Carla Fowler, MD PhD

Carla Fowler, MD PhD is the founder of THAXA and elite executive coach. Using an interdisciplinary approach of strategy, productivity, and psychology to leverage the best ideas from performance sciences to help high-level leaders around the globe pursue their own goals and achieve success. Her target clientele are CEOs, entrepreneurs, and senior leadership, including Fortune 500 technology companies, venture-backed startups, and innovative nonprofits.


Carla sought to create new sources of high-quality inbound leads, creating more visibility and social proof, while simultaneously honing her speaking delivery to eventually land public speaking engagements. Looking to expand her reach beyond developing one coaching relationship at a time, podcast interview marketing allowed Carla to share her expertise and services to countless ideal clients at once, quickly and efficiently building the know-like-trust.

Carla Fowler THAXA


Understanding Carla’s goals with podcast interview marketing we determined a brand builder campaign best aligned with her goals and business model. To do that we first worked to develop clarity around her goal. Using podcast interviews as a business development pipeline is the best way to streamline quality leads. Potential clients can gain the know-like-trust before seeking an introductory phone call, resulting in higher quality conversions.

With future goals of landing public speaking engagements, this was an effective approach because it allowed Carla the opportunity to practice, assess and refine her spoken message and identify what resonated best with her target clients. While also supplying her with an expansive catalog of written content to repurpose other way in her business.

“My experience was everything that I hoped for. From onboarding and preparation for my first show to the process of consistently matching me to great hosts and podcasts, Interview Valet has delivered on what I expected and made the process seamless. I am hitting my goals in terms of creating visibility, having more social media presence, and creating unique content. Interview Valet was a valuable partner in jumpstarting my next phase.”



Using Interview Valet’s 10,000 hours of podcast interview marketing allowed Carla to bypass the time investment and effort of learning it herself.

She was able to bypass researching podcasts, networking, making introductions, and learning the nuances of the entire process. Allowing her to directly dive into primary objectives using our established connections with podcast hosts and efficient interview preparation and procedures.

Carla has been able to leverage her interviews as a form of social proof, while simultaneously building confidence in her message and services she offers. Both of which are highly valuable to her executive coaching business.