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Welcome.  If you are here it’s because you are apart of AMI.  Drew has been a friend and mentor as we’ve grown Interview Valet into the category king of Podcast Interview Marketing.

When he invited us to put together some special offers exclusive to the AMI community it was an easy HECK YES!

Marketing at its core is starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer. Today there is no better way to do this than on podcasts. The easiest way is being a guest.


Do clients want more high converting traffic?

Content is the fuel that drives our online sales and marketing engines.

To a business owner writing a blog can feel like homework. Getting interviewed on a podcast is an honor.  What client doesn’t like to talk about their industry, company, or ideas?

You make it easy for them.  We make it easy for you.

Our 5 Step Podcast Interview Marketing system maximizes the ROI of your time and money.

  1. Prospecting: We find the shows that matter.
  2. Pitching: We get the host to say YES!
  3. Preparation: We ensure the guest and the host are ready for a mutually beneficial conversation.
  4. Performance: We provide your client with the professional equipment and the training to crush every interview.
  5. Progression: We help you move ideal prospects from being passive listeners, to active visitors, to engaged leads.

"Instead of trying to break through the noise, just get in on the conversations that your ideal prospects are already listening."

Tom Schwab founder and CEO interview valet

yes, Yes, HECK YES

Why Podcast Interviews:

  • Podcasting is the fastest growing platform
  • Listeners tend to be above average income and education
  • Podcast convert 25x better than blogs.
  • Interviews provide faster results with better ROI.
  • Evergreen content: An investment not a spend.
  • Content can easily be repurposed.
  • Higher quality leads as they have self-selected.
  • Sales tend to close faster.
  • Clients enjoy them. Podcast interviews are fun, new, & cutting edge.

Why Interview Valet:

  • Unique expertise in Podcast Interview Marketing.
  • Geographically remote team of 16 all in the US.
  • We represent over 90 top brands, consultants, authors, and speakers.
  • We have existing relationships in the podcasting community.
  • We can do it better, faster, & less expensively than you can do it in house.
  • Podcast Interview Marketing is all we do.  We are your partner, not your competition.

Did you know..

3 Calls To Action convert best on podcast interviews

The yesYes, & HECK YES meets listeners where they are.

It moves them from being a passive listener to an active visitor to an engaged lead.

Our Success Is In Our System!

Listen to Drew & Tom Discuss Podcast Interview Marketing

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why podcasting is so relevant today
  • The benefit of being a podcast guest
  • How Tom’s clients are able to sell being on podcasts to their own clients
  • Benefits of podcasting over other forms of content
  • Why podcast traffic converts 25x better than blogs
  • Predicting success with Message x Market X Machine
  • What you (or your clients) need to be a great podcast guest
  • The podcasting niches that Tom focuses: Business, Faith/Christianity, Heath/Nutrition/Wellness
  • Things you can do right now to put these ideas in place
  • How Interview Valet helps agencies look good