Craig Cody, CPA​

A Certified Public Accountant based in New York was able to gain clients from around the nation by appearing as a guest expert on targeted podcast interviews.

Craig Cody is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Tax Coach, Business Owner, and former NYC Police Officer who wanted to expand his services to clients beyond his New York neighborhood. Appearing as a guest expert on targeted podcast interviews allowed Craig to increase his visibility, establish his authority as an in-demand tax expert, and gain clients from around the nation.


Craig’s services include tax reviews, tax preparation, tax strategy coaching, and virtual part-time CFO services. Knowing these services could benefit potential clients beyond his neighborhood and he sought to break through his geographic restriction. He wanted to build his list of potential clients and expand his brand and network nationwide, and a series of targeted podcast interviews provided him with that opportunity. Garnering him over 600% ROI in the first year, and doubling to 1200% after two years working with Interview Valet.

Craig Cody CPA


Carefully considering Craig’s business model, goals, and target audience we took the brand builder approach to his campaign. Using a series of strategically chosen and placed interviews, Craig guested on 40 podcast interviews over a series of 12 months.

To guide his strategy of moving people from a passive listener to an active visitor Craig needed an offer. In his initial push this offer was a free copy of the book he co-authored The Secrets of a Tax Free Life, now an Amazon bestseller. This opt-in allowed him to capture and track his leads. Asking for an address on his initial offer ensure that his leads were more qualified and self-interested. More than 600 listeners opted-in with an 8% lead in to a discovery sales call.

"What's amazing is I get opt-ins and leads from 'way back' over a year ago. Podcast Interview Marketing is an evergreen investment."



Over a twelve-month period from August 2016 to July 2017 Craig was featured on 40 targeted podcasts. Being an accountant, he kept close tabs on the return on investment he saw from his interviews. His appearances resulted in 601 opt-ins, 46 sales calls, and 13 new ideal clients.

After factoring in his costs, like time invested per interview (approximately 1-hour each) his podcast interviews gained over 600% ROI in the first year. His ROI doubled into the following year with 1200% return after two years working with Interview Valet. He projected that his future anticipated revenue should dramatically increase in the following years when factoring in the lifetime value of his new clients and customers.

In the video below Craig gave us an interview update 18 months after starting his podcast interview marketing journey with Interview Valet, where at the time his ROI had increased 900%.