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We realized early on that our best clients are busy. They are non-fiction authors, coaches, consultants, speakers, and entrepreneurs for whom the idea of adding something else to their workload is not the answer to their problems. They are looking for someone to help them be the guest and take care of the rest.

As one client pleaded “Sinatra only sang.” Others did the rest of the important behind the scenes work, allowing him to show up and show off his area of expertise. Like Sinatra our client wanted to be the guest and show off his expertise, and have take care of all the rest. Which is what our clients receive with our podcast interview marketing services.

We find you the perfect shows

we cordinate the scheduling

we teach you best practices

We prepare you for each interview so you show up prepared and confident

we turn listeners into leads with custom welcome pages for each interview

we help you promote your interviews on social media

Get Heard by your target audience

Your product is great. Your service is phenomenal. You could help thousands of your ideal customers but you have one major problem.  They don’t know you exist.

It’s getting harder and harder to break through the noise and yelling louder will only add to it.

But joining the conversation your ideal clients have self-selected to hear by a trusted voice speaks volumes.

a proven system that works

Our Certified Guests get more results with less efforts from podcast interviews through our exclusive targeted matching algorithm.

Targeted podcast interviews have been proven to shorten the sales cycle, produce higher initial engagement, reduce churn, and produce more lifetime value.

This is because hearing a guest on a podcast allows your listeners get to know you through a trusted source. They have already established the know-like-trust factor.

Aaron Walker View From The Top

Before my first podcast interview, customers couldn’t find me with a bloodhound. Even though I’d tried a bunch of things like my business was in the witness protection program. From my first podcast interview, I got traffic leads and paying customers. Within the first year, it worked so well I filled up all my 1 on 1 coaching spots, launched 7 paid mastermind groups and a paid community. my podcast interviews have led to paid speaking invitations, a book, and relationships with the movers and shakers.

Aaron Walker

Coach, Author, Mastermind: View From The Top