obvious source of revenue and the ultimate goal for any public speaker likely landing paid speaking events. Podcast interviews are a great lead into landing paid speaking engagements. It gives you the opportunity to fine tune your public speaking skills and hone your message, while also gaining exposure and credibility by association.

2| Contacts

When speaking on a podcast, you are able to leverage the host’s audience. This opens you up to a whole new audience and database of people who you can potentially serve or work with in the future. This is why taking great consideration into the podcasts you interview on is so important. You want to interview on podcasts who’s audience matches your ideal customer.

3| Contracts

If your business model serves it’s customers through programs or contracts then podcast interviews are a great platform to do so. Podcast listeners have already opted in to the messaging you are sharing. Marketing your message to the right audience is a sure-fire way to increase your sales. Our database shows it generates a shortened sales cycle, higher initial engagement, and higher lifetime value.

4| Content

You can find interviews Carrie did 20 years ago during a quick Google search. That’s because interviews naturally create evergreen content. Each interview you do can easily be repurposed into social media posts, blogs, videos, newsletters, sizzle reels, or books. Plus it provides added value and content to keep your audience engaged and your message alive.

5| Credibility

When you interview on a podcast you are sharing a stage with that host on their show, giving you an immediate credibility boost by associating with them. You also gain credibility by association of past and future guests on that show. It helps to establish you as a trusted voice in your industry.

Before your next interview, on the physical or digital stage, consider what your ultimate goal with that speaking engagement is. What are you hoping the investment of your time will result in? Cash, contacts, contracts, content, or credibility? Podcast interviews are often not the ultimate goal, they are a vehicle to reach the goal. But it must be done in a strategic, meaningful way. Establish what you’re looking for, focus your energy, and the revenue will come.

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