Aaron Walker

A View From the Top
Aaron Walker is a professional life and business coach. With 30 years in the brick and mortar businesses, online marketing was new to him. While he started with blogging and social media, he was frustrated by the slow results. In the Fall of 2014, he began to use podcast interviews to grow his business. With incredible success.

Summary Executive
Solopreneur business and life coach used podcast interviews as a marketing strategy to connect with his ideal listeners. Starting in August 2014, he sees the immediate increase in website traffic, leads and customers. Demand is so strong that he increases prices and adds paid group masterminds and paid online community. After 18 months his efforts have resulted in a monthly recurring revenue more than $40k/mo. Podcast interviews also resulted in affiliate opportunities, online course, book and speaking events.

Aaron Walker View From The Top


While Aaron was well known in his area of Nashville, TN, prior to his first podcast interviews he admits it sometimes felt like he was “in the witness protection program” and “customers couldn’t find me with a bloodhound” outside of his geographic location. He had tried many ways to expand beyond his location but kept hitting roadblocks.

Which is why he turned to Interview Valet. A series of targeted brand-builder podcast interviews allowed Aaron to talk to his ideal audience regardless of zip code. Aaron saw results from his very first interview which generated traffic leads and paying customers. This exposure also caught the attention of publishers, which landed him his first book deal and the successful launch of his book View From The Top: Living A Life of Significance.

"If I would have had the system that Interview Valet uses today when I started 18 months ago, I’m sure I would have seen better results, faster with less input."



Aaron saw increased traffic within the first month of initiating the podcast guest strategy. It continued and shows an inflection point near the 12-month point (hockey stick). No paid traffic was ever used.

Monthly traffic increased consistently:

5x the first month
15x by the first year 23x by the first 18 months
23x by the first 18 months

Traffic breakdown at 12 months was:

Direct: 49% (to welcome pages)
Organic: 21% (increased with increased backlinks)
Referral: 11% (from podcast site)
Social: 11%
Email: 8%
Paid: 0% (Never Used)

Increased Leads – List

With a visitor to lead conversion rate 25x better than blogs, traffic typically converted at 25 – 50%. After people had heard Aaron Walker for 30 minutes, when they came to the site they arrived ready to engage.

Note: This graph shows list as of January 2016. All contacts that unsubscribed were immediately removed from the list. A large percentage of listeners who heard Aaron on a podcast were still receiving and engaging in weekly email nurturing after a year.

The client produced a recurring monthly revenue of >$40k within 12 months after investing approximately 120 hours in interviews. Based on current Interview Valet rates, he would have invested $35k for a payback time on his investment of less than one month.

*Note: this was an early client where we both learned much, continually improving the process.