The Millennial Whisperer

Chris Tuff

Chris Tuff became the youngest partner in the 100-year history of Atlanta-based advertising agency, 22squared, where he turned a team of millennials from an “investment” to a major profit center in short order. A sought-after leader in the digital marketing space, he has been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg, and Business Insider, just to name a few. He works with individuals and departments at several Fortune 500 companies to improve recruiting and performance. But his primary focus is on bridging communication gaps between generations in the workplace, which lead to authoring his book, The Millennial Whisperer.


Chris set out to reach as many business leaders and HR professionals with his book, The Millennial Whisperer as possible. He came to Interview Valet to sell more books by speaking directly with his target audience to help them to better understand an often-misunderstood generation. A series of targeted podcast interviews strategically aligned with the launch of his book landed on the USA Today National Best Seller list. Additionally, the exposure Chris received on podcast interviews has driven sales, speaking invitations, and the launch of his consulting business signing a marquis of notable clients and major corporate firms.

Chris Tuff interview Valet case study


At the suggestion of his publisher, Chris decided to hold a virtual book tour to promote his upcoming book The Millennial Whisperer. He reached out to Interview Valet with the goal of getting massive exposure, while also establishing himself as an industry thought leader and expert. Beyond his goals for successfully launching his first book, he also wanted to gain brand exposure with the intention of leveraging the credibility to launch a new consulting division to Fortune 500 companies on how to embrace the millennial generation. With that we identified and targeted two verticals he should focus on: potential readers and potential consulting clients.

To ensure Chris saw maximum impact with his message in the shortest amount of time, we used a Guest Storm campaign strategy. This strategy is ideal for a book launch because all interviews are recorded in advance and will air around the launch date, freeing up his time during the launch for time-sensitive in-person appearances. To do this we began five months prior to the book launch, with Chris appearing on 24 targeted podcasts. Where he had transformative conversations with Business Leaders at Fortune 500 Companies and at larger organizations such as Coca-Cola, HR Professionals and Chief People Officers, and leaders and decision makers looking to improve themselves, over the course of 90 days.

"Working with Interview Valet was fun and effective. They prepped me for each interview so all I had to do was show up and speak"



The gained notoriety of Chris’ virtual book tour contributed to a successful book launch, with The Millennial Whisperer hitting the USA Today bestseller list. The authority and exposure Chris gained from his interviews had a multiplying effect on his brand through speaking engagements and expanded the ways in which he served his target audience. With Chris saying, “Exposure Brings Opportunity. You never know what doors will open when someone hears about you on a podcast interview.” The overwhelming success of the book’s message, 22squared launched a division based on the Millennial Whisperer, signing on a notable marquis of clients out of the gate. His book was also franchised to other niches. Two podcast hosts licensed the rights to The Millennial Whisperer to publish similar works for their audiences.