Real Estate Investor, Coach & Author

Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen is the founder and Principal of Next-Level Income, who dedicates his time to helping others become financially independent through education and investment opportunities. He values the importance of investment education first, which he has learned during his 20 plus years’ experience investing and managing real estate himself. He then began syndicating commercial property deals in 2016 and has actively been involved in over $1B of real estate acquisitions.


Chris’ expansive knowledge and expertise made him an ideal candidate to leverage podcast guesting to grow his business and gain brand awareness. Looking to talk directly to high-income professionals, small business owners, sales professionals, and those interesting in pursuing real estate investing, working with Interview Valet allowed him to reach his intended goals. His interviews yielded several desired results in business like increased website traffic, establishing himself as an industry authority, and to reach a larger audience of his target clients.

Chris Larsen Next Level Income


When Chris came to Interview Valet he had several objectives he was looking to achieve. His initial primary focus was to promote his newly released book, Next-Level Income, which serves as a educational tool on real estate investments and reaching financial freedom. His other focuses were to drive qualified leads into his real estate coaching program, create content to fuel his social media funnels, and to expand his reach to those interested in real estate investing.

Understanding that choosing the right podcasts for Chris’ niche, our first goal was to get Chris on a series of targeted shows quickly to amplify his book launch, we call this a virtual book tour. He then, overtime, switched to the brand builder campaign in which he held a couple interviews a month to continuously build authority, brand awareness, and drive fresh content.

"I've been able to grow my business because of the visibility that I've gained through the podcast interviews that Interview Valet has helped me secure."



Chris has done more than 50 interviews during his time as a Certified Guest with IV which has yeiled several positive results. He has been able to attribute increased website traffic, higher engagement on social media, and an overall boost in brand awareness to guesting on podcast shows. Podcast interviews has allowed him to build relationships with other professional in his industry, which resulting in generating new business leads. Overall, podcast guesting has helped him to establish himself as an authority in his field and has contributed to the growth of his business.