Welcome Friend of Carrie

Carrie Wilkerson

Carrie has been a friend of Interview Valet for over a decade after meeting our founder Tom Schwab in a mastermind program.

She has always stood out as one of the most genuine, caring, and wisest business minds in the room. If you are a friend of Carrie, you are in good company. 

We believe that marketing at its core is starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer. Today there is no better way to do this than on podcasts. The easiest way is being a guest.

The fact that you are here, proves how the system works.

You get booked on great shows your ideal customers already listen to
You tell your story. they get to know like and trust you
Listeners that resonate with what you have to offer visit your site
You turn listeners into leads and build trust with free downloads
It’s not magic. It’s a system we have tested and optimized. It can work for you.

One thing is certain: Your future customers will be listening to podcasts.

The only question is if they will be hearing you or your competitor.

We invite you to contact us through the booking link below to get started with your own podcast interview marketing journey.



Listen in on this candid conversation between Carrie and Tom Schwab on the fastest way to fill your stadium, build your audience, and grow your list by leveraging Other People’s Audiences (OPAs).