7 Keys to a Perfect Landing Page for a Podcast Guest

The goal of being a podcast guest is to convert listeners to customers.  You must get the podcast listeners back to your site so that you can engage, nurture and convert them.  Instead of just sending them to the generic home page, to maximize the conversion rate all listeners should be directed to a specific landing page on your site.

Why is a dedicated page necessary?

  • It builds trust. You cared enough about those listeners to build a page just for them.
  • It confers authority. When the listener sees the nameandn image of the podcast they already know, it will act as social proof.
  • It’s consistent.  The offers, text and message is exactly what they heard.  Podcasts are evergreen, meaning a new listener could consume the content years after the episode initially airs.  While your home page will likely change iwth time, this dedicated landing page will remain consistent.
  • It directs visitors to ensure they see exactly what you want them to see. If you have multiple offers over time, they see just what you talked about.

landing page podcast guest interview

The 7 Steps of the Perfect Landing Page Are

1. Podcast Show Name

Ensure they see the name of the podcast first thing on the page.  They most likely already know, respect and trust the podcast  more than your site.  Placing this high on the page ensures they know they are at the right place and you get credibility by association with the show.

2.  Display navigation

A true Landing Page does not have navigation.  It is sometimes called a Squeeze Page (I detest that term and the lack of respect it shows for the visitor). The goal is to force them to take action you want, not to look around the site.  Our goal is a podcast guest is to greet them but not limit them. Most likely they will explore your “About” page and testimonials.  If they want to go directly to “Work with Me” don’t slow them down.

3. Podcast Image

Images are more powerful than words. Use an image of the host of podcast logo that they will immediately recognize and connect.

4. A generic greeting

Many people will just skim the text, but here it the opportunity to:

  • Say something nice about the host (the visitor’s friend)
  • Remind them of what you discussed on the podcast interview
  • Talk about your passion, who you serve and what you do.
  • Invite them to connect.
dan miller tom schwab podcast guest interview
Tom Schwab with Dan Miller, host of #1 Podcast on Personal Development

5. Your Picture

Many of the people who visit your website will have no idea what you look like.  They have only heard you.  Visiting your site could be as much about claiming the valuable offer you made as it is about putting a face to the voice.  Ensure your picture is warm, friendly and consistent with the brand.

Bonus: If you have a picture with you and the podcast host USE IT!

6. Social Sharing

Make sharing the content they found easy by clicking links to various social media.  If they are your ideal customer they will likely know other ideal customers.

7.  Images of the Offers

On the podcast, you mentioned 1 to 3 valuable pieces of content the listener could get at your website.  The offer could be a checklist, ebook, online calculator or anything that is valuable only to your ideal customers (don’t offer a chance to win an Apple iPad, if everyone who wants an Apple iPad is not your IDEAL DREAM customer.  Studies have show that images convert (are clicked on) more widely than just text.  These images can be made easily made in  Canva or PowePoint.  You can also have them made at Odesk or Fiverr.  These images are the bait to getting an email address and starting a conversation.

A dedicated landing page is the first vital step in converting a visitor to a lead.  This allows you to build more trust and nurture the relationship to a lifetime of mutual value…that all started by being a podcast guest.