Principal at Real Estate Investment Firm

Jacob Vanderslice

Jacob Vanderslice is Principal at VanWest Partners, a Denver based real estate investment firm focusing on acquisition and management of self-storage centers and other opportunistic real estate throughout the United States. Jacob and his partner’s success is driven by a commitment to deliver an expertly-executed, adaptable strategy with an institutional investment approach.


VanWest Partners aims to raise capital and provide investment education and services to its target clients. Jacob was looking for a way to gain brand awareness and establish authority with this target audience that lead to quality leads. He reached out to Interview Valet after his marketing manager recommended podcast guesting to do that. Three years later he is still using this strategy because it works to consistently bring in qualified ideal clients to the firm.

Jacob Vanderslice


Jacob’s goal was to raise the firm’s capital, provide educational content to the storage investment community, bring awareness to VanWest Partners, and drive quality conversions with new investors. He understood his target market, they are accredited investors and large private equity groups who were pursuing passive income, alternative investments.

Understanding his goals and market, a brand builder campaign which focused on two quality podcasts each month was ideal. A series of targeted podcast interviews were ideal for him to meet those goals on a larger, national scale in a way that was easier and less expensive than in the past. While originally wanting to do more interviews, Interview Valet encouraged them to focus on better interviews, then promoting and repurposing those interviews. More isn’t better, better is better.

"Working with Interview Valet has been a joy. This has been a key strategy to the success of our fund."



Three years into this strategy, Jacob’s podcast interview marketing campaign continues to drive meaningful conversations and conversions with accredited investors. Results like this are common with a longitudinal brand building interview strategy. Consistent podcast interviews allows you to continue building and maintaining quality relationships with your ideal clientele. Your leads are more qualified from the beginning meaning they close faster, have a higher initial engagement, and higher lifetime value.