Fitness Business Development Expert

Bryce Henson

Bryce Henson is the CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, the world’s fastest-growing fitness boot camp franchise. His nearly 20 years of Fitness Business and leadership development experience have allowed him to drive his company’s mission, to inspire fitness and change in lives. Overseeing the successful launch of hundreds of gyms and serving tens of thousands of clients, he has done exactly that. The unique business ownership opportunities have enabled him to pursue his personal mission: to support franchise partners with leadership development and to effectively grow their income through impact.


With the incorporation of podcast guesting into their marketing strategy, Bryce successfully amplified his brand exposure through a series of targeted podcast interviews. Leveraging the power of other people’s audiences, he effectively communicated compelling stories of Fit Body Boot Camp’s successes and business opportunities to new prospective franchisees who were already interested in the topic of business ownership and fitness. This approach not only contributed to brand growth but also as an authoritative voice in the fitness and franchising space.

Bryce Henson interview valet case study


Being a forward thinker in business and expansion Bryce recognized Fit Body Boot Camp was ready to enter a new level of marketing and gaining brand awareness. He sought to incorporate podcast interview marketing as part of that strategy. With the intention of sharing the unique story of Fit Body Boot Camp and their path to expansive success, in addition to the success stories of their clientele who have seen positive change in their lives.

Bryce had worked with other podcast guesting services for quite some time but reached out to Interview Valet when he was looking for something more. Saying that “Interview Valet offered a higher level of professionalism, higher level of execution, higher level of podcasting.” Being an industry expert on business with decades of experience, he saw value in the high standard of practice Interview Valet delivers to their clients, they are “a cut above the rest.”

Interview Valet offers a higher level of professionalism, execution, and podcasting. They are a cut above the rest and that’s the reason I decided to transition [from the previous podcast guesting service].



Bryce’s strategic engagement in targeted podcast interviews has yielded significant results for Fit Body Boot Camp. Like its contribution to increased brand exposure and positioning, establishing Bryce and his brand as an authoritative figure in the fitness and franchising sector.  The integration of podcast appearances into Fit Body Boot Camp’s marketing strategy has resulted in a substantial rise in brand visibility and authority, culminating in heightened recognition within the fitness industry.

Some additional positive impacts from his podcast interviews have been practicing his message and content creation. His interviews allowed him to hone his interview and storytelling message, a skill that has benefited many facets of running his business. Like his frequent television appearances, public speaking engagements, and conversations with clients and prospective franchisees. Saying that “podcast guesting is less intimating way to finesse your messaging, presentation, and public speaking skills.”

Quality content is often an overlooked asset from podcast interviews. The audio and video material collected from his interviews gave his media team an arsenal of content to repurpose and promote. Allowing him to further promote his brand and position as an expert.