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Reinventing Guest Blogging
Steven, Melissa, & Alan recap their discussion with Tom Schwab, Founder of Interview Valet. Listen to the Original Interview (54[...]
Want to be a Podcast Guest? Don’t do These 5 Things [VIDEO]
When you want to be a podcast guest, you'll need to keep a few "dos and don'ts" in mind. Check[...]
The 55 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
The most successful entrepreneurs are always improving, always learning. One way to learn constantly is to learn from others in[...]
5 Ways Inbound Marketing with Podcasts Beats Guest Blogging
Why does inbound marketing with podcasts beat guest blogging? First, let's look at why guest blogging is in our sites.[...]
The 7 Secrets to Getting an Interview on a Podcast
Podcast interview marketing is one tool in a marketer's tool box - or anyone wanting to reach a new audience.[...]
The 30 Best Podcasts for Speakers
The most successful professional speakers look to improve and find inspiration as they grow. Check out this great list of[...]
Outreach Marketing: Finding a New Audience Through Podcasts
Outreach marketing focuses on being relevant and authentic rather than simply building "the biggest network" through high numbers of followers[...]
How Podcasts Help Authors with Book Promotion
In an age of constant advertising and promotional noise - from digital billboards distracting us to a constant stream of[...]
5 Examples of Interview Connections Turning into More Podcast Interviews
Getting that first podcast interview is crucial - and not always easy. The good thing is that once you've put[...]
Why You Can’t Get Featured on Podcasts
What am I doing wrong? Why can't I get featured on podcasts? It's a frustration for many speakers, authors and[...]
5 Ways a Virtual Book Tour Can Increase Your Book Sales
A virtual book tour can be a powerful tool for any author wanting to reach an audience. Once upon a[...]
Digital Book Tour aka Podcast Interview Marketing
What exactly is a digital book tour? How does this differ from a standard book tour, and how does an[...]
I Changed My Marketing Strategy: I Now Get Interviewed on Podcasts
A stale marketing strategy with tactics everyone else uses can be a death sentence to growth. Doing "the same old[...]
5 Tips to Get on Podcasts as a Guest
If you've realized the potential ROI as a podcast guest for your brand or business, you may be struggling to[...]
10 Podcast Interviews That Just May Rock Your World
Finding the best podcast interviews can be a serendipitous adventure, or a deliberate feat. Sometimes it's a social media post,[...]
5 Reasons Podcast Interview Marketing Beats Guest Blogging
Blogging is not dead. Let's be clear on that - the written word is still important and so many companies[...]
77 Pieces of Advice for Podcast Guests from Hosts
When setting out to tell the story of the state of podcast interviews, we asked each respondent to give advice[...]
How to Find Podcast Interviews That Convert New Listeners
New listeners are like gold to a podcast host. Building an audience takes time and effort. For shows that feature[...]
How to be a Great Podcast Guest
After you've decided podcast interview marketing is good for your business and you've scored that podcast interview, you may be[...]
Inbound Marketing with Podcasts: What Does HubSpot Say?
The category king of inbound marketing (HubSpot) sees podcast interview marketing as a great new marketing tool for brands and[...]
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