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You are the guest, we do the rest. This includes all of the important though sometimes time-consuming tasks like Identifying the perfect shows, introducing you to the host, coordinating times and details, preparing you for each interview, continual optimization to ensure you get the best results on every podcast appearance.

We are not just a podcast booking service. Getting an interview connection to a podcast host is something you can do yourself or hire a VA to do for you. With over 2 million podcasts getting an interview is not the challenge. Your challenge is getting real business results: Turning their listeners into your customers.

We are the leader in Podcast Interview Marketing (PIM), the strategy of using targeted podcast interviews to drive more traffic, better leads, and ideal clients. Interview Valet is the recognized leader in PIM. We provide every step:

  • Certified Guest™ Success Setup
  • Perfect Podcast Algorithm™
  • Progression of listener to customer
  • Promoting and Repurposing to maximize every appearance.

We do everything but the Performance. This is where our Certified Guests™ excel. We provide you with the training, feedback, and best practices for you to reach your goals and maximize your results. Including practice interviews if you’re new to podcast guesting.

Just getting an interview connection is easy. You could do this yourself or get a VA service. Interviews are fuel for the engine. The real business results come from using a proven process, an engine.

This process is a proven strategy for success. Much like making a cake, if you leave out an ingredient or two but you won’t like the result.

The goal is not getting on a podcast, it’s driving real business results from targeted interviews. We provide real business results, not just connections.

Annual campaigns start at $1,200 USD a month.

Our pricing is more than a simple booking service would ask and a fraction of what a Public Relations firm would demand. 

All pricing is based on guaranteed delivery.  We get paid for results, not efforts. 

There are over 2 million podcasts. Most are a complete waste of your time.

Our system focuses on getting you featured on podcasts with a large number of your ideal buyer.

We work with podcasts in the top 20% based on downloads. Established podcasts with show notes, backlinks, and social media promotion. Podcasts that will be consistent with your brand. Podcasts you will be proud to be associated with. Seeing results from podcast interview marketing is a function of a targeted focus and plan. We use the Perfect Podcast Algorithm™ to get our clients featured on podcasts that drive results.

Getting on a podcast is easy. Getting on the right podcast is tough work. We do that work so that every interview produces real results.

If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense. There are no long-term commitments.

Some campaigns last a short time, typically one quarter:

  • Virtual Book Tour Book
  • New Podcast Launch 
  • Podcast Boost 
  • Product, Service, or Event Launch

Other campaigns may benefit from ongoing interviews over 2 or more quarters

  • Fill My Funnel 
  • Brand Builder
  • SEO Backlink 
  • Executive Exposure

Campaigns are designed around clients’ specific needs.

While other focus on selling more interviews, we focus on delivering results.

Patience is a virtue….but it’s not one we have.

Our clients want results and value their time.

The initial Certified Guest™ Success Setup is completed in one week then we introduce you to ideal hosts. Invitations typically arrive within 10 days. Then a time to record is scheduled based on your and the host’s availability.

Note: The best podcasts are like doctors’ offices and restaurants – if there isn’t a waiting list there is a reason and a reason you don’t want to be there.

It’s not where you are located, but where your ideal clients are located. We’ve intentionally built relationships, expertise, and unique knowledge in four key areas:

  • Business
  • Faith & Spirituality
  • Health, Nutrition, and Fitness
  • Real Estate & Investing

We work with leading:

  • Brands
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches / Consultants
  • Speakers
  • Non-Fiction Authors
  • Finance/Investors


Everything we do for the podcast host is FREE.

There are a number of reasons for this

First, the host is doing the guest a service by allowing them to tap into their audience.

Second, we see it as a huge potential conflict of interest to be working for (taking money) from both the guest and the host. We always represent the guest, our client, and look out for their best interest.  The podcast host benefits as a result.

We serve the host but we do not charge the host. Working both sides of the microphone presents a clear conflict of interest that both parties should avoid. We exclusively work for and represent our client, the guest. While we provide a valuable service to hosts by introducing them to Certified Guests™, we do not charge or accept a fee. Our client’s best interests are always paramount.

If your established podcast is in the areas of

  • Business
  • Faith & Spirituality
  • Health-Nutrition-Wellness

We’d love to learn more about your show, goals, and ideal guests.  Then we can recommend guests that might be a great fit.

You can share all the details for your show here.  A member of the team will promptly respond.


We love to work with other agencies: Marketing Agencies, Digital Agencies, even PR Agencies.  If you have clients that could benefit from tapping into podcasts for traffic, leads, and visibility we should talk. Since this is all we do, we are the expert partners, not a potential competitor that could take your client.  Podcast Interview Marketing is our Zone Of Genius. It’s all we do.

Affiliate agreements and sub-contracting arrangements are available.