Growth Strategy Coach & TEDx Speaker

Gerald Leonard

Gerald J. Leonard is the Publishing Editor, CEO, and Founder of the Leonard Productivity Intelligence Institute, where he focuses on enhancing productivity and building better workplace cultures. He is also the CEO of Turnberry Premiere, a strategic project portfolio management and IT governance firm in Washington, DC. Using a unique application of music and neuroscience, he has revolutionized workplace productivity. As a leading figure in the field of productivity intelligence, he is a sought-after guest speaker on many notable platforms, such as NPR and TEDx, and has authored three books on the subject of music and team management.



Although Gerald was already successfully leading multiple businesses and was a sought-after keynote speaker and performer, he recognized areas of his business that needed outside help. He views his partnership with Interview Valet as an extension of his team, allowing him to focus on the 20% of his business that will produce the most results while we manage his podcast guest opportunities. Allowing him to be the guest, and we take care of the rest. Gerald strategically utilized podcast interviews as a powerful marketing tool to exponentially grow his business. Guesting on targeted shows expanded his already vast reach and solidified his position as an authoritative figure in productivity, neuroscience, and workplace culture.

Gerald Leonard Interview Valet Certified Guest


Gerald was referred to Interview Valet by John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire when he was seeking guidance to launch his own podcast, Productivity Smarts. Although he was already a renowned speaker and podcast guest, Gerald was looking to expand his reach to promote book sales and gain more awareness for his coaching program, Growth Strategies. Being the leading expert in workplace productivity and efficiency he also recognized the time freedom working with a firm like Interview Valet could offer, allowing him to focus on the areas of his business that matter most.

Using our calculated approach to identifying audiences and shows, we were able to match Gerald on a series of interviews that allowed him to talk directly to his ideal clients. Our role in streamlining the entire process, from scheduling to documentation, allowed Gerald to focus on his core business activities, maximizing efficiency. Our strategic partnership not only resulted in thousands of streams across platforms but also translated into tangible business opportunities, exemplified by a paid speaking engagement secured through podcast exposure.

“Working with Interview Valet allows me to 10X my business by taking on all that work so I can focus on the most important things that I do, which is creating music, writing my books, creating speeches, and consulting with my clients.”



Gerald saw a substantial increase in reach and exposure by leveraging podcasts as a platform to reach the right target audience, he established himself as a trusted authority in productivity and workplace culture. Our streamlined approach allowed Gerald to focus on revenue-generating activities while we handled the logistics of his podcast appearances.

This partnership not only enhanced his credibility and authority in his field but also led to tangible results such as securing paid speaking engagements and attracting interest in his other ventures. Additionally, utilizing marketing assets like welcome pages and repurposing each interview optimized his reach and ROI.

  • Significant increase in reach and exposure, reaching an estimated 70,000 targeted combined listeners across various podcasts.
  • Enhanced credibility and authority leading him to become a sought-after speaker, landing paid speaking engagements and attracting the interest of other ventures, eliminating the need to convince prospects about his expertise.
  • Streamlined operations without the time and financial responsibility of hiring another team member. Outsourcing the logistics of podcast appearances to Interview Valet, allowed him to focus on revenue-generating activities.
  • Efficient delegation of expertise in that Interview Valet complemented his skills ensuring the work was done by professionals who optimized the effectiveness of his podcasting strategy.
  • Podcast interviews produced compounding benefits with the multitude of evergreen content it created, providing ongoing credibility and exposure.

Overall, Gerald’s success highlights how Interview Valet empowers clients to amplify their message, expand their reach, and achieve their business goals effectively.